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Clase 406

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Clase 406 telenovela The central figure of Class 406 is Francisco Romero, a high school teacher, who has just arrived at the Mexico City. In the daily coexistence with his new students he will discover that it is not sufficient to just teach his subject; that to gain their respect and to be a positive influence in their lives, he has to be more than authority, he has to be their friend. Francisco will become a witness to the heartbreaking episodes in the life of these young people: domestic violence, pregnancy, addictions, poverty, prostitution and crime. He will realize that he cannot remain a simple spectator; in addition to being a teacher, his heart impels him to assume the role of advisor, doctor, psychologist, defender and even detective...

He will witness in very serious and important events in their life they face including violence, poverty, bulling, teen pregnancy and crime. Francisco succeeds to become an advisor, psychologist and a defender for all of them. This is story of love of teens, blind love that is short and oppressive. This is a story of parents and children, mother and a child, a teacher and students, male and female.


Jorge Poza as Francisco Romero

Francisco is a very patient man of word, with the big heart and open mind. He tries to find the approach to every single student and understand the lonely soles to help. He is respected and loved for his sincere and open attitude and just mind.

Alejandra Barros as Adriana/Angela

Adriana is well-educated and very sensitive woma. She prioritizes career and work to other golas. She neglects her personal life and she always helps her students when in need. She is so deducted to her job that her son Alex comes to neglect and ignore her which arouses problems in family. Adriana meets Francisco and she has an affair with him that can bring her lots of problems at school and infamily, either. And her son Alex manipulates making her feeel guilty.

Imanol Landeta as Alejandro Acero Pineda

Alejandro is the son of Adriano and Gonzalo. He is very rotten who manipulates everyone surrounding him to achieve his minor goals. He is rebelious and feels hurt that his mother is more dedicated to her work than him. He often faces troubles and seeks for attention and care.

Alexa Damián as Ana María Londoño

Ana María is cheerful and responsive girl. She is straightforward in what she behaves and thinks. She is a good friend and a good judge to settle disputes. She prefers to be at the side of students to make them feel protected. She is generous and brave when it comes to make the first step towards the adventures. She dreams of meeting a prince of her life. She is an English teacher. She has mild and gentle heart. She has an affair with Juan Esteban,a new teacher, though it can bring only troubles to them.

Beatriz Morenoa as Blanquita Beteta

Blanquita has no problems. She beahves how she wants. She likes gossips and wants to be in course of what is happeing in the school especially when it concerns love affacirs. She is a real pain in the neck to cause troubles. She also dreams of meeting a prince of her life.

Francisco Rubio as Carlos Muñoz "Caballo"

Carlos is a very kind and noble person. Highly impressive Carlos always gets in troubles. He comes a gangsta band member choosing between theevil and kind life. He is in the threshhold to stay with them or introduce to new life with new friends.

Liuba de Lasse as Cindy

A teen mother having a six-month baby, is responsible for school radio broadcast. She does the measures concerning the life of youth.

Tony Dalton as Dagoberto

Dago is the typical average conformist to do things that should be done but not because he likes to do. Has social problems. He likes females and thus, he enjoys working at the school. Never misses the chane to come up to students to accuse of something. He is not willing to be good to them. He is wicked and is ready for everything to achieve his goals, even the worst.

Julio Camejo as Douglas Cifuentes

Douglas is rather arrogant, manipulative and sexualy-agresive young man. He believes he needs to cntrol women and treat them as if he were a boss. He is a good womanizer, with a smile on lips and a flower in hand to win the hart. Being violent, Douglas hides his fear to be hurt. He suffers from anger atacks when his emotional necessities are not met.

Pablo Magallanes as Hugo Salcedo

Hugo is the leader of the gangster band. He has family problems and protects his mother to his father. When appearing in the band he was taken to the correction facility and he was protected by Adriana.

Aarón Díaz as Kike González

Kike always thinks of sex and dreams of getting a gangster band member. Deeply in his heart he is good but longs to appear bad for others.

Irán Castillo as Magdalena Rivera

Magdalena is rebellious, strnong and intellectual girl. She has been violated by her step father and mother. And violence and cruelty were the obly features she has faced. She looks attractive and seems to show everything is fine while she is dying from inside. She prefers to be with teen boys and she carries a knife on her. She neglects school rules and she practises what she has been taought. She shows violence as welll as she has been dome at home every day.

