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Catalina y Sebastian

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Catalina y Sebastian After being betrayed by her boyfriend, Catalina Negrete succumbs to family pressure and marries Sebastian, a millionaire rancher. Sebastian is very much in love, but Catalina has married him only for the life of luxury he surely would give her. She and her family get the shock of their lives when she arrives at the ranch to discover that Sebastian lied, that he was only the ranch foreman. In reality, Sebastian was indeed the legitimate son of the wealthy rancher but was testing Catalina to see if she had married him for his money.

Proving that this was so, Sebastian takes his revenge by refusing to give her a divorce and forcing her to live as the wife of a poor ranch worker. Little by little, Catalina begins to fall in love with her husband until she finally does not care that he is only a poor working man. But it's too late; Sebastian reveals that he is wealthy and it is he who wants the divorce. Things get complicated when Carmelo, the ranch foreman who took Sebastian's place as the ranch heir and who believes himself to be the bastard son of Sebastian's father, Don Lupe, refuses to return Sebastian's birthright, keeping the ranch and all of the property and money that his father had left him. Carmelo, who has also fallen in love with Catalina, puts her in a quandary: he will give Sebastian back all his money and property only if Catalina will agree to marry him...

Catalina y Sebastian - telenovela

(1999) - Silvia Navarro, Sergio Basañez


Silvia Navarro .... Catalina
Sergio Basañez .... Sebastián
Sergio Klainer .... Gustavo Negrete
Claudia Islas .... Adela
Alberto Mayagoitia .... Carmelo
María Rebeca .... Emilia
Jorge Luis Pila .... Antonio
Christian Cataldi .... Eduardo
Pilar Souza .... Josefa
Fidel Garriga .... Don Lupe
Lili Blanco .... Alicia
Kenia Gazcon .... Silvia
Lissette Salazar .... Jéssica
Eduardo Schillinsky .... Ricardo
Regina Torné .... Antonieta
Antonio De Carlo .... Padre Jeronimo
Géraldine Bazán .... Luisa
Araceli Chavira
Ninel Conde .... Paty
Patricia Conde
Alejandra Lazcano .... Martina
Alma Martínez
Ranferi Negrete .... Ramiro
Ramiro Orci
César Riveros
Lorena Rojas

Writing credits
Ranferi Negrete (original story)
Virginia Quintana R. (adaptation)

Song: No a pedir perdón
Singing: Ana Gabriel

Song: Bella
Singing: Ricky Martin

Directed by
Antulio Jiménez Pons

Produced by
Antulio Jiménez Pons
Juan David Burns (general producer)
José Quintanar (general producer)
Elisa Salinas (general producer)

TV Azteca


The further remakes of "Contrato de Amor" are:
American telenovela "Amor comprado" (2007 - 2008) with Elizabeth Gutierrez and José Ángel Llamas
Mexican telenovela "Contrato de Amor" (2007 - 2008) (2008) with Ximena Rubio and Leonardo García

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Peris Peters  - catalina and sebastian   |2009-11-28 12:34:55
thanks for the play you have been showing or casting to us. I am very glad when watching them they are so educative, creative and innovating. I wonder whether sebastian will ever see his dad. will caterina marry you?

There is also another play paloma where is Diego? Paloma how are? Did you marry Merion Sons? keep it up
peris ng`ang`a  - catalina and sebastian   |2010-10-29 12:21:05
oh Diego and Paloma how will you know how i miss to see you kiss. how do i love you, is it true that Diego is not in love with Paloma? I am in Kenya and you in Mexico but guys you makes me experience as though i am in love. Sergio how are you, Silvia how do i love you when you calmly stand still to be kissed by Diego. I wish am in Mexico just to see you live live. How can i get your c.d of the same episode or just a note from you Catalina and Sebastian.How is Consuelo? did she die when her car got fire? Mellisa did you marry that young man?
cynthia  - great work   |2009-12-03 09:32:14
i don miss the program. it is so unique and unpredictable.My greatest worry is wheather catalina wil end up with Edurdo Carmelo or Sebastian
lily robertson  - good work   |2010-02-06 14:07:48
i think its he most inter _webbedstory of love ive so far watched.i like the twist and turns in the movie ,it makes it more exciting .its really great . i hope in the end sebastian will have a beautifil church wedding with catalina and have a handsome baby boy now that shes pregnant and they will live happly like a family.
Asali Joseph  - Nice Movie   |2010-05-14 12:59:49
The movie was nice only that I missed part of it because the TV station telecasting it to us broke down can you please give me the entire plot on line I will read through the entire story for myself.
I live in East Africa in Uganda Arua District.
Thank you hope to read from you soon.
Atuheire Crispus   |2010-05-21 13:28:34
It was such a nice soap!Cann't believe it came to an end.I will miss it forever.Bravo to all those who watched it.
tiffany  - catalina y sebastian   |2011-05-09 10:10:58
you did a great job guys l will always remember you and your sweet song
Mukasa Nphtal Kisakye  - Catalina y Sebastian Cool movie   |2012-11-11 18:46:24

Amazing movie indeed, it potrays the true character of most ladies. I don't really know why womem like money...Cool movie but sad it ended.
Could you please act another thrilling and moer emotional movie like this/
Mukasa Nphtal Kisakye   |2012-11-11 18:48:23

Fantastic presentation..the movie is indeed touching emotionally besides being educative to still searching men.

Could we expect another cool one like this/
Best regards
Ose  - Miss   |2014-08-10 19:36:08
Is Catalina really the bad one or her parents remember she married out of pressure the illness her mother had that made her marry sabastin
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