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clarisa telenovelaClarisa is an adolescent who is studying in a boarding school in the '30s in the province of Durango. Ever since her parents died, Elide, Clarisa's eldest sister, has ruled her life and her inheritance. Rebellious Clarisa escapes from her school and befriends Rolando, a local gambler. Rolando and Clarisa fall in love, and when she returns to her parents' ranch, he follows her and they get married in a secret ceremony. Elide has plans for her sister and has arranged for Clarisa to marry to Danilo, her brother-in-law. When Elide discovers her sister is already married, she tries to annul the marriage. But then she finds a better solution; she pays to have Rolando murdered. Gastón, Elide's husband, finds out she is having an affair with her foreman, and decides to divorce her. To avoid a scandal, Elide also kills Gastón. Clarisa is going to have Rolando's baby. Elide tells Gastón's parents that she is pregnant. When her sister gives birth, Elide tells her the baby was dead, but secretly she hides Clarisa's daughter and passes her as her own. Depressed, Clarisa goes away and travels constantly. On one of her trips she runs into a man identical to the late Rolando. It turns out to be Dr. Roberto, Rolando's twin brother. He aids Clarisa into starting a new life, and together gather evidence that Elide's daughter is Clarisa's child.

Clarisa - telenovela

(1993) - Gabriela Roel, Manuel Landeta


Gabriela Roel .... Clarisa
Manuel Landeta .... Dr. Roberto / Rolando
Raúl Buenfil .... Dr. Javier
David Reynoso .... Don Jaime
Laura Flores .... Elide
Ariel López Padilla .... Gastón
Rafael Rojas .... Danilo
Regina Torné .... Doña Beatriz
Aarón Hernán .... Dr. Héctor Brenes
Germán Robles .... Cardona
Letícia Perdigón .... Aurelia
Alicia Montoya .... Casilda
Ana Bertha Espín
Claudia Guzmán .... Rosita
Toño Infante .... Efraín
Anthony Alvarez
Luis Rizo .... Antonio
Dolores Beristáin .... Dolores
Raúl Buenfil .... Javier
Carmelita González .... Sofia
Rolando de Castillo .... Don Guillermo
Melba Luna
Guadalupe Deneken .... Ofelia
Blas García .... Balmaseda
Guillermo de Alvarado "Condorito" .... Pichon
Carlos Navarro .... Genaro
Luis Aguilar

Writing credits
Manuel, Lupita and Alicia Obón (original strory and adaptation)
María Teresa García (original strory and adaptation)

Song: "Clarisa"
Singing: Alejandro Ibarra

Song: "Un viejo amor"
Singing: Alejandro Ibarra

Cinematography by
Antulio Jiménez Pons

Directed by
Antulio Jiménez Pons

Produced by
Juan Osorio


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