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Corazones al Limite

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Corazones al Limite telenovela This telenovela shows the life of group of teens who are in the last year of high school. They are prepared to leave the adolescence and to initiate a new stage of their lives. The story involves intrigues, secrets, search, the extreme desire to be better, sports, as well as the conflict of generations between parents and children. The main plot is the story of Diana, a girl from high society, who returns home after been in a boarding school abroad and once again she has to face the indifference of her mother and the contempt of her father with whom she constantly fights and with whom she will establish an important challenge. This story takes place mainly in the high school Nova Atenas, where studies Diana and also in the places where the young people practice extreme sports. Also we will see Braulio who is the leading man of the telenovela and evil Conny who will make many bad things with the face of an angel, but she has the black soul.


Arturo Peniche as Alvaro Riverola
The school director who takes the chance to meet his old and only love Pilar, though their relations are threatened to be destroyed by Emma, who is affected by Alvaro. Alvaro is the strong-minded man of good life principles. He treats students as his children. He was disappointed once in his life and so, he escaped from life into the school to sink in work. There is risk to lose the second chance to be happy with Pilar for Emma believes her liability is to prevent them unite.
Mariana Sanches as Artemisa
Artmisa is Diana’s friend. She is open-herated and responsive girl, who loves literature and finds harmony in the world of novels and verses. She is a daydreamer and she tends to get dressed in the way as the characters of the novel she is reading are dressed. She is afraid to stay lonely though she does not quit to make her parents make up.

Aaron Diaz as Braulio
Braulio is a handsome, smart and athletic young man. He lost his parents at the age of 12 and lived then with his uncle and his cousin who hates Braulio. He has excellent qualities of a leader. He dreams of taking part in the contest on water tourism at Olympic Games. He loves Diana but influenced by Conny’s blackmailing.
Sherlyn as Conny
Conny is in love with Braulio desperately. She is haughty and jealous girl who wants to marry to Braulio. She is not so smart to think that happiness is beauty and wealth only. Her intentions to look perfect and have ideal shapes result in anorexia and she is in the risk group now. Being so arrogant, she is ashamed of her parents who come from medium class family. She is not hesitant to apply to blackmailing to get Braulio again.
Marco Muñoz as Doménico
Doménico is Diana’s father. This is a strong, athletic and austere-looking man. He does not accept Diana as his daughter, though he loves her. Sometimes he is unjust. He takes in he does something wrong but he behaves in the way his father taught him and he does not know the alternatives.
Arleth Terán as Emma Martines
Emma is very sensitive and libidinous woman who never disdains to apply to mean tricks. She is selfish and revengeful. She is sure she is the only one to deserve Alvaro’s love for the time she spent and money. She gets furiopus when she understands that Alvaro prefers Pilar.

Corazones al Limite - telenovela

(2004) - Sara Maldonado, Aarón Díaz


Aarón Díaz .... Braulio - main hero
Sara Maldonado .... Diana - main heroine
Sherlyn .... Conny - in love with Braulio, villain
Arturo Peniche .... Alvaro - director of the school
Erika Buenfil .... Pilar - aunt of Diana, in love with Alvaro
Manuela Ímaz .... Isadora - friend of Diana
Jorge De Silva .... Esteban - cousin of Braulio, villain
Alex Sirvent .... Eduardo - friend of Braulio
Arleth Terán .... Emma - fiance of Alvaro, villain
Mariana Sánchez .... Artemisa - friend of Diana
Mike Biaggio .... Samuel - friend of Braulio
Marco Muñoz .... Doménico - father of Diana, villain
Beatriz Aguirre .... Victoria - grandmother of Diana
Manuel Saval .... Osvaldo - father of Artemisa
María Marcela .... Sofía - mother of Isadora
Nicky Mondellini .... Lulú - mother of Eduardo
Belinda .... Elenita - sister of Eduardo
Raymundo Capetillo .... Daniel - uncle of Braulio
Maritza Olivares .... Amalia - aunt of Braulio
Lucero Lander .... Julieta
Mariagna Prats .... Irene - mother of Diana
Pedro Romo .... Poncho
Ricardo Margaleff .... Antonio
Daniel Habif .... Alberto
Uberto Bondoni .... Rolando
Cristina Pastor .... Olga - friend of Conny
Daniel Berlanga .... Damián - suitor of Diana
Nancy Taira .... Coral - classmate of Diana
Paola Riquelme .... Enriqueta - classmate of Diana
Rodrigo Tejeda .... Joaquín - classmate of Diana
Ximena Herrera .... Malkah - classmate of Diana
Beatriz Moreno .... Paquita
Queta Lavat .... Gudelia
René Casados .... Dante - real father of Braulio
Isadora González .... Bárbara Magallanes
Oscar Traven .... Sebastian - father of Isadora
Gabriela Rivero .... Patty
Raúl Magaña .... Professor Muñoz
Roberto Palazuelos .... Samuel Uriarte Robles
Luis Fonsi .... Roy
Fernando Carrera .... Dr. Ernesto Torres
Aarón Hernán .... Arthur
Jaime Lozano .... Math teacher
Marcela Páez .... Gabriela Tovar
Ramón Valdés .... Jesús 'Chucho' Pérez Ávila
Georgina Pedret .... Dulce Maria - mother of Nancy and Roy
Flavio Peniche .... Ausencio - father of Malkah
Karla Barahona .... Lilia - mother of Paty
Francisco Avendaño .... father of Eduardo and Elena
Maricarmen Vela .... Mercedes
Rafael del Villar .... Profesor Muñoz
Jaime Lozano .... Math teacher
David Galindo .... Hector
Susy Lu .... Nancy
Bibelot Mansur .... Patty
Rubén Morales .... Agent Romo
Haydée Navarra .... Bianca
Kelchia Arizmendi
Archie Lafranco .... Paul - friend of Pilar
Yolanda Ciani
Isabel Martínez
Susan Vohn .... Debby - adoptive mother of Samuel
German Gutierrez .... Zack - adoptive father of Samuel
Karla Barahona .... Lilia - mother of Patty
Javier Herranz .... Padre Anselmo - brother of Dante
Jacqueline Voltaire .... Sra. Kullman
Toni Balardi
Lina Duran .... Florencia de Moret - mother of Sebastian

Writing credits
Enrique Jiménez D. (original story)
Guillermo Quezada C. (original story)
Ivonne Deschamps (script editor)

Song: Vivir
Singing: Belinda

Music arranger
Miguel Ángel Mendoza

Art Director
Martha Luna
Guadalupe Sánchez Sosa

Juán Franco G.
Luis Horacio V.

Set Decoration
Jetzibe Soria G.

Production manager
Simón Castañón

Production co-ordinator
Lilian Cuesta A.
Víctor M. Cevallos T.

Chief of production
Ángel Garduño

Cinematography by
Sergio Cataño Vergara
Vivian A. Sánchez Ross

Directed by
Claudio Reyes Rubio
María Auxilio Salado P.

Produced by
Roberto Hernández Vázquez
Nicandro Díaz G.



Also known as "Reto de juventud"

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