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Contra Viento y Marea

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Contra Viento y Marea telenovelaNatalia is a young beautiful girl who lives with her aunt Inez and her aunt's perverted husband Arcaido. After trying to rape her, Arcaido sells Natalia into slavery to dirty hoodlums. One of the hoodlums feels sorry for her and helps her run away. When she returns, she finds her aunt dying. Her aunt tells her that she'll only be safe if she lives with the Serrano family. When she arrives at the house everyone receives her with open arms except the lady of the house Apolonia. While attending college Natalia meets Eduardo, a man who falls deeply in love with her. But when she meets his brother Sebastian it's love at first sight. But when Eduardo is dying he asks Natalia to marry him. Now she must decide between marrying Eduardo or being with the man she loves with all her heart, Sebastian.


Marlene Favela as Natalia Ríos

Her life is never easy and when she gets homeless she is so happy to get accepted by the Serrano family. She is happy to realize she loves Sebastián with the deepest feeling and he is her only love.

Sebastián Rulli as Sebastián Cárdenas

Sebastián is in great love with Natalia but he is not sure in himself and in her feelings. He is ready to turn her down since his brother Eduardo also loves her. He is a perfect man who loves is family. He is handsome and too impulsive to behave at a thought not thinking all steps.

Ernesto D’alessio as Eduardo Cárdenas

Eduardo is a sick person, miserable and retarded. He is too close to his mother. It’s good that his family is strong to get united to render support to him and Eduardo really appreciates it. He is in love with Natalia and he puts high hopes that he will manage to get her attraction.

Silvia Manríquez as Amparo Contreras

Amparo Contreras is a beautiful and refined woman in her forties. She is a widow of Cárdenas and since the time her husband passes away she puts every attempt to make the life of his beloved son Eduardo happy and painless. She adores Eduardo and she believes in his fortune. Amparo sincerely supposes that Sebastián can cause only problems. When she meets Ricardo Sandoval he seems to be a real gentleman.

Luis Couturier as Teodoro Serrano

Being an honest and just person, Teodoro fell in love with Apolonia as a mature and solid person. He believes Apolonia is worth worship and delight. He is a loving father to his daughter Sandra and he only wants to see her happy.

Azela Robinson as Apolonia Rudell

Apolonia Rudell is the director to the “EL Litoral” and the wife to the Teodoro the person who loves her really deeply and sincerely. She opts to manipulate with him. Apolonia is a tactless and impudent villain but she is charming enough to attract people. Her true love since the time she was a teenager is Valente. She is burning with the passion to him. And she loves Eduardo too much to give the whole herself to him.

Alberto Estrella as Valente

Valente is a typical villain image but he is too complicated in nature. Sometimes he is noble and reasonable. In some cases he shows his prudence and selfish nature to take advantage of people and situation. He changes his view so many days as he gets mature inside. His love to Apolonia is the reason of the lots of dirt and lies in his life. He swears to get reimbursed for all the miserable things she has done to him. When he gets to know to Natalia, she evokes some true feelings in his heart.

