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Chispita telenovelaA mother and daughter Chispita getting into a car accident. Fortunately, they survived but with mental damage being loss of long-term memory. Mother nor daughter have any recollection they are related to each other. Therefore, Chispita attends a private school where her very own mother works in. It's very sad knowing they know each other but don't remember they're related to each other. They are both aware they want to search for each other, but they don't know they are around each other.

Chispita - telenovela

(1983) - Enrique Lizalde , Angélica Aragón , Lucero


Enrique Lizalde ... Alejandro de la Mora
Angélica Aragón ... Lucía
Lucero ... Chispita (Isabel)
Hilda Aguirre ... Tía Beatriz
Leticia Calderón
Elsa Cárdenas
Roxana Chávez ... Olga
Aurora Clavel
Aurora Cortés ... Jesusa
Leonardo Daniel
Alma Delfina ... Gloria
Rafael del Villar
Josefina Escobedo
Antonio Farré
Edith González
Rogelio Guerra ... Esteban
Javier Herranz
Luz María León
Manuel López Ochoa
Dina de Marco
Alberto Mayagoitia ... Ángel Guardián
Samuel Molina ... Rogelio
Inés Morales
Beatriz Moreno ... Lola
Marco Muñoz ... Doctor Torres
Nailea Norvind
Arturo Peniche
Renata ... Srita. Irena
Marta Resnikoff
Lorena Rivero ... Mabel
Milton Rodríguez ... Hombre
Roberto Sosa
Gastón Tuset ... Padre Eugenio
Usi Velasco ... Lili
Jorge Victoria

Writing credits
Lucila Carmne
Vivian Pestalozzi
Carlos Romero
Abel Santacruz

Song Chispita
Written by: Memo Mendez Guiu and Alvaro Davila
Singing: Timbiriche

Original music
Javier Ortega

Cinematography by
Manuel Ruiz Esparza

Directed by
Pedro Damián

Produced by
Valentin Pimstein



Remake of telenovela "Andrea Celeste" (Argentina, 1979) with Andrea del Boca, Raúl Taibo and Ana Maria Picchio

Further remake of "Chispita" is telenovela "Luz Clarita"

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