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Derecho de Nacer II, El

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El Derecho de Nacer II telenovelaIn the early fifties, no other family is more respected and feared in Veracruz, than the Del Juncos. Don Rafael Del Junco is a severe patriarch who demands absolute obedience from his household and has erected himself as the sole guardian of his daughters' virtues. María Elena and Matilde del Junco are not allowed even to step out on the street without the company of their parents, or María Dolores, their nanny. And yet, María Elena manages to have an affair with Alfredo Martinez, a traveling salesman who deserts her when he learns she´s pregnant. Don Rafael´s fury knows no bounds when he discovers the truth.

He sends María Elena and María Dolores to his secluded property in the country to hide his daughter's pregnancy. There, both women are virtual prisoners of rough Bruno, the foreman. Bruno has orders from his master to put to death the baby the moment it is born. Indeed, as accorded, he steals the infant boy from his mother and takes him to the jungle, but María Dolores stops him and begs for the child's life. Unexpectedly moved, Bruno strikes a bargain with the servant: she is to take the baby away where the Del Juncos will never know of his existence. Ma. Dolores flees to Mexico City where, with great sacrifices, she rears Albertico, Maria Elena's son. Meanwhile, María Elena and her former fiancé, José Luis Armenteros, search heaven and earth for the nanny and the baby. After years of failure, the broken-hearted María Elena enters a convent.

El Derecho de Nacer II - telenovela

(1982) - Verónica Castro, Salvador Pineda


Verónica Castro .... María Elena
Salvador Pineda .... Alfredo
Ignacio López Tarso .... Rafael
Socorro Avelar .... María Dolores
Erika Buenfil .... Cristina del Junco
Beatriz Castro .... Matilde
Cristián Castro .... Alberto (as a child)
Laura Flores .... Amelia
Sergio Jiménez .... José Luis Armenteros
Miguel Macía .... Alejandro
María Rubio .... Clemencia
Humberto Zurita .... Alberto
Miguel Angel Ferriz .... Osvaldo
Fernando Balzaretti .... Ricardo
Alba Nydia Diaz .... Virginia
Manuel Ojeda .... Armando
Julio César Inbert .... Bruno
Eduardo Liñan .... Padre Juan
Flor Trujillo .... Magali
Adriana Lafan .... Marina
Malena Doria .... Sor Julia
Héctor Sáez .... Ramon
Carlos Inacio .... Raul
Roberto Antunez ... Alfonso
Martha Patricia .... Asuncion
Maristel Molina .... Sor Amparo
Andaluz Russel .... Lolita
José Luis Duvall .... Salvador
Julio Monterde .... Nicolas
Alberto Parra .... Tony
Jorge del Campo .... Pepe
Macario Alvarez .... Inspector Alvarez
Fabio Ramírez .... Tio Pepe
Margarita de la O .... Josefa
Silvia Manríquez .... Tete
Lorena Rivero .... Gina
Carmen Rodríguez .... Alma
Adrian Sotomayor .... Adrian
Enrique Mazin .... Doctor Jorge
Patricia Renteria .... Rosita
Felix Santaella .... Pedro
Norma Herrea .... María
Héctor Suárez .... Héctor
Aurora Medina .... Lucía

Writing credits
Félix B. Caignet (radioplay)
Fernanda Villeli (adaptation)

Song: "Ven"
Singing: Verónica Castro

Original music
Sergio Esquivel

Music Arranger
Javier Ortega

Set Decoration
Isabel Chazaro

Production co-ordinator
Roberto Antunez

Chief of production
Ignacio Rubiel

Cinematography by
Carlos Zuniga

Directed by
Raúl Araiza Sr.

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso



"El derecho de nacer II" is a remake of telenovela "El derecho de nacer I"
Further remake of "El derecho de nacer II" is telenovela "El derecho de nacer III"

The Brazilian versions of "El Derecho de nacer" are telenovelas:
1. "O dereito de nascer" (1964, T.V. Tupi) with Amilton Fernandes and Nathalía Timberg.
2. "O dereito de nascer" (1978, Rede Tupi) with Eva Wilma and Carlos Alberto Strazzer.
3. "O dereito de nascer" (2000, T.V. S.B.T.) with Guilhelmina Guingle and Jorge Pontual.

There is also a Venezuelan version "El derecho de nacer" (R.C.T.V. 1949) with Conchita Obah and Raul Amundary, and Puertorican version "El derecho de nacer" (1960) with Helena Montalban, Braulio Castillo and Mona Marti.

Also there are two mexican s of El Derecho de nacer, of 1952 and 1966.

"The best telenovela of the year", TVyNovelas award, 1983.

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Anonymous   |2008-07-31 19:23:27
Esta novela fue muy buena. Veronica Castro se lucio como actriz, y esta novela le dio mas Exito y reconocimiento a las carreras de Humberto Zurita, Erika Buenfil, y Laura Flores.
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