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Corazon Salvaje III

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Corazon Salvaje III telenovela Juan del Diablo grew up a savage on the beaches of San Pedro, abused by the man who raised him because he was the bastard of his wife and the wealthy landowner Francisco de Alcazar y Valle. Don Francisco did not know he had a son, and shortly after finding out, he dies, leaving only a letter with his wishes to give Juan his name - a letter that his wife, Sofia, hides. Also, before dying he asks his legitimate son Andres to take care of Juan.

But Andres goes to live in Mexico city. 15 years later, Monica, one of the two daughters of a penniless countess, is about to marry Andres. But in Mexico city Andres meets and falls in love with her sister Aimee. They both return back to San Pedro and Andres breaks his compromise with Monica and asks Aimee to marry him. Though Aimee has begun an affair with Juan, she can't pass up the opportunity to marry so well. Juan is just a poor wretch and a smuggler to boot. He knows Andres is his half-brother, but Andres doesn't know that. Aimee marries Andres when Juan is away and Monica decides to enter a convent to hide her humiliation. But when Juan arrives furious and determined to abscond with his half-brother's new wife, Monica steps in the middle to prevent a tragedy. To cover for her sister, she says that she was the one who has been seeing Juan y her sacrifice compels her to marry him. Though Juan is a violent man, without manners, education or even a last name, Monica falls in love with him and discovers that beneath his tough exterior lies a heart - wild, yes, but of gold.

Corazon Salvaje III - telenovela

(1993) - Eduardo Palomo , Edith González


Eduardo Palomo .... Juan del Diablo / Don Francisco - main hero / his father
Edith González .... Mónica - main heroine
Ana Colchero .... Aimeé - sister of Mónica, villain
Ariel López Padilla .... Andrés - husband of Aimeé and half-brother of Juan
Enrique Lizalde .... Noel - friend and mentor of Juan
Claudia Islas .... Sofía - mother of Andres
Arsenio Campos .... Alberto - friend of Andres, villain
Luz María Aguilar .... Catalina - mother of Mónica and Aimeé
Ernesto Yáñez .... Bautista - foreman of Campo Real, villain
Yolanda Ventura .... Azucena - protegee of Juan
Javier Ruán .... Guadalupe Cajiga - owner of brothel, villain
César Évora .... Marcelo - new judge at San Pedro
Isaura Espinoza .... Amanda - sister-in-law of Marcelo
Verónica Merchant.... Mariana - daughter of Amanda
Olivia Cairo .... Juanita - maid
Emilio Cortés .... Zerafin - boy, friend of Juan
Ana Laura Espinosa .... Lupe - maid
Gerardo Hemmer .... Joaquín - hired to spy on Juan
Jaime Lozano .... Segundo - assistent of Juan
Adalberto Parra .... Capitan Espíndola - chief of prison, villain
Alejandro Rábago .... Pedro - friend of Juan
Gonzalo Sánchez .... Facundo Gomez "El Tuerto" - one-eyed, owner of tavern
Mónika Sánchez .... Rosa - waitress in tavern
Jorge Valdés García .... assistant of Bautista
Indra Zuno .... Meche - friend of Azucena, maid of Mónica
Antonia Marcin .... Dolores - friend of Mónica
Julio Monterde .... Fray Domingo - priest
Queta Lavat .... Madre Superiora
Arturo Paulet .... Lic. Mondragón
Christian Ruiz .... Andrés (as a child)
Julián Velázquez
Joana Brito .... Ana - cook at Campo Real
Maribel Palmer .... Teresa - friend of Monica
Queta Carrasco .... Dona Prudencia - owner of the boarding house where Monica goes
Araceli Cordero
María Dolores Oliva .... Tehua - herbalist
Julián de Tavira .... Juan (as a child)
Alicia del Lago
Felio Eliel
Chayo Grandos
Carl Hillos
Nelly Horsman
Juan Antonio Llanes .... Judge Esperon
Conchita Márquez .... Sor Juliana
Géraldine Bazán
Daniel Martinez .... Lieutenant

Writing credits
Caridad Bravo Adams (original story)
María Zarattini (TV version and script)
José Ruiz de Esparza (history consultant)

Original music by
Jorge Avendaño

Song: Corazon Salvaje
Singing: Mijares

Production manager
Roberto Hernández

Cinematography by
Miguel Valdes

Directed by
Alberto Cortés
José Rendón (general director)

Produced by
José Rendón



"Corazon Salvaje III" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "Corazon Salvaje I"
2 version: telenovela "Corazon Salvaje II"
There is also a Puertorican version "Juan del Diablo" (1960) with Gladys Rodriguez and Braulio Castillo.
The next vesion of telenovela is "Corazón Salvaje IV" (2009)

"The best telenovela of the year", TVyNovelas award, 1994.

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Gergana Shtereva  - Christian Ruiz   |2010-11-17 09:52:33

Can you tell me the birthdate of the actor Christian Ruiz (Andrés Alcázar y Valle as child from "Corazón salvaje ")or at least how old was he during the film?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,
Maria y dias  - amo o mexico   |2011-01-09 13:45:11
gosto muito da edith sou uma grande fa e amo o cesar evora gostaria de um dia conhecelo....
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