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Cuidado con el ángel II

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Cuidado con el ángel telenovela When Marichuy was born, her mother, believing she was dying, entrusted her baby to a priest, who took her to an orphanage. At age 15, Marichuy runs away and begins to live in the streets, doing her best to survive. Years go by and one day, she is attacked by a drunk. This experience leaves her with a deep resentment against men, as well as terrible nightmares.

Candelaria, a washer woman, takes her to her house and start to act like her mother. Marichuy does odd and big jobs to help Candelaria. One day, she has some trouble that lands her in court, where here own father happens to be the judge (though neither of them are aware of this). She is defended by a psychoanalyst, Juan Miguel San Roman.

Marichuy is released into Juan Miguel's custody and he arranges for her to stay in his house. now that Juan Miguel is supposed to by widower of his wife Viviana (Nailea Norvind) that she is supposed to be dead by a airplane crash. His mother-in-law (Onelia) makes Marichuy feel totally unwelcome, and to avoid problems,as well as to avoid his temptations toward her Juan Miguel finds her a new home with the Judge, Patricio Velarde and his wife Cecilia (Marichuy's parents), who have also taken in Estefania, a cunning young woman who showed up claiming to be the daughter they abandoned.

Juan Miguel and Marichuy fall in love and get married. However, the morning after the wedding, she discovers something about Juan Miguel's past, a secret that makes her leave him and refuse to ever see him again.But to later find out she is really in love with him.

Later, when she finds out that she is pregnant, she does not tell him. Instead, she leaves the city with Candelaria and ends up at a hacienda of a man called "El Leopardo" (The leopard)who takes her in and falls in love with her. Marichuy gives birth and "El Leopardo" is willing to marry her and give the child his name. But she tells him that she is married, and cares for him only as a friend. "El Leopardo" is not discouraged and slowly begins to win over her heart. Later on, he learns that Marichuy's husband is Juan Miguel, whom he has known since they were classmates. Both men will vie for Marichuy's love, but for her, the decision will not be easy one to make.


Maite Perroni as Marichuy

Marichuy is a young girl, tender and beautiful, with good manners but deeply inside she is strong and rebellious. She can show sympathy and seriousness from occasion to occasion. Her childhood and teenage are sad and gloomy, spent without parents, though she always copes with her problems and loves the life as it is.

William Levy as Juan Miguel

Juan Miguel is a very affectionate and attractive young man. He comes from a solid family. He is in constant suffering from the act he did in the past. As a psychiatrist, he feels he is charge of other people to help and support. He is strong-minded and he feels like backing Marichuy who appears weak and helpless. He is married to a young Viviana who makes his life incredibly hussy and intolerable. He has a 5-year old daughter, Mayita.

Nailea Norvind as Viviana

Viviana is Juan’s wife. She is beautiful and sensual. She is proud of her social status, egocentric and too selfish. She wants to live with Juan Miguel but not to the extent to give up entertaining parties and adultery. When the air plane crushes and she is deemed as killed there, she decides to take an advantage of that and entertain. One day she decides to return and announces she has been unconscious and in amnesia to go back home so soon.

Ana Patricia Rojo as Estefanía

She is a delicate and good-looking woman from the middle class and due to her ambitious and selfish personality; she takes all possibilities to crawl to the higher level of society. She is strong-hearted and dishonest. Backed with her Auntie Isabela, Estefanía pretends she has lost her daughter to creep into the house. She intends to get rid of Marichuy for she battles for Juan’s heart. Later she finds out who is Ceclia and Patricio’s daughter.

Helena Rojo as Cecilia

Cecilia is the stunning and elegant lady with good manners and conduct. But she is too careful. She always goes back to the past about her daughter. Her husband Patricio left her when she delivered a girl-baby. With the though that a baby is too sick, Cecilia left it with the priest for the last ritual. Cecilia makes efforts to comprehend why Marichuy eels so close to her.

Ricardo Blume as Patricio

Patricio is the reputed high society member. He is married to Cecilia and he thinks his daughter Estefanía loves him tenderly but she only manipulates for her own sake. That’s difficult to realize it since he feels only love to her but he feels the world is unfair to him sometimes. He does not know the father of Marichuy but he does not approve her personality and believes she should be taken to the correction facility.

Rocío Banquells as Isabella

Isabella is Estefanía’s Aunt. She is wicked and smart to control her niece. She is able for many things for the sake of money. She is mean and a good liar. She wants to be a high-society lady.

