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Dos Caras de Ana, Las

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Las Dos caras de Ana telenovelaWhen Ana lost her mother and brother due to the cruelty of the Bustamante brothers, she decides to carryout an audacious plan to destroy their privileged lives. Passing as an elegant and sophisticated woman, Ana soon finds herself in the middle of a fervid love triangle. But an unexpected encounter with actor Piero Landa brings true love and happiness into her life…until she discovers that Piero’s real identity is Rafael Bustamante.

Ana is a young blissful girl full of illusions. She lives in Miami with her mother Julia and brother Fabián. Ana has the gift of a great actress but she has to leave her dreams since her family is short of finance to go with her study. Ana cares of Dona Graciela Salgado, a rich widow living with two granddaughters who only cause problems to her. Dona Graciela Salgado loves Ana and she does everything to help her enter the prestigious school of art. So, there in the school Ana gets to know to Gustavo Galvan, a handsome young man full of energy who shares her dream to become a famous actress.

Her brother, Fabián, a healthy athletic-set young boy gets injured in a car accident run over by Ignacio, the most irresponsible son to the millionaire Humberto Bustamante. Ignacio does not stop and help Fabián ignoring requests of his brother Vicente to stop. Humberto causes his children released from criminal record with his authority and bribes refusing to help Fabián who is paralyzed now. Despairingly Ana and Julia refer to reporters who are able to reveal all the truth. Afraid to get accused of injury and being in chaos with drugs, Ignacio puts Ana’s house to fire supposing she is killed there with her mother. However, Julia, dies on fire with Marcia, a girlfriend to Fabián.

Dona Graciela Salgado is in fear for Ana’s life and she advises that Ana moves to New York for some time while Marcia dies as Ana Escudero. Ana no longer exists in this life. In the meantime, Gustavo cannot help thinking of Ana. Gustavo’s father dislikes the activity Gustavo is occupied with and finally he is caused to work as a gardener and he gets to know to Irene, a granddaughter to Dona Graciela Salgado. Irene is attracted by Gustavo in spite of the fact that she is a lover to drug carrier. When Irene finds out that Gustavo is the son to the millionaire, she goes to his father to offer her assistance to make Gustavo quit all his wrong deeds. In the meanwhile, Fabián dies because of the accident consequences. Ana goes to Miami and meets Gustavo, now a highly-educated man and actor who cannot promote and improve due to intrigues caused by Irene and his father. Gustavo realizes he does not forget Ana and quits his relations with Irene. Irene swears Gustavo will be with hers only. In the soonest time Ana finds love and peace with Gustavo. However, she swears to take revenge for her mother and brother and she decides to appear as a new woman called Marcia Lazcano in the town. She plays a role of a cold-minded, cunning and practical woman for the Bustamente family. She acts as an ingenious woman to make Humberto and his adult children fall in love with her and cause conflict between them. However, Ana forgets about Irene who intrigues to make her behave wrongly. Ana risks losing Gustavo’s love since Gustavo Galvan is the preudomane taken by Rafael Bustamente, the third son to Humberto.

Ana moves to New York as another person to start a new life. She is totally oppressed with the idea of revenge but love blooms in her heart neighboring with bare hatred. Two-faced Ana is there, two passions live there in her heart – love and hatred. Which feeling is stronger to overdo? There can be no compromises in this tragedy.


Ana Layevska as Ana Escudero/ Marcia Lazcano

Ana is a young and beautiful woman full of energy to live and work. She is known to be strong and determinate. She is anxious about people and believes in better life. However, when she faces injustice, she is cold-hearted and prudent. Ana does all her best to to do everything she can to take revenge as Marcia.

Mike Biaggio as Fabián Escudero

Fabián is Ana’s brother. He is responsive, merry young person who has high values in life. As a result of car accident he turns into a disabled young man who always looks forward supported by Ana. His life is too tragic and finally he dies.

