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Destilando Amor

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Destilando Amor telenovelaIn the beautiful town of Tequila in Jalisco there is a fire of great love, the same pure and strong as the distilled drink named after this town. Teresa Hernández called Gaviota (Seagull) is a field worker who is travelling with her mother Clara across the country from field to field for work. Every year they come back to Tequila for cropping agava in Montalveña Estate belonging to Don Amador, the Montalvo mayor and the owner of Tequila Production Company.

At the very beginning of this story Don Amador is informed he will die soon. And he wants to spend his last days in this Estate he loves so deeply.

When Amador dies all his family gathers throughout the world for his funeral. Thus his grandchildren Rodrigo and Aaron come from London where they are receiving their Doctorate Degree together. They are cousins who have lived and brought up together since their birthday as brothers.

But grandfather’s will becomes a start for Aaron ambitions. His desire now is to control the family business, as the elder cousin he is the first heir at law. At the same time he trusts Rodrigo because he knows Rodrigo has never been able to fall in love. Gaviota’s arrival to Estate when they both are there changes Rodrigo’s life forever.

Being a famous handsome Dandy Rodrigo is fallen in love for the first time in his life when he sees Gaviota, and she replies to his feelings. They are full of passion and surrender themselves to this feeling. When Rodrigo is leaving for London where he must finish his education and get Doctorate he promises Gaviota to come back in a year and marry her.

Soon after Rodrigo’s leaving Gaviota understands she is pregnant. As the young girl knows nothing about the worlds and the distance between Mexico and London she decides to go to London in order to find Rodrigo and inform him this news. The local photographer promises to help Gaviota but he sells her to slave traders instead, who send her to Paris house of prostitution.

The brave young girl manages to escape from this kind of prison. Being completely alone and without language, with only her love and trust she starts her search of the man she loves. She meets a generous Italian who will help her; at last she comes back to Mexico with a religious group of English religious fans leaving all pain and disappointment in the past.

Her life in a big city full of evil, lie, somebody’s ambitions which could turn her suffered heart into a stone hasn’t changed her. She is still kind, passionate, trustful and feeling love.


Eduardo Yánez as Rodrigo Montalvo

A young and attractive young man, rather charismatic and sensual, he distinguishes against others for his intelligent deep mind and noble aristocratic manners. On the other hand, he is too impulsive and most often he acts based on emotions than common sense. He is keen on agriculture and he really loves cultivating crop. He inherits the love to lands and farming. He adores and admires his grandfather, Amador Montalvo, and he tends to act and look like him.

Being in-born farmer, he has completed the recent investigation in London not related to his career.

He has never fallen and felt anything more than friendship to women. His passionate nature and energy go for sports, kick-boxing and fencing. His life turns 360 degrees around when he meets Gaviota and reveals the impact of love to a woman and deeper feelings.

Angélica Rivera as Gaviota', Teresa Hernández-Mariana Franco

Mariana is a young, beautiful, intelligent and diligent woman who always struggles for just in this life and rights of the oppressed. She undertakes high responsibility for what she does; she is fervent and resolute to achieve her goals. Mariana has a charming voice to sing while working.   'Gaviota' and her mother Clara travel across the whole Mexico to collect various crops in fields belonging to the wealthy family of Montalvo.

Chantal Andere as Minerva Olmos

Minerva Olmos is the wife-to-be to Aarón Montalvo. She is charming, refined and elegant, with the perfect taste of style. However, her beauty is completely crossed over with her personal features as self-seeking, catching and malice. She is a good intriguer and she opts to take revenge of anyone who hurts or prevents her from doing what she intends.

She has been waiting for several years for Aarón to graduate the study in Europe to marry him for she falls desperately, though she realizes that her fiancé is a good womanizer.

She is terribly jealous and she intends to catch a hold of Aarón with a baby, and moreover, this is a good challenge to live with an heir of Montalvo fortune.

Martha Julia as Isadora Duarte

Isadora is a wife-to-be to Rodrigo Montalvo, the close friend to Minerva Olmos. She is known for the beauty of an icy queen. She is cool-hearted and strong-minded; she studied history of art in Florence, Italy.

