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CLAP El Lugar de tus Sueños

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CLAP stands for "el Comité de la Escuela de Artes", the Art School. This school was founded by Ofelia, a retired actress. She founded this school because long time ago she didn't support her own daughter when she wanted to follow her steps, and now she is trying to correct this mistake by supporting young talents. CLAP is the school where three childhood friends, Valentina, Montserrat and Helena, go to study.

Helena's mother is against it, but Helena still goes with her friends. Tomas, the Montserrat's brother, who is in love with Helena, goes with girls too. In Mexico city they meet Fabricio, who lives in the same hotel. He never talks about his past or parents, and he also wants to study in CLAP. There is also Juan Pablo, who lives with Padre Constantino since he was abandoned in the church and he directs the church choir. He will fall in love with Valentina... There are also many other personages and students of CLAP. This is basically another teen novela about their problems, love and friendship.

CLAP El Lugar de tus Sueños - telenovela

(2003) - Ana Layevska , Ari Borovoy


Ana Layevska .... Valentina
Ari Borovoy .... Juan Pablo
Lidia Avila .... Montserrat
Kika Edgar .... Helena
Luciano Seri .... Tomas
Fernanda Castillo .... Camila
Damian Mendiola .... Fabricio
Mauricio Martinez .... Emiliano
Thaily Amezcua .... Deborah
Mariana Avila .... Florencia
Manuel 'Flaco' Ibáñez .... Padre Constatino
Luz María Aguilar .... Ofelia
Eugenio Bartilotti .... Neto
Marlon Castro .... Rolando
Wendy González .... Jazmin
Mauricio Bueno .... Eric
Luz María Jerez .... Victoria
Karen Juantorena .... Daniela
Macaria .... Lucia
Yula Pozo .... Juventina
Rosita Pelayo .... Zulema
Luis Couturier .... Himself
Eduardo Liñan .... Federico
Roxana Saucedo .... Gracia
Luis Gatica .... Rivadeniera
Mariana Karr .... Alenka
Polo Ortin .... Ezequiel
Raúl Araiza Jr. .... Gregorio
José Luis Reséndez .... Cesar
Martín Ricca .... Martin
Marco Uriel .... Valentina's father

Writing credits
Socorro González (original story)
Eduardo Jiménez Pons (original story)
Gloria Berruti (original story)
Jorge Núñez (adaptation)
Javier González (adaptation)
Verónica Ángeles (adaptation)
Gabriela Ortigorza (adaptation)
Paulina Gómez (script editor)

Literary Advisors

Elizabeth Zárate
Mauricio Galaz
José Clemente

Song: Sin Miedo A Nada
Singing: teen cast of telenovela

Song: Estes En Donde Estes
Singing: Ha-Ash

Production co-ordinator
Silvia Cano Castillo

Production manager
Cecilia Fuentes

Chief of production
Julieta de la O
Luis Rodríguez

Alejandro Becerril

Set Decoration
Ángeles Márquez
Miguel Ángel Medina

Cinematography by
Heriberto López de Anda
Héctor Márquez

Directed by
Heriberto López de Anda
Eric Morales

Produced by
Roberto Gómez Fernández
Giselle González Salgado (associated producer)



"CLAP el lugar de tus sueños" is a remake of "Un Paso Adelante" (Spain).

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