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Confidente de Secundaria

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Confidente de Secundaria "Confidente de Secundaria" is a music program full of novelty and amusement. Its presenters, Roberto and Mónica, have the ability to make the listeners saying their secrets, loves, problems and confidential worries having always an advice, an optimistic explanation and a positive message for them. There are many young people who say that they feel lonely and that no one understands them. Jackie, who adores his parents, can’t realize how much complicate the relationships of a couple can be and he promises for himself to reconcile them after a painful separation and an obstacle, his father’s lover.

Héctor is a young person who must fight to escape from the differentiation’s shadow that his father causes between him and his older brother. Bianca, a stubborn and proud woman, likes to bring into subjection all the people although deep inside her she knows that she’ll be abandoned. Quico is an ambitious young man who impresses the others and threats them so that he can continue feeding his thirst for power and money. Marilú is in love and she knows that it’s not yet the moment to give herself to her boyfriend who pressures her. Belén is a young girl who is not trying to accept that she should make an important step to move on. Marcos is responsible and generous but as much as a twenty year old person can support economically and emotionally his family. Polo is funny, with the eternal smile, he never worries for life and he sees the world as a place to spend his time well without worries. These are the young protagonists who will be connected to share their worries, romances, jealousies, friends’ betrayals, fears and abilities. All these will be involved in a series of situations that will constitute every day the "Confidente de Secundaria".

Confidente de Secundaria - telenovela

(1996) - Irán Castillo, Flavio Cesar


Alexis Ayala .... Quico
Irán Castillo .... Jackie
Flavio César .... Héctor
Julio Alemán .... Simón
Julieta Rosen .... Cristina
Luis Gimeno .... Ulises
Hilda Aguirre .... Marcela
Margarita Isabel .... Soledad
Aldo Monti .... Rogelio
Felicia Mercado .... Casandra
Sergio Ramos .... Eladio
Ofelia Gamboa .... Adriana
Diego Schoening .... Roberto
Martha Aguayo .... Mónica
Beatriz Aguirre ... Dinora
Gustavo Rojo .... Miramontes
Karyme Lozano .... Marilu
Charlie .... Marcos
Nora Salinas .... Bianca
Francesca Guillén .... Belén
Gerardo Quiroz .... Polo
Luisa Acosta .... Renata
Sergio Mayer .... Erick
Enrique Borja Baena .... Yeyo
María Luisa Alcalá .... Connie
Aurora Alonso .... Delia
José Luis Cordero .... Apolonio
Ricardo de Pascual .... Anselmo
Sergio Blass .... Dergio
Amara .... Crista
Consuelo Duval
Maricarmen Vela
Arleth Terán
Alejandra Barros
Rafael del Villar
Roxana Chavez

Writing credits
Carlos Aguilar (original story and adaptation)
Rosa Salazar (original story and adaptation)

Song: Confidente de Secundaria
Singing: Irán Castillo

Song: La fuerza de la sangre
Singing: Flavio Cesar y Chalie

Song: De Corazón A Corazón
Singing: Irán Castillo and Flavio Cesar

Music arranger
Saúl Torres

Art Director
Juan José Urbibi

Juan Alfredo Villareal

Set Decoration
Germán Paredes

Production co-ordinator
Lety Diaz

Production manager
Paty Benítez

Chief of production
Aarón Gutiérrez

Cinematography by
J. Ruben Barajas

Directed by
Manolo García
Otto Sirgo

Produced by
Marco Flavio Cruz
Luis de Llano Macedo
Fides Velasco (associated producer)


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