She is aristocratically pale, ascetic complexion, arrogant. She has grown in lack of love since he parents put high hopes to Rodrigo for her to marry and save them from bankruptcy.

She marries to Rodrigo but he finds love with other men what brings fiasco in every stage of her life.

Jorge Vargas as Felipe Montalvo Gil

Felipe Montalvo Gil is the father to Rodrigo, Sofía and Daniela. He is noble, hard-working, honest, faithful and reliable. He is good-looking man in his late 50s. He is an exemplary father of the family, who respects liberty in taking decisions in his children. He has always tried to raise his children in love, loyalty and respect to family and others.

Sergio Sendel as Aarón Montalvo Aarón Montalvo is too manly and strong person. He is athletic and good-looking. Due to his ambitious, cunning, impulsive and lecherous nature he comprehends all challenges of life and he is ready to struggle for the best life. He studied economics and international trade in Europe. He shares a luxury apartment in London with his cousin Rodrigo whom he treats as a sibling brother.

After his grandfather’s death his ambitions have been altered that impact on his attitude to his cousin. He is an in-born businessman and he aims to seize the family business.

When he learns that Rodrigo loves ‘Gaviota’, he takes every endeavor to prevent a potential baby born with this couple to succeed from the family business as it is mentioned in their grandfathers’ will which is the rigger to ruin their relations. Pamela Torreblanca is his lover who is able to yield to all his crazy erotic fancy and impulses.

Destilando Amor - telenovela

(2007) - Angélica Rivera , Eduardo Yañez


Angélica Rivera ... Mariana Franco
Eduardo Yañez ... Rodrigo Montalvo
Martha Julia ... Isadora Duarte
Ana Patricia Rojo ... Sofía Montalvo
Chantal Andere ... Minerva Olmos
Joana Benedek ... Pamela Torreblanca
Fernanda Castillo ... Daniela Montalvo
Patricia Manterola ... Erika Robledo
Yuliana Peniche ... Margarita
Julio Alemán ... Roberto Avellaneda
Pedro Armendáriz Jr . ... Mr. Thomas
Toni Balardi ... Taxidriver
Marius Biegai ... Hans Meinsdrucken
Olivia Bucio ... Fedra Iturbe de Montalvo
Julio Camejo ... Francisco de la Vega
Arturo Carmona ... Galán
Joaquín Cordero ... Don Amador
Luis Couturier ... Artemio Trejo
Fernando De La Flor ... Capturista
Carlos de la Mota ... James
Rafael del Villar ... Galán
Alicia Encinas
Laura Flores ... Priscilla
Miguel Galván ... Carmelo
Jaime Garza ... Román Quijano
Gabriela Goldsmith ... Sonia
Eric Guecha ... Nelson
Jan ... Patricio Iturbe
Ricardo Kleinbaum ... Abogado Lopez
Adriana Laffan ... Ofelia
Archie Lafranco ... Benvenuto
Manuel Landeta ... Rosenmberg
Fabián Lavalle ... Doctor
Norma Lazareno ... Nuria Toledo de Duarte
Irma Lozano ... Constanza
Hugo Macías Macotela ... Arnulfo
Rebeca Mankita
Rebeca Manríquez ... Agripina
Ana Martín ... Clara 'Clarita' Hernández García
Alma Muriel
Aleida Núñez ... Presentadora
Juan José Origel ... Chismoso
Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo ... Renato
Raúl Padilla ... Crispín
Adalberto Parra ... Meliton
Juan Peláez ... Ministerio Publico
María Prado ... Doña José
Luis Mario Quiroz ... Paulino Tejeiros
Silvia Ramirez ... Lluvia
José Luis Reséndez ... Hilario Quijano
Mariana Ríos ... Sanjuana
Gustavo Rojo ... Néstor Videgaray
Martha Roth ... Doña Pilar Gil de Montalvo
Javier Ruán ... Demetrio Urban
Nora Salinas ... Karla
Julian Sedgwick ... British Newscaster
Sergio Sendel ... Aarón Montalvo
René Strickler ... Dr. Alonso Santoveña
Teo Tapia ... Gaspar
Edgardo Tejeda ... Elvis
Alejandro Tommasi ... Bruno Montalvo Gil
Roberto Vander ... Ricardo
Jorge Vargas ... Felipe Montalvo Gil
Jacqueline Voltaire
Luis Xavier ... Doctor
Jorge Zamora ... Brujo