René Strickler as Leopardo

Leopardo is a farmer at the ranch where Marichuy is seeking shelter in. when they meet, he appears to be a rigid, suspicious and tough person. He changes his opinion to the world and people when he falls in love with Marichuy but she rejects his love offering her support as a friend. But he decides not to give up and slowly get her heart without any guess the one he loves is the wife to his one of the best friends and classmates.

Cuidado con el ángel II - telenovela

(2008 - 2009) - Maite Perroni, William Levy, Laura Zapata


Maite Perroni ... Marichuy
William Levy ... Juan Miguel
René Strickler ... Omar Contreras (Leopardo)
Evita Muñoz 'Chachita' ... Candelaria
Ana Patricia Rojo ... Estefanía
Maya Mishalska ... Blanca Silva/Ivette
Rocío Banquells ... Isabela
Laura Zapata ... Onelia
Helena Rojo ... Cecilia
Nailea Norvind ... Viviana
Ricardo Blume ... Patricio
Arturo Carmona ... Amador
Sherlyn ... Rocío
Jorge De Silva ... Eduardo
Abraham Ramos ... Adrián
Beatriz Aguirre ... Mariana
Sarai ... Mayita
Sara Montes ... Balbina
África Zavala ... Elsa
Jesús More ... Vicente
Héctor Gómez ... Padre Anselmo
Maya Mishalska ... Blanca
Rodrigo Mejía ... Nelson
René Strickler ... Leopardo
Renata Flores ... Martirio
Miguel Córcega ... Padre Anselmo
Marina Marín ... Micaela
Georgina Salgado ... Purita
Rebeca Manríquez ... Olga
Mauricio Mejía ... Israel
Ana Isabel Corral ... Beatriz
Diana Golden ... Mercedes
Katerine Kellerman ... Becky
María Dolores Oliva ... Coralia
Vania Pardo ... Dora
Maité Embil ... Leticia
Elizabeth Dupeyrón ... Luisa
Amparo Garrido ... Clemencia
Mario Casillas ... Licenciado Lozada
Alberto Chávez
Oscar Traven ... Francisco
Beatriz Monroy ... Casilda
Justo Martínez ... Cosme
Adrián Martiñón ... Piraña
Archie Lafranco ... Gustavo
Luis Caballero ... Gabriel
Rafael del Villar ... Tomás
María Morena ... Esther
Patricio Borghetti
Michelle Vieth .... Ana Julia

Writing credits
Delia Fiallo
Carlos Romero

Song Solo Tú
Written by: Mauricio Arriaga and Jorge Eduardo Murguía
Singing: Gaby

Original music
Mauricio Arriaga
Jorge Eduardo Murguía Carlos Páramo

Cinematography by
Jesús Acuña
Adrián Frutos

Directed by
Víctor Fouilloux
Victor Rodriguez

Produced by
Nathalie Lartilleux



Remake of :
1. Venezuelan telenovela "Una muchacha llamada Milagros" (1975) with José Bardina and Rebeca González
2. Venezuelan telenovela "Mi amada Beatriz" (1987) with Catherine Fulop and Miguel Alcántara

William and Maite were rumored to be dating while the telenovela was being taped. Both actors, however, vehemently denied it

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Daisy Trujilo  - you rock   |2008-10-30 03:17:34
Marichuy and Juan Miguel I'm one of your biggest fans
arabela  - novelas   |2008-11-18 23:51:06
esta super padre...
cirilo maldonado   |2008-11-24 17:43:37
espero que se encuentren bien todos y gracias por su trabajo de todos he tenido el gusto de ver la novela y me da gusto saber que todavia hay buenos actores y actrises y directores y el equipo de novela cuenta con buen argumento y un guion y para toda la fam,y de edades les agradesco de todo corazon el trabajo que hacen es dificil por los horarios pero se que lo hacen con gusto,y espero verlos pronto en la pantalla.los felicito a todos en general hacen buen trabajo,y que el ano que viene sea uno mas valioso en su trabajo por su valor humano gracias por darnos cada dia las lagrimas y sonrisas y alegrias que dios les de vida y salud y que sigan adelante todos ustedes con su trabajo y superacion en la pantalla
que dios los bendiga a todos ustedes
mary  - fantastico   |2008-11-30 05:16:21
Me alegra y me onorgullece saberq ue contamos con un gran artista cubano y siendo mas especifica cojimero yo soy de cojimar un reparto de la ciudad de la haban cuba se que Willian levis es de ese lugar.Tremendo artita que orgulo, hace una bonita pareja con maite perroni la verdad es esa los Felicito a los dos, y a la direccion de la misma por tener un guion excelente para la tlenovela diria que ellos son los mejores artistas de estos tiempos.
aymee  - fantastica la novela   |2008-11-30 05:23:15
Tiene un buen argumento la novela los actores parecen ser pareja en la vida real eso demustra su beun trabajo es fantastico, diria yo que las mejores actuaciones de estops tiempos la estan haciendo ellos dos,gracias
Norma patricia jimenez  - Holla!!!!   |2008-12-03 05:19:15
Como estan Marichuy y Juan Miguel, I'm one of your biggest fans.

