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Desencuentro II

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Desencuentro II telenovela Raised lovingly in the lap of luxury in Queretaro by her widowed father, Alfredo, and her nanny Julia, Victoria San Roman is about to be married to her boyfriend, Sergio. But her fairytale life comes to an abrupt end when her father dies in a car accident, leaving her orphaned, penniless and alone, because Sergio's uncle forces him to break off the engagement upon discovering that the San Romans were bankrupt.

The last thing Victoria heard her father say before he hit the road was "Andres Rivera is not going to destroy me!" and because of this, Victoria suspects that her father's death is somehow connected to that man, a ruthless businessman in Mexico City. With her life in ruins, Victoria heads to Mexico to investigate her suspicions, and also to rebuild her life. There she meets Luis, a goodhearted widowed firefighter with a young daughter, Maru. They fall in love, but her investigation brings her into proximity with Andres Rivera, and she inflames him with a passion that he has not felt in a long time.

Desencuentro II - telenovela

(1997) - Daniela Castro, Ernesto Laguardia


Juan Ferrara .... Andrés Rivera
Daniela Castro .... Victoria
Ernesto Laguardia .... Luis
Alma Muriel .... Valentina
María Victoria .... Julia
Letícia Perdigón .... Chaquira
Juan Peláez .... Esteban
Luz María Jerez .... Sandra
Sergio Ramos .... Rufino
Miguel Pizarro .... Toni
Juan Manuel Bernal .... Sergio
Emilia Carranza .... Inés
Eugenio Cobo .... Fernando
María Eugenia Ríos .... Queta
Manuel Ojeda .... Alfredo
Guillermo Aguilar
Roberto Antunez
Dacia Arcaráz .... Lolita
Kuno Becker .... David
Javier Bibas
Ofelia Guilmáin
Lucía Guilmáin
Bárbara Gómez
Aarón Hernán
Maty Huitrón
Juan Imperio
Silvia Manríquez .... Alma
Paulina Martell
Maricruz Nájera
David Rencoret
Paula Rendón
Fernando Robles
Héctor Sáez
Oscar Traven
Ana de la Reguera
Leonardo Mackey .... Carlos
Elisabeth Arciniega
Virginia Gimeno
Victor Lozada
Alberto Loztin
Claudia Ortega

Writing credits
Caridad Bravo Adams (original story)
Luis Moreno (original story)
Liliana Abud (libretto)
Carmen Daniels (libretto)
Jorge Lozano Soriano (libretto)
Tere Medina (script editor)

Song: Desencuentro
Singing: Daniela Castro

Production co-ordinator
Guadalupe Cuevas

Production manager
Abraham Quintero

Cinematography by
Victor Soto

Directed by
Claudio Reyes
Rodrigo Saunbos

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso
Luis Miguel Varona (associated producer)



"Desencuentro" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "El enemigo I".
2 version: telenovela "El enemigo II".

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