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Corazon Salvaje II

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We are in Martinique, towards the end of last century, before the famous eruption of Mount Pelée of 1902. Francisco D'Autremont, the magnate and owner of a big property, is married to Sofia and has a son: Renato. He brings an illegitimate son, Juan, to his house, but Sofia doesn't accept him and at Francisco's death, she drives  him away from the house. After 10 years, Juan del Diablo is an owner of the boat "Luzbel" with a little orphan Colibri and a crew. Catalina, a friend of the D'Autremont family, returns to Martinique with her daughters: Aimee and Monica. The first is engaged to Renato but she has a secret relation with Juan, the second loves Renato secretly and decides to become a nun. At Juan's return, Aimee is married to Renato and Monica knows her sister's secret. Juan continues his relation with Aimee. Renato discovers all this and makes Monica to marry Juan. But after first difficulties and misunderstandings, they learn to love each other. Aimee dies falling from a horse and Renato is eaten up with rage and pain against Juan and he persecutes him. With volcano's eruption all destinies have changed: Sofia and Yanina die, Renato asks pardon for his mistakes and Juan and Monica sail "Luzbel" with the little Colibri.

Corazon Salvaje II - telenovela

(1977) - Angélica María , Fernando Allende


Angélica María .... Mónica
Martín Cortés .... Juan del Diablo
Fernando Allende .... Renato
Susana Dosamantes .... Aimee
Bertha Moss .... Sofia
Miguel Manzano .... Pedro Noel
Kikis Herrera Calles .... Catalina
Lucy Tovar .... Janina
Socorro Avelar .... Ana
Jorge Vargas .... Francisco D'autremont
Agustín Sauret .... Marcos de la Fuente
Raúl Vale .... Adrian Lefevre
Ernesto Marin .... Colibri
Sergio Zuani .... Segundo Duclos
Ernesto Alonso .... the narrator
Consuelo Frank .... Sor Maria Ines de la Vonception
René Muñoz .... Esteban
Roberto Antunez .... Vice secretary of the Governor
Carlos Arguelles .... Juan as a child
Armando Alcazar .... Renato as a child
Manuel Guizar .... Doc. Alejandro Faber
Eduardo Alcaraz .... Padre Didier
Tony Bravo .... Charles Brighton

Writing credits
Caridad Bravo Adams (original story)

Song: Amanecer
Singing: Armando Manzanero

Song: Corazon Salvaje
Singing: Fernando Allende

Cinematography by
Alfredo Saldaña

Directed by
Alfredo Saldaña

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso



"Corazon Salvaje II" is a remake of telenovela "Corazon Salvaje I"
Further remake of "Corazon Salvaje II" is telenovela "Corazon Salvaje III"
The next vesion of telenovela is "Corazón Salvaje IV" (2009)
It was a short telenovela, 60 episodes of 30 minutes.
There is also a Puertorican version "Juan del Diablo" (1960) with Gladys Rodriguez and Braulio Castillo.

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< Corazon Salvaje I   Corazon Salvaje III >

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