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Código Postal

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Código Postal telenovelaThis is the telenovella full of cheerful youth who enjoy their life on Acapulco beaches in Mexico. The story tells about life of people who come to be friends and neighbors to meet every day. This is the Mexican version of the well-known and so loved by the youth Beverly Hills 90210. There is a variety of sub-plots for the characters to face and solve though love is the number one theme in the story. A young girl tries to save her sister from the spoilt and depraved actions of their stepfather. Their story is interweaved with the ones of others in the very fascinating manner.

The point is that there are ups and downs in the life and the ones who can overwhelm problems will be strong enough on the way to happiness.


Altair Jarabo as Afrodita Carvajal

Afrodita, 17, is named after the Goddess of Beaches but she is too serious girl anxious with her family’s problems. Afrodita has nothing to think of love affairs and insofar she prefers having friends only. Her best friend is Patricio. Two brothers are in love with Afrodita one of which is blind. Soon, Afrodita faces other problems when her mother comes back from Europe with a young boyfriend. She only sees negative examples to follow from her mother. She loves music and sport. She is smart and mature for her age. Afrodita has to protect her sister Venus since her mother Minerva still thinks of young boyfriends at the age of 43 leaving aside her daughters, Afrodita and Venus. Afrodita undertakes for Venus and she is finally happy with Pablo, and the way how her mother behaves.

Mariana Rountree as Alexa Torres Landa Haddad

Alexa Torres, 20, is a delicate refined girl from the wealthy family. She is fascinating and practical and she believes everyone owes her and that her money is enough to purchase everything. She is aimed at victory only and she is obsessed with the idea to get marry to Memo. She tries to humiliate Daniela confessing she does not have what Daniela has. Alexa bears the idea of taking revenge but finally she stays alone, far from everyone.

Michelle Ramaglia as Daniela Gutiérrez Santos

Daniela is a humble and modest girl who works as a secretary for Don Guillermo. She is very responsible. She falls in love with her boss who treats her as his daughter, though. When Don Guillermo hires a handsome driver, Daniela comes to love affair with Memo.

Jaqueline García as Marcela Garza Durán

Rafael gets blind accidentally but Marcela Garza, 21, is blind from love. She is a daughter from the wealthy family and in spite of her education in the tourism sphere, she is still naïve and too innocent. She does not know that her fiancée Ignacio is not the one she knows. She is beautiful and her style differs from the style of her sister Inés. She is elegant and very responsible. She loves traveling and she always plans her life. She is aware of all efforts her parents gave her and she knows the value of money. Apart from it, Marcela realizes her dreams are broken as her parents die to travel and enjoy the career. She becomes the head of the family to support her brothers. She saves Héctor who got drug-addicted and she helps Inés to ind her way in life.

José Ron as Patricio González De La Vega

Patricio González is 17 being the one who has always been loved and cared by parents. He thought his family is ideal and he felt himself the core of the world. But he finds out that he has a half-sister Regina. His mother and his girlfriend hate Regina but Patricio feels good to Regina. He is attractive and too serious for his age. He is the only child in the family, generous, noble and impulsive sometimes. He has perfect economical base to continue education. He loves music and football. 