Clase 406 - telenovela

(2002) - Jorge Poza , Irán Castillo


Jorge Poza .... Francisco Romero
Irán Castillo .... Magdalena Rivera
Sherlyn .... Gabriela Chávez
Dulce María .... Marcela Mejía
Aarón Díaz .... Kike González
Christian Chávez .... Fernando Lucena "Fercho"
Francisco Rubio .... Carlos Muñoz "Caballo"
Alfonso Herrera .... Juan David
Liuba de Lasse .... Cindy
Rafael Inclán .... Ezequiel Cuervo
Imanol Landeta .... Alejandro Acero Pineda
Manuel Landeta .... Gonzalo
Beatriz Moreno .... Blanquita Beteta
Alexa Damián .... Ana María Londoño
Alejandra Barros .... Adriana / Angela
Pablo Magallanes .... Hugo Salcedo
Grettell Valdéz .... Daniela Jiménez
Frantz Cossío .... Freddy Ordóñez
Tony Dalton .... Dagoberto
Julio Camejo .... Douglas Cifuentes
Sara Maldonado .... Tatiana Del Moral
Felipe Nájera .... Dionisio
María Fernanda .... Marlen
Roberto Assad .... Dylan
María López .... Jenny
Gabriela Platas .... Elisa
Nayelli Dainzu .... Cherry
Gabriela Bermudez .... Miriam
David Galindo .... Jose Manuel del Moral
Aida Diaz .... Mercedes
Esther Diaz .... Cecilia
Adrian Mass .... Marco
Sebastián Rulli .... Juan Esteban
Alicia Farh .... Dolores
Arturo Garcia Tenorio .... Rodolfo
Karla Cossío .... Sandra
Anahí .... Jessica Riquelme
Michelle Vieth .... Nadia
Francisco Gattorno .... Santiago / Luis Felipe
Paola Flores .... Doña Cleotilde
Eleazar Gómez .... Bryan
Pablo Poumian .... Rosendo
Sebastián Rulli .... Juan Estaban
José Elías Moreno .... Manuel del Moral - father of Tatiana
Julio Vega .... Dr. Huerta
Susan Vohn .... Silvia
Ariadne Pellicer .... Esther
Eduardo Orozco .... La Tehuana, Travesti Asesina
Denisse Padilla .... Puchis, la Prosti
Manola Diez .... Violeta
Queta Lavat .... Cuquita
Lucero Lander .... Dora
Juan Antonio Edwards .... Jeronimo
Fabian Robles .... Giovanni
Arap Bethke.... Chaco
Valentino Lanús .... Himself
Gabriela Cano .... Aurora
Verónica Ibrra .... Angelica
Luis Fernando Pena .... El Gato / Pedro
Samantha López .... Alejandra
Miguel Rodarte .... Leonardo
René Casados .... Manolo
Aitor Iturrioz .... Max
orge de Silva .... Lugigu Ferrer
Bobby Larios .... César - lover of Brenda
Giovan Ramos .... Federico 'Fede' Barbera
Francesca Guillen .... Samsara
Arceli Mali .... Clara
Carla Luengas .... Pilar Reyna
Carolina Rincon .... Susana
Juan Carlos Nava
Xochitl Vigil
Rosy Safont
Ali Shai Gómez
Miguel Priego

Writing credits
Sandra Rita Paba Orozco (original story)
Diego Vivanco (original story)
Maria Eugenia Cervantes (adaptation)
Pedro Armando Rodríguez (adaptation)
Ana María Parra (scripts)
Diego Vivanco (scripts)
María Balmori (scripts)
Iván Cuevas (script editor)

Song: Clase 406
Written by: Jorge Alberto Martínez Guevara
Singing: Caos

Original music by
Jorge Alberto Martínez Guevara

Chief of production
Emilio Rentería
Rocío Ornelas

Art Director
Alexis Covasevich

Production co-ordinator
Jaime Gutierrez

Cinematography by
Vivian Sánchez Ross

Directed by
Luis Pardo
Juan Carlos Muñoz

Produced by
Pedro Damián
Luis Luisillo Miguel (associated producer)



"Clase 406" is a remake of telenovela "Francisco el Matematico" (Colombia).
The Venezuelan version of "Clase 406" is telenovela "Los Ultimos" (1998).

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