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Destino II

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Destino II telenovela Claudio, a rich entrepreneur and the only survivor of an air accident meets Cecilia. She is a nice and shy girl, witness of his air accident. She works as a sales assistance, she has a friend Rosy and she lives with Antonia and Luis. Claudio loves Cecilia and he gets her a job as secretary in his firm. But other two secretaries, Mercedes and Cristina are also after him. What will be the destiny of these characters?

Destino II - telenovela

(1989) - Lourdes Munguía, Juan Ferrara


Lourdes Munguía .... Cecilia
Juan Ferrara .... Claudio
Fernando Balzaretti .... René
Mariagna Prats .... Cristina
Saby Kamalich .... Mercedes
Marco Muñoz .... Luis
Beatriz Aguirre .... Antonia
Tony Carbajal .... Dr.Montoya
Luis Cárdenas .... Tte.Fernandez
Ana Colchero .... Mónica
Pilar Escalante .... Rosy
Lili Blanco .... Ceci
Fernando Ciangherotti ....Sebastián
Jacqueline Munguía .... Pamela
Luis del Icaza .... El Gordo
Tomas Goros .... Jose Alberto
Aurora Molina .... Cata
Martin Barraza .... Esteban
Gerardo Vigil .... Alejandro
Ivette Proal .... Beba
Adriana Chapela .... Magos
Maria Teresa Guizar .... Lucila
Sérgio Jurado .... Lorenzo
Claudia Vega .... Betty
Miguel Priego .... Damian
Tara Parra .... Beatriz
Maya Mishalska
Eric Sánchez .... Jose Pablo
Karen Beatriz .... Anita
Lilian Notni
Rafael Santa Desire
Julio Ahuet .... Alatorre
Malena Castillo .... Carmen
Desiree Cantú .... Fernanda

Writing credits
Marissa Garrido (original story)
Fernanda Villeli (original story)
Maria Zarattini (adaptation)

Song: Destino
Singing: Lourdes Munguía

Art Director
Carmen Ravelo

Chief of production
Beatriz Soria

Abel Gutierrez

Cinematography by
Carlos Guerra

Directed by
Juan Carlos Muñoz

Produced by
Carlos Sotomayor



"Destino" is a remake of telenovela "Mundos Opuestos"
The Brazilian version of of "Destino" is telenovela "Destino" (1982, T.V.S.) with Ana Rosa and Flavio Galvao.

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maria madariaga  - catores ausentes   |2010-12-11 00:03:20
que paso con karen beatriz actriz infantil de la telenovela destino 1990 me gustaria saber pues a mi me gusto esa telenovela. tambien me gustaria q volviera la historia de mama campanita la que grabo silvia dervez. gracias
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