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Complices al Rescate

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complices al rescate telenovelaSilvana is an 11-year old girl who dreams of being a famous singer. She lives in a luxury mansion with her father Rolando who loves her a lot and her mother Regina, a cold, prudent and arrogant woman who spends too little time for her to care. Silvana loves her granny Macrina who loves and cares about her. One day Silvana goes to the Song Festival where she hears how a girl named Mariana sings. Silvana gets close and they both see how they resemble each other. They make friends but they decide to keep it in secret so far. So, the twins meet 11 years later.

Silvana has to admit she is not that talented as her and she asks Mariana to go for casting for a new junior band singer. The casting is arranged by Silvana’s uncle Jerardo. Mariana thinks it is not a good idea but she agrees finally. She is offered the vacancy of a singer in the band and she has to replace Silvana all the time not to be caught. All of a sudden Rolando dies and Silvana finds to be in a deep depression. Regina learns that she is in debt left by her husband. Her brother Jerardo is sure they have chane to live a wealthy life as before with the help of Silvana’s talent.
One day when Mariana visits Silvana, Regina and Jerardo notice they look alike and they realize these two are the twin sisters whom they parted at birth. Then Mariana was left with her mother and Silvana was adopted by Rolando. Regina and her brother decide to kidnap Mariana in deep belief they are not able to earn good money and she is then threatened to perform for a band “Complices al Rescate”. Silvana is sent to her granny Macrina since she is still depressed. Now the members of the band feel like helping the girls to escape and go back to their mom.


Belinda and Daniela Luján as Mariana Cantú / Silvana Del Valle Ontiveros
Mariana is kind, sweet and loved by everyone. She lives in an atmosphere of love though her family is not so rich to let her afford everything she wants. She sings very well. Mariana is raised as a girl with good moral and life principles to be a good and useful friend.Silvana is a girl of a stronger personality as compared with Mariana. She is raised in a very wealthy family and all her dreams come true apart the one: to be a famous singer. The problem is she can’t sing well. She loves her father and she suffers from lack of love and care from her mother. She is adventurous when she offers to change places with Mariana to get closer to her dream.

Laura Flores as Rocio Cantú
A humble, timid and a very generous young woman. Unhappy to lose her baby and she gives all her love to her daughter Mariana. She never complains and tries to make both ends meet by herself.

Cecilia Gabriela as Regina Ontiveros Del Valle / Tania Vermont
Regina is a very ambitious and cool-hearted woman. She has good looks but her heart is too hard and merciless. She kidnapped a girl but never tried to love her as her own daughter making Silvana suffer and feel unwanted.

Fabián Chávez as Joaquin
Joaquin is an orphan along with his sister Julia and his brother Felipe. They have their parents killed in a car accident and so, the kids were left under care of their aunt Florencia. Florencia abandoned them easily when she got tired of them.

Complices al rescate - telenovela

(2002) - Belinda, Daniela Luján, Fabián


Belinda .... Mariana Cantu / Silvana Del Valle (# 1)
Daniela Luján .... Mariana Cantu / Silvana Del Valle (# 2)
Fabián Chávez .... Joaquin
Laura Flores .... Rocio Cantu
Francisco Gattorno .... Alberto
Rossana San Juan .... Lorna Rico
Johnny Lozada .... Sebastián
Cecilia Gabriela .... Regina Del Valle / Tania
Raúl Magaña .... Gerardo
Manuel Saval .... Rolando
Norma Herrera .... Doña Pura
Silvia Lomelí .... Elena
Maribel Fernández "La Pelangocha" .... Marcina
Verónica Macías .... Clarita
Paco Ibáñez .... Fortunato
Raúl Buenfil .... Jaime
Martín Ricca .... Martín Ricca
Roberto Marín .... Roberto
Ana Valeria .... Dulce
Irina Areu .... Maru
Pedro Weber 'Chatanuga' .... Don Giusseppe
Aída Pierce .... Doña Biba
Miguel Pizarro .... Vicente
Alicia Rosales .... Adriana Chapela
Martha Sabrina .... Julia
Alejandro Speitzer .... Felipe
Griselle Margarita .... Priscila
Vadhir Derbez .... Andrés
Ramiro Torres .... Ramón
Geraldine Galván .... Doris
Isaac Castro .... Mateo
Mickey Santana .... Omar
Naidelyn Navarrete .... Naidelyn
Gustavo Rojo .... Ruedo
Jacqueline Bracamontes .... Joselyn
Arlette Pacheco .... Florencia
Rafael del Villar .... Raúl
Carlos Bonavides .... Ofelio
Miguel Ángel Fuentes .... Sombras
Olivia Bucio .... Marcela
Dalilah Polanco .... Nina Kuti Kuti
Héctor Parra .... Santiago
Francisco Avendaño .... Raí
Arturo Vazquez
Sergio Acosta
Alejandro Aragón
Eugenio Derbez .... vocie of Mantequilla
Ariadna Arguello .... Double for Dany and Belinda

Writing credits
Socorro González (original story and adaptation)
Lourdes Barrios (adaptation)
Gabriela Montijo (free version)
Angel Martínez Ibarra (free version)

Song: "Cómplices al rescate"
Singing: Belinda and Fabián

Cinematography by
Gabriel Vázquez Bulman
Alejandro Alvarez

Directed by
Adriana Barraz
Salvador Sánchez
Alejandro Aragón

Produced by
Rosy Ocampo
Eduardo Meza (associated producer)


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MARILIN   |2008-10-04 16:45:44
Me encata, lastima que casi por el final cambiaron a belinda :side:
Anonymous   |2009-01-21 01:14:31
cres que puedan pasar la novela otraves
darwin clemente  - hola   |2010-03-10 17:03:36
hola la novela es buena si no que cambiaron a belinda podrian pasar la novela por ecuavisa y la otra nivela de belinda aventuras en el tienpo por fa
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