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Corazon Salvaje I

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In Martinique, Antilles, Juan del Diablo is schooner captain, he is beautiful and strong. He is the illegitimate son of  Francisco Duchamps, who is the husband of Sofia and half-brother of Renato Duchamps. Juan is Aimee's lover, she is Renato's fiancée, but he doesn't know about their official relation. Aimee is an intriguing and ambitious woman who wants to preserve the power and money of Renato and the passion and unforeseen of Juan. Aimee has a sister Monica, who is secretly in love with Renato, but she is going to became a nun. Then Renato marries Aimee and he discovers their secret relation. Renato obliges Monica to marry Juan because she was part of their tricks. After some time they discover that they are in love, but so many things separate them: social differences, culture, personalities. Then Aimee dies in an accident and Renato gets mad, he wants to take a revenge on Juan and Monica, because he considers them the cause of his troubles. He makes him to go to jail, he tries to take away his inheritance. During the eruption of Mount Mount Pelée volcano, Sofia dies and Renato understands his mistakes and he asks everybody to forgive him. Juan and Monica will be free to love.

Corazon Salvaje I - telenovela

(1966) - Enrique Lizalde, Julissa


Julissa .... Mónica Molnar del Diablo
Enrique Lizalde .... Juan del Diablo
Jacqueline Andere .... Aimée Molnar de Duchamp
Enrique Álvarez Félix .... Renato D'Autremont
Miguel Manzano .... Noel
Graciela Nájera
Beatriz Baz
Fanny Schiller
Socorro Avelar .... Ana
Humberto Jiménez Pons
Fedora Capdevilla .... Kuma

Writing credits
Caridad Bravo Adams (original story)

Song "Corazon salvaje"
Singing: Julissa

Cinematography by
José Morris

Directed by
Ernesto Alonso

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso



Further remakes of "Corazon Salvaje I" are telenovelas "Corazon Salvaje II" and "Corazon Salvaje III"
There is also a Puertorican version "Juan del Diablo" (1960) with Gladys Rodriguez and Braulio Castillo.
The next vesion of telenovela is "Corazón Salvaje IV" (2009)

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Marilyn  - Corazon Salvaje 1   |2008-11-01 12:04:35
Where can I buy this telenovela. Another one I want to buy is Yesenia with Adela Noriega

Thank you

Liz Herrera  - Corazon Salvaje with Enrique Lizalde 1966 movie   |2010-06-04 02:17:55
Where can I buy this telenovela? The one with el Palomo is available just about anywhere but can't seem to find this one. Please advise.
Thank you,
Alexis  - Corazon Salvaje   |2010-11-03 02:12:56
Quiero comprar la version de la Telenovela Corazon Salvaje por Enrique Lizalde, Sabe como puedo conseguirla
Rita Vallejo  - Corazon Salvaje -Enrique Lizaldo como Juan   |2010-12-17 06:14:43
I would like to buy this novela.
mariola barrett  - re: Corazon Salvaje   |2013-06-19 23:09:04
Alexis wrote:
Quiero comprar la version de la Telenovela Corazon Salvaje por Enrique Lizalde, Sabe como puedo conseguirla[/quote][quote=Rita Vallejo]I would like to buy this novela.
corazon salvaje 1966 enrique lizalde is juan de diablo
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