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Corona de Lágrimas

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Corona de Lágrimas telenovelaDona Refugio Chavero is the widow raising three children, boys. She is reprimanded for the mistakes at work caused by the loop of vision. She adores her children, Patricio, the student of the Law Faculty, ambitious and impudent, Edmundo – who studied medicine but losing money for billiard only and Nacho, a good boy who works at the engineering shop. After work Refugio goes to see the ophthalmologist accompanied by Lucerito.

She is recommended contact lenses and Nacho brings money to her for lenses. When Fernando comes with one of his friends, Dona Refugio gives him money. Fernando goes for the party where he meets the lady from high class – Olga and gets attracted by her. When Olga wants to get to know his family, he leaves her and disappears. Finally she agrees to get married the friend of her father. In the meantime Dona Refugio is fired and she dedicates herself to needlework for other ladies. She gradually loses her vision, though. Nacho is fired, Edmundo is engaged in drugs and Fernando marries Olga. Stiuck in these proble,s. Dona Refugio seeks help with Fernando though she is humiliated by this.

After plenty of adventures including getting into the trouble, evident financial failures, marriages resulting in cheating and suicide, losing of self-esteem and involvement in drug trafficking, the family re-union happens in the house of their mother. Dona Refugio is blind though she is happy to see all his three sons around her. She forgives all their faults and they are all happy to have the first child in their big family. Dona Refugio goes to visit and pray to the Lady of Guadalupe.


Victoria Ruffo as Refugio
Dona Refugio does not approve Fernando and his affair with Olga but Fernando makes peace with his mother and decides to have the prom party with Olga. In the meantime, Edmundo realizes his mother gets completely blind. He is engaged in drug trafficking. Fernando and Olga get married.

Maribel Guardia as Julieta
Julieta is a houseless woman who arrives to the country with no penny to survive. She has to sleep outside and eat wheat she gets.

Adriana Louvier as Olga
Olga is a beautiful lady who is stuck to young and athletic Fernando forcing him marry her. He does and soon she is under suppression of jealousy and fury due to his behavior. When he decides to leave her Olga shots on him and then she commits a suicide.

Manelick de la Parra Borja as Nacho Chavero
Nacho oves his mother best of all. He loses his job and when he finds the new one, he has to cope with the problem to avoid gas burst while driving. Nacho takes care of his mother and brothers. He asks Fernando pay for Edmundo who is in the jail to let him go and take the burden off their mother’s heart.

Corona de Lágrimas - telenovela

(2012) - Victoria Ruffo, Ernesto Laguardia


Victoria Ruffo ... Refugio
Maribel Guardia ... Julieta
Ernesto Laguardia
Martha Julia
Africa Zavala ... Lucero
Alejandro Nones ... Patricio Chavero
Adriana Louvier ... Olga
Jose Maria Torre
Manelick de la Parra Borja ... Nacho Chavero
Érika Garcia
Cassandra Sánchez Navarro ... Chelito
Arturo Carmona
Juan Carlos Casasola
Raquel Garza
Mariluz Bermúdez
Ulises de la Torre
Perla Encinas
Fabiola Guajardo
Daniel Flores ... Cleto

Writing credits

Written by:

Original music
Gloria Aura

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by

Produced by
José Alberto Castro



Remake of mexican telenovela Corona de Lágrimas (1965) with Raúl Meraz and Prudencia Grifell

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