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Cuando Seas Mía

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Cuando Seas Mia telenovelaPaloma is a migrant worker at a coffee plantation, but she doesn't plan to stay one forever. In her spare time, she reads and dreams about the day her Prince Charming will arrive. Upon the death of Don Lorenzo, the well-known coffee magnate, his heirs descend on the "Casa Blanca". Among them is Diego, Don Lorenzo's grandson, who is expected to take over the plantation after he finishes his studies. Diego and Paloma believe they have found true love, but first they must surmount all of the obstacles that a surname like Sanchez Zambrano can bring. In the greed-soaked environment that surrounds the ownership of the "Casa Blanca", only love can save Paloma and Diego.

Cuando Seas Mia - telenovela

(2001) - Sergio Basañez , Silvia Navarro


Silvia Navarro .... Teresa 'Paloma' / Elena Olivares
Sergio Basañez .... Diego Sánchez Zambrano
Anette Michel .... Bárbara Sánchez Serrano
Rodrigo Abed .... Fabián Sánchez Serrano
Martha Cristiana .... Berenice Sánchez Zambrano
Margarita Gralia .... Ángela Serrano de Sánchez
Sergio Bustamante .... Juan Francisco Sánchez
Evangelina Elizondo .... Inés Viuda de Sánchez
Iliana Fox .... Diana Sánchez Zambrano
Ana Serradilla .... Daniela Sánchez Zambrano
Leonardo Daniel .... Joaquín Sánchez
Aarón Aguilar .... Carlos
Tania Arredondo .... Leonor
Enrique Becker .... Latorre
Carolina Carvajal .... Matilde
Carmen Delgado .... Constanza
Jesús Estrada .... Juancho
José González Márquez .... Carlos Fontalvo
Ramiro Huerta .... Aurelio
Alejandro Lukini .... Jeremy
Miguel Ángel Lápiz .... Toño
Adrián Makala .... Harold
Juan Pablo Medina .... Bernardo Sánchez Serrano
Laura Padilla .... Soledad
Maribel Rodríguez .... Graciela
Claudine Sosa .... Josefina
Luis Felipe Tovar .... Miguel Tejeiros
Gloria Peralta .... Marcia
Alejandro Ciangherotti .... Ricardo
Gabriela Andrade .... Margarita
Homero Wimmer .... Avellaneda
Adriana Parra .... Ximena De Fontalvo
Rodrigo Cachero .... Mariano Sanz
Fernando Sarfati .... Giancarlo Mondriani
Renata del Castillo .... Marta

Writing credits
Fernando Gaytán (original story)
José Luis Duráno (adaptation)

Song: Cuando Seas Mía
Singing: Son By Four

Song: Entra en mi vida
Singing: Sin bandera

Original music
Federico Chávez

Other music used in novela
Lola Beltran "Paloma Negra" and "Cucurrucucu Paloma"
Juan Luis Guerra "Quisiera" and "Burbujas de amor"
Sergio Basañez   "Perfidia" and "Por un amor"
Pedro Guerra "Cerca del amor"

Music arranger
Sergio Ojeda

Art Director
Gloria Carrasco

Directed by
Rafael Gutiérrez
Martín Barraza (guest director)

Produced by
Rafael Gutiérrez
Fides Velasco (associated producer)

TV Azteca


"Cuando seas mía" is a remake of telenovela "Cafe con aroma de mujer" (1994, Colombia, RCN) with Guy Ecker and Margarita Rosa de Francisco

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