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Constitucion, La

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This story starts in the Northern State of Sonora, circa 1908. Guadalupe Arredondo and her husband, photographer Jaime López, lead a placid life on their ranch. Out of curiosity, Guadalupe wanders into the nearby Yaqui reservation. She befriends the natives, learns their culture and ends up adopting little Tame, a Yaqui boy. This coincides with Guadalupe's first pregnancy. However, the government stages a massacre of the Yaqui tribe and kills all the inhabitants of the reservation, including Tame. The soldiers besiege Jaime's ranch, and both he and Guadalupe try to defend it with the few weapons they own. After an unfair struggle, Jaime is murdered and the ranch is burned to the ground. The soldiers beat up Guadalupe, but María, a neighbor and friend, rescues her. She takes Guadalupe, who suffers a miscarriage, to her house to recuperate. After a prolonged illness, Guadalupe finally comes around, but she is now embittered and hard. She has only one objective: to kill the man that destroyed her family. It is thus that Guadalupe travels to Mexico City in search of General Porfirio Díaz, Mexico's master and the intellectual author of the massacre.

La Constitucion - telenovela

(1970) - María Félix, Carlos Bracho


María Félix.... Guadalupe Arredondo
Sonia Amelio .... Victoria Eugenia
Carlos Bracho .... Miguel Guerra
María Rubio .... María
Sergio Bustamante .... Gral.. Alvaro Obregón
Jorge Lavat .... Jaime López
Alicia Montoya .... Lola Jiménez y Muro
Narciso Busquets
Gregorio Casal
Miguel Córcega
Norma Herrera .... Elisa
Eric del Castillo
Lorenzo de Rodas
Nelly Meden
Félix González
José Loza
Antonio Medellín
Carlos Monden
Ignacio López Tarso
Óscar Morelli
Carlos Riquelme
Miguel Manzano .... Don Porfirio Diaz
Beatriz Aguirre

Writing credits
Miguel Sabido (original story and adaptation)

Cinematography by
Raúl Araiza Sr.

Directed by
Ernesto Alonso

Produced by
Miguel Alemán Velasco
Ernesto Alonso


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