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Derecho de Nacer I, El

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At Vera Cruz in the middle of the century, the leading family Del Junco consists of: Rafael a rigid and bad man, Clemencia his wife, dominated and timid, Matilde the younger daughter, bitter and envious, and María Elena. María Elena, with the complicity of the maid Mama Dolores, has a secret relation with Alfredo Martinez, a married man, and gets pregnant from him. Rafael discovers it and sends María Elena and Mama Dolores in the interior of their factory with the intention to make her to give birth over there and then to kill the child.

But the worker Bruno and Mama Dolores save the child. She runs away and she raises up the baby Alberto as her own. All character's lives will not be the same any more. After two unsuccessful engagements with Armando and Jorge Luis, María Elena becomes a nun but with a lot of sadness in her heart. Alfredo and his wife have a wick and alcoholic son: Osvaldo. Matilde hates her sister and after marrying Ricardo adopts a daughter: Isabel Cristina. This is a secret that only María Elena, Matilde and Ricardo know. Now the destiny will put together all their lives. Alberto Limonta is now a doctor, after breaking up his engagement with Amelia, he meets and falls in love with Isabel Crisitina. The Del Junco know and appreciate Alberto and Rafael discovers who he is in reality, but after a paralyzing ictus he loses his speech. At final: everybody will discover and accept Alberto's real identity, Rafael will recover, Alberto marries Isabel Cristina, Osvaldo marries Virginia. María Elena will reconcile with Jorge Luis, the only person that loved her all his life.

El Derecho de Nacer I - telenovela

(1966) - María Rivas, Enrique Rambal


María Rivas.... María Elena del Junco "Sor Elena"
Enrique Lizalde .... Alberto Limonta
Enrique Rambal .... Don Rafael del Junco
Eusebia Cosme .... María Dolores "Mamá Dolores"
Jacqueline Andere .... Isabel Cristina
Anita Blanch .... Doña Clemencia de del Junco
Celia Castro .... Matilde del Junco
Germán Robles .... Ricardo
Guillermo Zetina
Miguel Macías
Irma Lozano
Graciela Nájera
Rogelio Guerra
Julia Marichal
Juan Antonio Edwards .... Alberto as a child

Writting credits
Félix B. Caignet

Directed by
Ernesto Alonso

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso



Further remakes of "El Derecho de nacer I" are telenovelas "El Derecho de nacer II" and "El Derecho de nacer III"

The Brazilian versions of "El Derecho de nacer" are telenovelas:
1. "O dereito de nascer" (1964, T.V. Tupi) with Amilton Fernandes and Nathalía Timberg.
2. "O dereito de nascer" (1978, Rede Tupi) with Eva Wilma and Carlos Alberto Strazzer.
3. "O dereito de nascer" (2000, T.V. S.B.T.) with Guilhelmina Guingle and Jorge Pontual.

There is also a Venezuelan version "El derecho de nacer" (R.C.T.V. 1949) with Conchita Obah and Raul Amundary, and Puertorican version "El derecho de nacer" (1960) with Helena Montalban, Braulio Castillo and Mona Marti.

Also there are two mexican s of El Derecho de nacer, of 1952 and 1966.

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