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Diario de Daniela, El

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Daniela Monroy is 10 years old. Sweet, charming, pretty and lovable, she is also full of imagination. Dany has a wonderful ally: her diary, where she confesses her dreams, illusions, secrets and doubts. The story unfolds in a theater owned by Dany's father, Enrique, where she and her friends hang out. On the surface, all seems sweetness and light in Dany's life, but unfortunately there is a beautiful woman, Elena, who nurtures an obsessive love for Enrique and will stop at nothing to destroy the happy Monroy home.

El Diario de Daniela - telenovela

(1998) - Daniela Luján, Marcelo Buquet


Daniela Luján .... Daniela Monroy 'Danni'
Marcelo Buquet .... Enrique Monroy
Leticia Calderón .... Lenore Monroy
Yolanda Ventura .... Natalia Navarro Monroy
Martín Ricca .... Martin Linares Corona
Gaspar Henaine .... Don Capulina 'Capu'
Mónika Sánchez .... Elena Ruiz
Odiseo Bichir .... Joel Castillo
Anahí .... Adela Monroy
Juan Pablo Gamboa .... Pepe Linares
Marcela Páez .... Rita Linares Corona
Amparo Arozamena .... Amparito
María Prado .... Doña Emma
David Ostrosky .... Gustavo Corona
Héctor Hernández
Jorge Poza .... Carlos
Mariana Huerdo .... Tania
Mónica Riestra .... Crista Linares
Carlos Peniche .... Ricky
Ehécatl Chávez
Paulina de Labra .... Flor
Yulyenette Anaya .... Lidi
Isaac Castro .... Yuls 'El Fantasma'
Melina Escobedo .... Malu
César González .... Toby
Óscar Larios .... Chuy
Christopher Uckermann .... Christopher Robin
Fernando Rodríguez .... Sergio
Odamaris Ruiz .... Gina
Fátima Torre .... Fatima
Rodrigo Soberón .... Juancho 'Juanchis'
Eduardo Liñan .... Det. Quintana
Roberto Ballesteros .... Barto
Gerardo Murguía .... Enrique
Manuel Saval
Diego Barquinero

Writing credits
Fernanda Villeli (original story and adaptation)
Marcela Fuentes (original story and adaptation)
Palmira Olguin (adaptation)
Irma Ramos (script)

Original music by
Alejandro Abaroa
Benjamín Trejo

Song: El Diario de Daniela
Singing: Daniela Luján

Cinematography by
Manuel Barajas
Jesús Nájera Saro

Set Decoration by
Germán Paredes
Diana Riveramutio

Costume Design by
Ross Ana Martín ez
Dulce Penettre

Production Manager
Edith Molina

Production co-ordinator
Ma.Alba Espinosa

Directed by
Joaquín Bissner
Martín Pérez Islas
Eduardo Said

Produced by
Rosy Ocampo (executive producer)
Eduardo Meza (associated producer)



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latinova  - Nice   |2008-11-10 16:31:08
Nice child telenovela
unfortune i didnt watch until end
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