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Cuna de Lobos

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Cuna de Lobos telenovela Catalina Larios, widow of Carlos Larios, the head of the international pharmaceuticals giant Lar Creel poisoned and killed her husband to gain control of his empire, but was betrayed in his will when he left it to whichever son - Alejandro (Alejandro Camacho) or Jose Carlos (Gonzalo Vega) - produced a son and heir first. Alejandro's wife Vilma (Rebeca Jones) was infertile so he wooed and secretly married (or she thought he did) Leonora Navarro (Diana Bracho) and got her pregnant. When the son - Edgar - was born, Alejandro revealed his true colours and told Leonora the marriage was a sham, and took the baby and passed it off as his and Vilma's. Leonora then planned revenge - she married Jose Carlos, the brother, and moved herself and her godmother into the Larios house, and plotted to unmask Alejandro's deception - but opened a can of worms, because Catalina was meanwhile knocking people off left, right and centre who got in her way.

Cuna de Lobos - telenovela

(1986) - Alejandro Camacho, Rebecca Jones


María Rubio .... Catalina Creel de Larios
Gonzalo Vega .... José Carlos Larios
Diana Bracho .... Leonora Navarro
Alejandro Camacho .... Alejandro Larios
Rebecca Jones .... Vilma Gaxiola de Larios
Roberto Vander .... Mr. Julio Cifuentes
Margarita Isabel ... Mrs. Cifuentes
Carmen Montejo .... Esperanza Mandujano
Rosa María Bianchi .... Bertha Moscoso
Carlos Cámara .... Reynaldo Gutiérrez
Enrique Muñoz .... Lic. Curiel
Lilia Aragón .... Rosalía
Josefina Echánove .... Elvia
Humberto Elizondo .... Suarez
Magda Karina .... Lucero
Julia Alfonzo .... Camarera
Lourdes Canale .... Carmelita
Ramón Menéndez .... Doctor Frank Syndell
José Ángel Espinosa 'Ferrusquilla' .... Don Braulio
Blanca Torres .... Clotilde
Miguel Gómez Checa .... Doctor Augusto Teran
Edna Bolkan .... Paulina Cifuentes
Carlos Pouillot... Edgar de Gaxiola
Mercedes Pascual .... Iris Van Den Sandt de Gaxiola
Eduardo Alcantara .... Melquiades
Ana Bertha Espín .... Mayra
Luis Rivera .... Mauricio
Enrique Hidalgo .... Esteban Gamboa
Humberto Valdepeña .... Doctor Mendiola
Maricruz Najera .... Gutierrez widow
Ricardo Ledezma .... Pancho
Wally Barrón .... Inspector Luna
Carmen Amezcua .... Camarera
Carlos Bonavides .... Leonardo Sanchez
Gerardo Mayol .... Gomez
Oralia Olvera .... Rocio
Edmundo Baraona .... Trejo
Klein Humberto
Jorge Santos
Emilio Guerrero
Enrique Nuñez
Santiago Gil Ontiveros
René Gonzales
Mauricio Sandoval
Jorge Fegan .... Escudero

Writing credits
Carlos Olmos (original story)
Margarida Villasenor (script editor)

Music by
Pedro Plascencia Salinas

Music arranger
Carlos Caballero

Art Director
Javier Terrazas

Production Assistant
Ruben Piña

Production Manager
Lucero Suarez

Production so-ordinator
Lourdes Bolanos
Georgina Castro G.

J. R. Navarro

Cinematography by
Carlos S.Zuñiga

Directed by
Carlos Téllez
Antonio Acevedo

Produced by
Carlos Téllez



There is a version of "Cuna de lobos" produced in Spain (2002), called "La Verdad de Laura", with Mónica Estarreado, Mariano Alameda and Mirtha Ibarra.

"The best telenovela of the year", TVyNovelas award, 1987.

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