Writing credits
Fernando Gaitán (Original Story)
Kary Fajer (Script)
Gerardo Luna (Co-Adaptation)
Rosario Velicia (Story Editor)

Song: Por Amarte
Written by: Jorge Eduardo Murguia and Mauricio Arriaga
Singing: Pepe Aguilar

Song Gaviota
Written by: Jorge Avendaño
Singing: Angélica Rivera

Original music
Mauricio Arriaga
Alejandro De La Parra
Maryté Gutiérrez
Luis Guzmán
Juan López Arellano
Jorge Eduardo Murguía
Rodolfo Pérez
Álvaro Trespalacios

Cinematography by
Alejandro Frutos
Ernesto Arreola
Gabriel Vazquez Bulman
Bernardo Najera

Directed by
Miguel Córcega
Arturo Ripstein
Victor Rodriguez (on location)
Ricardo De La Parra

Produced by
Nicandro Díaz González (Executive Producer)
J. Antonio Arvizú (Associative Producer)

Set Designer
Ricardo Navarrete

Set Decorators
Patricia De Vincenzo
Antonio Martinez

Costume Designer
Martha Leticia Rivera
Juan Manuel Martinez
Mayte Lopez
Erica Morones

Chief Of Production
Hugo Mayo

Production Manager
Valentin Rodriguez

Story Coordinator
Olivia Reyes

Artistica Coordinador
Rosario Romero
Susana P. Valencia H.
Pablo Peralta

General Coordinator
Maricarmen Marcos



Remake of the colombian telenovela "Cafe, con aroma de mujer" (1994) with Margarita Rosa de Francisco, Guy Ecker

This serial is also known as Essence of Love

The best novela of the year - Premios TVyNovelas, 2008

Forum Telenovela World - Destilando Amor

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marty17129  - Destilando amor   |2009-08-17 15:18:09
Destilando amor es muy buena telenovela, Angelica Rivera es excellente actriz y esta telenovela es tercera de Angelica Rivera que hemos visto en Croacia...... :)
Anonymous   |2009-10-15 19:35:29
best love story ever
franco  - muy buena   |2009-11-06 13:34:42
excelente historia de amor parecida ala mia
Ernestine Vasquez  - Real Estate Broker   |2011-09-07 23:51:55
This is absolutely one of the best productions & cast in any telenovelas ever. I'm watching it for the third time & enjoying it like first time. No other cast like this one, Angelica & Eduardo had great chemistry. Everyone had the perfect part. Do another one PLEASE.
Peggy Bryson  - Destilando Amor   |2011-10-12 22:45:15
Yo lo vi la primera vez el ano pasado. Compre los 4 discos pero yo me despierto a la 1 a.m. para seguir viendolo. Anoche trate de continuan verlo y veo que lo han quitado. Me pueden decir por que no lo siguen viendo?

Muchas gracias por su respuesta.
anonymous  - Destilando Amor   |2011-11-24 02:17:06
absolutely beautiful and of the best.Give me another novel like this...Congratulations to the writer , the great actors and the staff who worked so hard to make such an art production.Thank You
yvette solorio  - Destilando Amor   |2011-12-13 06:30:37
i have to say as a chicana, i really dont watch much spanish soaps or spanish anything. But i really got hooked in this soap opera, even bought the dvd. I was disappointed because they cut a lot of the best parts and action. hopefully they will put it back on the air again.
anonimous   |2012-01-21 10:33:07
No se por que la han quitado de la computadora, pues me encanta ver a Guy Ecker, es uno de los mejores actores de lengua hispana, me encantaria que la repusieran, es la unica novela de corin tellado que no he podido encontrar, aunque fui a Espana en el 2004 y noi la halle en ninguna libreria
Hopefully they will put it back on the air again.
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