And I love your novela Cuidado con el angel its so cool,and I love you you Juan Mi your so hot!

Oh and Marichuy I love you to and your music I love the way you sing to your very cute to.
Love Patricia!! los amo!! later!!
johanabarajas  - cuidado con el angel   |2008-12-07 06:19:16
juanmigel casete con marychuiy porque ella tiene un bebe pas aser papa.porque yo te quiero mucho porque yo te miero en la teevecion yo y hermana.because you are cute and sexy.
nicole  - Hola   |2008-12-07 09:44:31
hola Marichuy y Juan Miguel kiero k sepan k los dos son unos de mis actores preferido. hacen una bonita pareja de verdad seria genial k fueran novios de verdad besos nicole .
teresa  - Hi   |2008-12-12 04:49:15
my 3 year old loves watching this show with her papa
tona  - cuidado con el angel   |2009-01-02 17:23:51
in us this tv show is currently when they discover that viviana is not pregnant but in mexico marichuy, is blind and doesnt want to forgive juan miguel for leavin her that way later she is going to get married with juan miguel and, at the wedding she is going to recover her sight.
Ashley Rison   |2009-01-06 15:30:35
omg well first of all i honestly cant understand the show but my friend Nancy is my translator ; she makes sure i dont miss anything!!

This show rocks and Juan Miguel is GORGEOUS!! casting done well! :):)
Elbairis  - cuidado con el angel   |2009-02-05 02:44:14
The main characters work well together. Juan Miguel and Maite Peronni makes my night. Plus she looks like my daughter . I will soon put pix on you decide.
Lili rodriguez   |2009-02-21 19:17:39
i love your novela cuidado con el angel it is the best and i love juan miguels smile in the novela and he is the hottest guy in that novela hes also a good actor. but i dont think marichuy was that good because she screwed up and she sucked kind of.
mystevens  - Baby of Marichuy   |2009-02-22 16:26:29
I am so curious about the beautiful baby of Marichuy. It looks like René Strickler to a tee. Does anyone know if this baby is really his?
elvia  - elvia   |2009-02-24 16:54:56
hola mi nombre es rosita me gusta mucho esa novela pero no me justa como actua ivet y blanca
Yesenia  - Cuidado Con El Angel   |2009-02-24 23:49:44
me encantava esta novela! hasta ahora. la e visto todos los dias que puedo pero ahora ya me tiene jarta! Nunca e visto una novela donde la protagonista es tan mala. Marichuy vive toda la mardita novela con rencor y ya no puedo seguir viendo que estupida es! Si esta enamorada, no me doy cuenta, el unico que ensena amor es juan miguel, pero esa marichuy ES TAN, TAN BOBA!!!
bella  - hi   |2009-03-02 15:40:51
the best novela as ever.lots of love and happiness.
Zeituni  - Mariachuy en juan miguel   |2011-01-06 10:19:05
I really really admire ua couple en the u two actor.i lov it.i like watchng ua soap.
superpurple  - sup   |2009-03-18 03:19:09
well I love this show!!!but peoples if you look at william levy's pictures or if you want to say juan miguel they are very nasty!!so peole im tallin you to go check that out so you can see how nasty he really is instead of being hot!!!even though i think he iz really hot!
sanja   |2009-03-27 14:02:02
anonimo  - cuidado con el angel   |2009-03-27 14:30:07
hola pues estas muy bonita maite pero esta mas bonita la esposa de willian asi mira no se me es justo ke les heches a perder su matrimonio
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