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Cuando Llega El Amor

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Cuando Llega El Amor telenovela Isabel Contreras is a privileged young woman. She is beautiful, rich and her parents adore her. She is also engaged to dashing Rodrigo, whom she hopes to marry as soon as she finishes high school. To top it all off, Alonso, her riding teacher tells her she is eligible to represent her country at international equestrian contests. Unfortunately, Isabel has an enemy in her own house: her cousin Alejandra, who hates her.

Alejandra finds a way to spite Isabel by seducing Rodrigo. One day, Isabel catches them. Knowing her father would kill Alejandra if he discovered she had a lover, Isabel decides to hide the truth from her family. She insists in breaking off her engagement, but refuses to tell them her motives. However, Rodrigo confides in Andres, Rafael Contreras' employee and a close friend of the family. Andres has a crush on Alejandra and uses this secret to be near her. Isabel, meanwhile, finds comfort in preparations for an upcoming tournament. Just before the competition, Alejandra cuts Isabel's bridle, causing her cousin to fall. Isabel lives, but she is badly injured and must use crutches for a while. Andres knows that Alejandra tried to kill her cousin and blackmails her into sleeping with him. Lonely and depressed, Isabel entertains herself by watching through the window the lives of those who inhabit a building across the street. Photographer Luis Felipe who lives in that building is attracted to Isabel and the feeling is mutual. However, Alejandra steps in to ensure her cousin's continued unhappiness by luring Luis Felipe away from Isabel.

Cuando Llega El Amor - telenovela

(1990) - Lucero, Omar Fierro


Lucero .... Isabel
Omar Fierro .... Luis Felipe
Irán Eory .... Rosalía
Eric del Castillo .... Rafael Contreras
Lilia Aragón .... Elena
Pepe Arévalo
Amparo Arozamena .... Paulina
Francisco Bernal .... Alonso
Roberto Blandón .... Enrique
Raúl Buenfil .... Ranas
Óscar Bonfiglio .... Pablo
Silvia Caos .... Amelia
Guillermo García Cantú .... Rodrigo
Carmelita González .... Carmen
Lucero Lander .... Ángela
Ricardo de Loera .... Montero
Arturo Lorca .... Nacho
Charlie Massó
Francisco Xavier
Monica Miguel .... Yulma
René Muñoz .... Chucho
Gustavo Navarro .... Fito
Nailea Norvind .... Alejandra
Polo Ortín .... Don Isidro
Alejandra Peniche .... Claudia
Miguel Pizarro .... Andrés
Juan Felipe Preciado .... Miguel
María Rojo .... Rosa
Ninón Sevilla .... Nina
Rodrigo Vidal .... Lalo
Evangelina Sosa .... Margarita
Claudio Obregón .... Gerardo
Susana Alexander .... María Luisa
Juan Carlos Casasola .... Beto
Elizabeth Avila .... Julia
Carlos Gracia .... El Greñas
Sergio Sendel
Ramón Valdéz
Surya McGregor
Emma Laura
Cesar Balcazar
Teresa Guizar
Maria Fernanda
Alexis Ayala
Ernesto Godoy
Jorge Molina
Edgar Ramirez
Sergio Santaella
Jorge Urzua
Miguel Angel Infante

Writing credits
René Muñoz (original story)
Marcia del Rio (script editor)

Song: Cuando llega el amor
Singing: Lucero

Chief of production
Arturo Lorca

Production co-ordinator
Diana Aranda

Cinematography by
Alejandro Frutos

Directed by
Miguel Córcega

Produced by
Carla Estrada


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