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Chacala, La

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La Chacala telenovela Javier takes Delia, his pregnant wife, to his ranch in a remote village. Although she's surrounded with love and comfort, Delia has an uneasy feeling. One day, Javier goes out hunting and kills a deer, which to his horror turns out to be a man. Javier's servants toss the corpse over a canyon and tell him to forget the incident, but the dead man's ghost seeks out his mother, the local witch, and begs her to avenge his murder.

The witch turns up at Javier´s ranch, and under a mysterious and unexpected shower of thunder and lightning, curses the family. Javier's wife shall bear twin daughters, one of which shall be a fearsome demoness. A day later, Delia goes into labor and gives birth to a healthy baby girl. Everybody feels calmer after the birth, yet a couple of hours later, Delia gets labor pangs again. This time she's ripped apart by another baby girl. Delia bleeds to death, yet because the two girls look identical, both healthy and beautiful, it´s hard to know which one killed her mother. Several years later, the identical twins have very different personalities. Gilda is an independent doctor and a city dweller. Her twin Liliana is a frail invalid who resides in the ranch. However, one of them harbors inside the dreadful Chacala, which will soon materialize to wreak havoc among those around her.

La Chacala - telenovela

(1998) - Christian Bach, Jorge Rivero


Christian Bach .... Gilda/Liliana/Delia/La Chacala
Jorge Rivero .... Javier
Rafael Sánchez Navarro .... Joaquín
José Alonso .... Padre
Miguel Ángel Ferriz .... Gustavo
Roberto Blandón .... David
Anna Ciocchetti .... Marina
Lina Santos
Wendy de los Cobos .... Gabriela
Enrique Novi .... Alfredo
Irma Infante
Claudine Sosa .... Judith
Ramiro Huerta .... Martín
América Gabriel .... Celia
Edith Kleiman .... Soledad
Ana Laura Espinosa .... Jovita
Edgardo Tejeda .... Simón
Angelina Cruz .... Telma
Graciela Orozco .... Eduviges
Begoña Palacios .... Mireya
Grecia .... Aída
Julia Marichal .... Dominga
Regina Torné .... Consuelo
Toño Valdéz
Larry Edén
Gerardo Acuña
Angélica Aragón
Rodolfo Arias
Carlos Cardán
Roger Cudney .... Profesor Von Derek
Javier Díaz Dueñas
Alejandro Fagoaga
César Fitch
Fidel Garriga
José González Márquez .... Obispo
Enoc Leaño .... Jesús
Fernando Ciangherotti
Jonadyka Muriel
Marta Resnikoff
Jorge Reynoso
Mayra Rojas .... Yolanda
Déborah Ríos
Fernando Sarfatti
José Sefami
Gerardo Zurita

Writing credits
Eric Vonn (original story)
Angélica Sánchez (script editor)

Song: Dead Can Dance
Singing: Nierika

Cinematography by
Manuel Ruiz Esparza
Fernando Chacón

Directed by
Juan Carlos Muñoz

Produced by
Christian Bach
Juan David Burns
Elisa Salinas
Humberto Zurita
Rafael Gutiérrez (executive producer)
Gerardo Zurita (executive producer)

TV Azteca


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