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De Pocas Pocas Pulgas

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De Pocas Pocas Pulgas The general story plot is about a boy, Danilo, with a positive attitude and an inner force that nothing in the world can break. He has to work hard to buy food for himself and his little dog, who is his soul mate. Danilo waits with anxiousness for his mother to return one day. By the circumstances he will meet an old man, Don Julian, and they will unite the joy of childhood and the wisdom of the age. Also, Danilo will meet a rich girl, Alejandra, with a life totally different from his. Nevertheless, their affection is so big that they will become a good friends in spite of the difference in their social classes.

De Pocas Pocas Pulgas - telenovela

(2003) - Ignacio López Tarso , Santiago Mirabent


Ignacio López Tarso .... Don Julián
Santiago Mirabent .... Danilo
Natasha Dupeyrón .... Alejandra
Gerardo Murguía .... Alonso
Joana Benedek .... Renée
Arleth Terán .... Mireya
René Strickler .... Adrián
Alejandro Ávila .... Lorenzo
Nancy Patiño .... La Beba
Rocío Sobrado .... Genoveva
Joseph Sasson .... Maximiliano
María Victoria .... Inés
Sergio Corona .... Benito
Gabriel de Cervantes .... Victoriano Vázquez
Vadhir Derbez ..... Chorizo
Imanol Landeta .... Rolando
Danna Paola .... Annie
Carlos Miguel Szavozd .... Jamón
Alex Perea .... Perico
Cristiane Aguinaga .... Ximena
Óscar Eugenio .... Tobías
Yurem Rojas .... Toño
Patricia Reyes Spíndola .... Griselda
Manuel Landeta
Alejandro Ruiz
Agustin Arana .... Claudio
Juan Ignacio Arana .... Julian
Diego Barquinero
Joana Brito .... Lola
Maribel Fernandez .... Gladys
Sergio Jimenez
Fabian Lavalle .... Fabian
Flavio Peniche
Aurora Molina .... Madre Socorro
Pablo Poumian .... Elifed
Lourdes Reyes .... Rocio
Julio Vega .... Don Lupe

Writing credits
Lorena Salazar (original story)
Martha Oláins (adaptation)
Tania Bertrán (adaptation)
Antonio Abascal (adaptation)

Song: De Pocas Pocas Pulgas
Written by: Rubén Zepeda
Singing: children cast of the novela

Directed by
Lilia Garza
Arturo Garcia Tenorio

Produced by
Mapat L. de Zatarain
Marco Vinicio



"De Pocas Pocas Pulgas" is a remake of telenovela "El Abuelo y Yo".

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