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Como Dice el Dicho

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Como dice el dicho tv seriesWhen hearing a saying, we immediately start thinking about the situation that engendered it, a story that it conceals. That’s why the aim of the As The Saying Goes… (Como Dice el Dicho) series is to recreate this great number of stories that each saying can give as inspiration and that will definitely be catching for the audience since the identification that will be given by each episode of the series will be almost immediate.

Guided by Don Tomás, a good soul in his 60s, that owns the Café Saying and Doing, and by his granddaughter Isabel, 18, who helps her granddad to run the business, will learn the stories that inspired each saying since the peculiar feature of this place is its white walls where every client can freely write down any saying or proverb they like and that would be a generalization of what’s happening to them the moment they’re writing it down. That will be the core of their stories that will learn in the program.

Each story starts once the first part of the saying has been written on one of the walls, be it by Tomás, by Isabel, by any of the clients or by itself as a special effect. From then on the action begins, and when the story finishes we’ll come back to the Café giving time to the final though or to the epilogue of the program that’ll finish once the final part of the saying has been written. This way will witness a great variety of stories, always as melodramas, sine this genre is as diverse as saying are numerous. Various are the shades of the melodrama: from stories with grains of humor and comedy to stories with drama undisguised. But even when the stories have these distinct dramatic sounds, the common denominator will be their ultimate intention: to leave in the viewer a pleasant aftertaste, not only because they will have spent a good time of joy, but also and particularly because even though we watched the most terrible, the most terrifying story, there’ll always be something to learn, some hope to resolve the conflicts however serious they are. These are touching, dear stories, with a deep meaning starting from the wisdom that hidden in our sayings.



Poncho is the unique blend of naivety and naughtiness. Alfonso Gómez, known mostly as Poncho, is a charismatic chererful teenager, 15. He is a student and he earns money as an assistant at the café El dicho. He is optimistic, one on hand, and impulsive and bull-headed. He often rushes to solve problems and he is known to act as a wild animal doing that.

Poncho comes from the low social class. He is diligent and hard-working and very imprudent and wicked, at the same time. He is brave and adventourous until a tiny thing can make him frightened. He feels he has to defend his family. He plans to have a higher education later since he is aimed at being a licensed specialist to help the poor and struggle with abuses.

He suffers from family problems related to unstable economic situation. He loves Isabel and tries to get closer to her.

Poncho has two step-siblings. His mother was abused and therefore she escaped from her husband leaving the situation behind. He is obsessed with the idea to find out his biological father. He is not satisfied with emotional instability of his mother who is engaged in relations he does not approve.

Wendy Gonzalez as Isabel Leon

Isabel is a very smart, cheerful, sociable and purposeful young girl. She is very beautiful and the teenagers in the district are all seized with her beauty though it causes conflicts. she is frivolous and fickle to the extend she confuses fellows around but she is sincere and humble at the same time.

She learns cooking to work at the café of her grandfather. She loves working there and adores the special atmosphere in the café that attracts the people to discuss the stories they are involved and to have a good snack.

Sergio Corona as Don Tomás

Don Tomás is a very easy-going, optimistic and decisive person in his late 50s. he is wise to give pieces of advice to those who ask them. The café he runs is popular in the region for the warm and cozy environment, good meal and the attitude people are treated there. He is cheerful and curious and the idea to discuss the stuff at his café brings popularity to him.

Como dice el dicho - tv series

(2011) - Wendy González, Sergio Corona


Wendy González ... Isabel León
Sergio Corona ... Tomás León

Writing credits
José Antonio Olvera
Itzia Pintado
Elvin Rivera
Gabriel Briceño
Agnieszka Kawecka
Xuitlatzin Vazquez
Vittoria Zarattini

Written by:

Original music
Ignacio Pérez Cortes

Cinematography by
Marcos Ortiz

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by

Produced by
Emmanuel Duprez
Genoveva Martínez



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iris cruz  - interesada   |2011-08-22 22:43:54
me encanta la ensenanza que nos da dia a dia ,agardeceria m enviara info sobre elo lugar donde utilizan para gravar el cafe m gustaria visitarlo ,gracias y les deseo exito. p.s. vivo en la ciudad de ny y m encanta el estilo del cafe
Poncho secret admire  - Love   |2012-10-07 23:14:52
i love pucho because he is so cute he is my best person i wish i can be with him because i love how he is nice and so cute
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