Contra Viento y Marea - telenovela

(2005) - Marlene Favela, Sebastián Rulli


Marlene Favela .... Natalia Soler
Sebastián Rulli .... Sebastián
Armando Araiza .... Imanol
Adriana Fonseca .... Sandra
Mariana Ávila .... Zarela
Alexis Ayala .... Ricadro
Julio Camejo .... Saúl Trejo ‘Veneno’
Kika Edgar .... Regina / Luna Gitana
Alberto Estrella .... Valente
Miguel Galván .... Adan
Evita Muñoz 'Chachita' .... Cruz
Aleida Núñez .... Perlita
Maribel Palmer .... Erika Rudell
Federico Pizarro .... Álvaro
Elizabeth Aguilar .... La Coyota
Silvia Manríquez .... Amparo
Azela Robinson .... Apolonia
Beatriz Sheridan .... Carlota
Alex Sirvent .... Chema
Luis Couturier .... Teodoro Serrano
Liz Vega .... Juncal
Óscar Morelli .... General Valadez
Marco Méndez .... Renato
Ernesto D'Alessio .... Eduardo
Julio Monterde .... Padre Dimas
Miguel Garza .... Fabricio
Yolanda Ventura .... Isabel
Ana Luisa Pelufo .... Bibi de la Macorra
Roberto Ballesteros .... Arcadio
Carmen Amezcua .... Lucia
Nicky Mondellini .... Constanza
Mayrra Saavedra .... Yuraima
Aleida Nuñez .... Perla
Uberto Bondoni .... Almeja
Sion .... Itzel
Paty Romero .... Odalis
Daniel Habiff .... Frank
Yula Pozo .... Tirsa
Gloria Chavez .... Vilma
Marisol González .... Melissa
Gerardo Quiroz
Arturo Peniche .... Nazario
Miguel Ángel Biagio .... Cuco
Sylvia Suárez .... Adelina
Irina Areu .... La Colorada
Alfonso Munguía .... Domingo Rojas
Xorge Noble .... ‘El Tuerto’
Ursula Monserrat .... Rita
José Luis Cantú .... Cheleque
Luis Fernando Madriz .... ‘Chito’
Charly Alberto .... Beni
Rubén Olivares ‘El Púas’ .... Rubén
Danna Paola .... Natalia as a child
Daniela Aedo .... Sandra
Nicole De Maria .... Sara
Valentina Cuenca .... Beatriz
Valeria López .... Rebeca
Ángel Mar .... Sebastián
Christian Stanley .... Ernesto
Mario Figueroa .... Fabián
Oscar Alberto .... Rubén
Sebastián .... Eduardo
Antonio Medellín

Writing credits
Manuel Muñoz Rico (original story)
Kary Fajer (adaptation)
Rosario Velicia (script editor)

Song: "Contra Viento y Marea"
Singing: Intocable

Susana Valencia
Juan Alfredo Villarreal

Set Decoration
Ricardo Navarrete

Production co-ordinator
Lourdes Salgado

Production manager
Valentín Rodríguez

Chief of production
Maricarmen Marcos

Cinematography by
Ernesto Arreola
Alejandro Frutos

Directed by
Martha Luna
Víctor Rodríguez

Produced by
Nicandro Díaz
Pablo Noceda (associated producer)



"Contra Viento y Marea" is a remake of telenovela "La Loba Herida" (Venezuela, 1993) with Mariela Alcala and Carlos Montilla.

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marty17129  - Contra Viento y Marea   |2009-08-20 16:28:52
Contra Viento y Marea es preciosa telenovela, muy interesante, me encanto toda!!!!! Marlene Favela y Sebastian Rulli hacen bellisima pareja, ambos son buenisimos actores......Azela Robinson tambien estuvo excelente, es una magnifica villana, la malvada Apolonia estuvo tremenda!!!!! Recomiendo muchisimo Contra vienzo y marea porque es padrisima telenovela, tema musical interpretada por Intocable es hermosisima, locaciones in Manzanillo y Colima son fabulosas, producion estupenda..........Es una de las telenovelas mas queridas y populares in Croacia :)
vany  - contra viento y marea   |2011-05-20 09:46:15
muy interesante, me encanto toda and i love the musica too....
Desde Curacao  - Contra Viento y Marea   |2011-06-15 12:54:15
Un saludo a Beni, Charly Alberto. Que pena que no hay nada mas sobre el, mientras que el, siendo tan joven, era un buen actor. Apolonia hizo tambien muy buen actuacion, Sebastian Rulli ni de hablar. Donja Carlotta tambien era tremenda. Les felicito a todos.
mjm2688  - contra viento y marea   |2011-11-10 19:05:55
donde puedo ver esta novela o comprarla? lo vi no mas una vez y me encanto pero ahora no se donde la puedo conseguir.
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