Código Postal - telenovela

(2006 - 2007) - Diego Dreyfus, José Ron, Jackie García, Africa Zavala


Elsa Cárdenas ... Josefina De Alba
Jessica Coch ... Joanna Villarreal
Diego Dreyfus ... Óscar Zubieta
Ana Bertha Espín ... Jessica Mendoza
Andrea García ... Ivette Fernández
Guillermo García Cantú ... Claudio Garza Moheno
Jacqueline García ... Marcela Garza Durán
Luis Gatica ... Germán De Alba
Claudia Godínez ... Inés Garza Durán
Gabriela Goldsmith ... Minerva Carvajal
Aarón Hernán ... Don Guillermo De Alba
Imanol Landeta ... Pablo Rojas Alonso
Rafael Inclán ... Avelino Gutiérrez
Altair Jarabo ... Afrodita Carvajal
Ulises de la Torre ... Ezequiel Gutiérrez Santos
Beatriz Monroy ... Flora
Úrsula Montserrat ... Rocío
Renata Notni ... Andrea Garza Durán
Lucía Pailles ... Toña
Leticia Perdigón ... Esperanza Santos
Miguel Perez ... Jesús 'Chuy' Gutiérrez Santos
Rafael Puente ... Héctor Garza Durán
Michelle Ramaglia ... Daniela Gutiérrez Santos
Carolina Rincón ... Venus Carvajal
José Ron ... Patricio González De La Vega Mendoza
Eugenio Siller ... Rafael Rojas Alonso
Evelyn Solares ... Chole
Ferdinando Valencia ... Guillermo 'Memo' De Alba Fernández
Roberto Ballesteros ... Bruno Zubieta
Jorge Consejo ... Ignacio Ibargüengoitia Rosas-Priego
Ilithya Manzanilla ... Dafne
Mariana Rountree ... Alexa Torres-Landa Haddad
Daniel Berlanga ... Luca Villarreal
África Zavala ... Victoria Villarreal
Luz María Jerez ... Irene Alonso
Jeri Sandoval ... Regina Corona
Leonorilda Ochoa ... Chuyita
Alfonso de Nigris ... Mateo Ayala
Roberto Blandón ... Raúl González De La Vega
Ernesto D'Alessio ... Gerardo Villalpando
Anaís ... Amanda Montero
Charly ... Arturo Morales
Óscar Bonfiglio ... Santiago Archundia
Coco Pontvianne ... Agustín Romero
Marco Muñoz ... Adrián Garza Moheno
Arlette Pacheco ... Gloria Durán
Alan Ledesma ... Ángel Moreno
Begoña Narváez ... Amy Adams
Rodrigo Santacruz ... Willy
Monique Vargas ... Amanda
Daniel Ducoing ... Mario Zavala
Jorge Zamora ... El Negro
Miguel Cárdenas ... Himself
Pablo Grosso
Zagid Santana ... Himself
Jesse ... Himself
Joy ... Herself
Roque Casanova ... Notario
Verónica Castro ... Beatriz Corona Morales
Eduardo Cruz ... Himself
Iliana de la Garza ... Torina Mendiola
Max Enriquez
Ricardo Campos
Nikki Clan ... Themselves
Duho ... Themselves
Alberto Espinoza ... Himself
Kalimba ... Himself
José Carlos Monroy ... Himself
Felipe Nájera ... Juez
Ashley Pérez ... Herself
Hannah Pérez ... Herself
Fernando Piña
Claudio Rojo ... Dr. Orlando Montalbán
Suzet Viyalobos
Ángel Yáñez ... Himself
Angie Taddei Cella ... Herself
José 'Pepe' Damián ... Himself
Rodrigo Dávila ... Himself
Karla Díaz-Leal ... Herself
Id ... Themselves
Gilberto 'Bibi' Marín ... Himself
Guillermo 'Billy' Méndez ... Himself
Jesús Navarro ... Himself
Regina Payes ... Herself
Rubén Puente ... Himself
Julio Ramírez ... Himself
Paty Sirvent ... Herself

Writing credits
Marily Pugno
Sergio Vainman
Carlos Daniel González
Janely Lee
Enna Márquez
Araceli Guajardo
Ximena Suárez
Katia Rodríguez
Gabriela Briceño

Song C0D160 P05TAL
Written by: Carlos Ponce
Singing: Ha-Ash

Original music
Carlos Páramo

Cinematography by
Fernando Chacón
Bernardo Nájera

Directed by
Alejandro Gamboa
Juan Carlos de Llaca

Produced by
José Alberto Castro
Ernesto Hernández
Fausto Sáinz



The title is based on the American Beverly Hills 90210 series

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aaron2010  - All 200 episodes were taped and watched.   |2010-07-14 07:08:41
Another novela that every episode I taped and watched. Codigo Postal was probably one of the best "teen" novelas that Televisa has released. I was already familiar with some of the younger cast members(Imanol, Jackie Garcia, Altair Jarabo, Michelle Ramaglia, Jorge Consejo,Africa Zavala) and some of the other younger cast members I would become familiar with (Jose Ron, Eugenio Siller, Claudia Godinez, Rafael Puente, Jessica Coch, Ferdinando Valencia, Ulises de la Torre). And even the older cast members I was already familiar with as well.(Ana Bertha Espin, Aaron Hernan, Roberto Blandon, Rafael Inclan, Luz Maria Jerez, Luis Gatica, Guillermo Garcia Cantu, Marco Munoz, Arlette Pacheco, Leticia Perdigon, Roberto Ballesteros, Ernesto D'Alessio, and Veronica Castro). I also became more familiar with Gabriela Goldsmith as well. As for the novela itself, all 200 episodes were worth watching. But it also seemed that after certain characters that were either killed off or left the first half, the second half seemed like a totally different novela. Overall, Codigo Postal was a great novela and I hope a DVD will be released in the near future.

Saludos, Aaron 2010

P.S., My favorite of the young female cast members was Regina who was played by Colombian actress, Jeri Sandoval. It's a shame her character didn't last too long in the novela. She returned in the last scene of the last episode but only in the group picture of the younger cast members. My god she was GORGEOUS!
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