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De Pura Sangre

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De Pura Sangre telenovelaIn the small town of San Miguel Allende, the wealthy Don Alberto Duarte Solis passes away, much to the delight of gold-digging Leonardo, the fiancé of Don Alberto's only niece, Florencia. But to his horror, the bulk of Don Alberto's fortune is bequeathed instead to a stranger in Madrid, Alberto Salerno. Along with his uncle, Leonardo arranges to have Alberto framed for drug trafficking while en route to Mexico. He marries Florencia and urges her to challenge the will in Alberto's mysterious continued absence.

But almost a year later, a fire at the prison allows an enraged Alberto to escape and he heads to San Miguel Allende with revenge on his mind. He doesn't know who set him up but he highly suspects Florencia, who knew he was coming and was the only one who stood to gain from his incarceration. A former police officer, Alberto launches his investigation. Upon arriving in town, he gives a false name, Marcos, and solicits a job as a lowly ranch hand at the large estate that technically belongs to him. But once there, the target of his rage takes the shape of a beautiful, sad Florencia and he finds he cannot believe she is guilty. Florencia, too, trapped in an unfulfilling marriage, finds herself drawn to the new ranchhand, who constantly watches her with burning eyes. Florencia and Alberto come together in a tide of passion as Leonardo spins out of control and becomes increasingly homicidal in his attempts to cover up his misdeeds.

De Pura Sangre - telenovela

(1986) - Christian Bach, Humberto Zurita


Christian Bach .... Florencia
Humberto Zurita .... Alberto
Enrique Álvarez Félix .... Leonardo
José Antonio Ferral .... Fulgencio
Manuel Ojeda .... Carlos
Delia Casanova .... Laura
Luis Xavier .... Felipe
Alicia Rodríguez .... Beatriz
Victor Junco .... Homero
Arcenio Campos .... Diego
Miguel Macia .... Francisco
Margarita Gralia .... Andrea
Ofelia Cano .... Carmelita
Jacaranda Alfaro .... Chuy
Maristel Molina .... Angela
Carmen Cortez .... Josefina
Graciela Lara .... Amparo
Alberto Macias .... Camilo
Alejandro Ruíz .... Agustín
Fidel Garriga .... Nicolás
Thalía Salas .... Regina
Guillermo García Cantu .... Anselmo
Josefina Castellanos .... Lulu
Raul Morales .... Notario
Tito Guizar .... Juan
Joaquin Gallegos
Miguel Angel Negrete
Miguel Macias .... Padre Francisco
Rosa Elena Díaz

Writing credits
María Zarattini (original story)

Chief of production
Gerardo Lucio

Production co-ordinator
Guadalupe Cuevas

Cinematography by
Carlos Guerra

Directed by
José Rendón

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso



Further remake of "De Pura Sangre" is telenovela "La Jaula de oro"
"The best telenovela of the year", TVyNovelas award, 1986.

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