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Cuando los Hijos Se Van

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Julio and Francisca have a solid marriage with 5 grown children, and there lies the problem: Teresa, when she was young and naive, fell in love with Alvaro, a married man, but 10 years later she can no longer maintain the facade in front of her family ... and confesses everything. However, although she tries to leave Alvaro, she cannot. Her love is true and completely mutual. Kiko, another son, uses and abuses the love of Susana, who loves him madly. He feigns to love her back so that she will help him economically, but the hunter soon becomes the hunted--he falls in love with her! But Kiko has made too many mistakes in his life and he now thinks it would be unfair to tie Susana to a man like him. Hilda, however, has a perfect romance and the love of Jorge, a good young man, professional, very correct and very much in love; she has a promise of matrimony, a white wedding, and a life above reproach. For Ignacio, love represents a reckoning with himself. He gains self-confidence and begins to resolve his internal problems and his terrible inferiority complex--and behind all of this is Claudia, a sweet girl who loves him for the beauty of his spirit. Maria Graciela is in love for the first time, with Ricardo. She is all passionate kisses, languid looks, loud sighs, intertwined hands and childish tantrums, but is it really love or a passing fancy?

Cuando los Hijos Se Van - telenovela

(1983) - Saby Kamalich, Raul Ramirez, Silvia Pasquel


Saby Kamalich .... Francisca
Raúl Ramírez .... Julio
Silvia Pasquel .... Teresa
Enrique Rocha .... Álvaro
Alejandro Camacho .... Ignacio
Anabel Ferreira .... Hilda
Roberto Ballesteros .... Julio Francisco
Rosenda Monteros .... Tia Elvira
Margarita Sanz .... Rebeca
Mónica Prado .... Susana
Mercedes Olea .... María Graciela
Jorge Pais .... Damian
Crystal .... Claudia
Claudio Báez .... Jorge
Demián Bichir .... Ricardo
Simone Brook .... Martha
Eloisa Capilla .... Doña Matilde
Deborah Conde .... Dominga
Alejandra Guzmán Pinal .... Alejandra
Luis Enrique Guzmán Pinal .... Chito
Uriel Posada Chavez .... Vicente
Judith Velasco .... Vicente's wife
Sara Guasch

Directed by
Héctor Bonilla

Produced by
Silvia Pinal


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