Rafael Amaya as Rafael Bustamente/Gustavo Galvan

Rafael is a rich young man of high class with higher values. He is independent and passionate. He has commercial vision to prosper and being hard-working he runs his business in spite of the fact that he is disinherited by his father.

Leonardo Daniel as Humberto Bustamante

Humberto is a millionaire. He runs his shipping business. He is strong, arrogant and exacting. He is perfectionist in everything. He does not stand to be contradicted and he does his best to acquire everything he intends. He is rather anxious about his public image and he manipulates with people and public opinion having dual ethical values.

Mauricio Aspe as Ignacio Bustamante

Ignacio is the eldest son of brothers. He is ambitious and powerful though he is cowardly to the face of stronger people with more determined opinion. He is envious and is likely to manipulate with others seeking for benefit. He likes to humiliate and abuse weak people including his brother. He is drug-addicted and his addiction makes him furious and angry when things go in the other way than he plans.

Francisco Rubio as Vicente Bustamante

Vicente is sensitive, noble, intelligent young man. though he has high potential he has always deemed as bashful wimp. He allows other people to employ him and his skills and he is so weak to be manipulated by his brother Ignacio and his father.

Alexa Demian as Irene Alcaraz

Irene is the granddaughter to Dona Graciela Salgado and a friend to Gustavo Galvan. She is keen on brutal criminals, though. She is ambitious, and beautiful enough to seduce men only with the purpose to get profit from those love affairs. She is a preying animal who dominates with her absolute viciousness in her territory. She is extremely jealous and when she does not achieve her goals she turns furious. 


Las Dos caras de Ana - telenovela

(2006 - 2007) - Ana Layevska , Rafael Amaya


Ana Layevska ... Ana Escudero Vivanco/Marcia Lazcano
Rafael Amaya ... Rafael Bustamante/Gustavo Galván
María Rubio ... Doña Graciela Salgado
Alexa Damián ... Irene Alcaraz
Leonardo Daniel ... Don Humberto Bustamante
Mauricio Aspe ... Ignacio Bustamante
Francisco Rubio ... Vicente Bustamante
Héctor Sáez ... Don Dionisio Jiménez
Raquel Morel ... Rebeca
Toño Mauri ... Adrián Ponce
Graciela Bernardos ... Aurora Sarmiento
Miguel Ángel Biaggio ... Fabián Escudero Vivanco
Allison Lozz ... Paulina Gardel Durán
Susana Diazayas ... Sofía Ortega
María Fernanda García ... Doña Cristina Durán de Gardel
Mariana Huerdo ... Claudia Alcaraz
William Colmenares ... Otto Cotrina
Alexandra Graña ... Tina Bonilla
Julián Legaspi ... Javier Gardel
Juan Vidal ... Cristóbal Acosta
Ismael La Rosa ... Eric Guerra
Socorro Bonilla ... Doña Julia Vivanco Vda. de Escudero
Liliana Rodríguez ... Catalina "Kathy" Magaña
Melvin Cabrera ... Leonardo "Leo" Jiménez
Eduardo Rivera ... Marcos
Hannah Zea ... Vania Avendaño
Jorge Aravena ... Santiago Figueroa
Ivelin Giro ... Natalia Gallardo
Héctor Ortega ... Don Polo
Kathy Serrano ... Belen
Dalissa Alegria ... Antonio
Joel Sotolongo ... Antonio

Writing credits
Erika Johanson
Pablo Serra

Song: Coleccionista de Canciones
Written by: Paulina Carraz and Mario Domm
Singing: Camila

Original music
Juan Romagosa

Cinematography by
Rocío Vélez

Directed by
Claudia Eliza Aguilar
Gastón Tuset

Produced by
Lucero Suárez
Ángel Villaverde



The telenovela was made, filmed and set in Miami

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alberta ghunney   |2008-11-03 03:12:15
this series change my perception about life totally. thanks a lot
Esther Nelago Tangi Shigwedha  - the perfect telenovela   |2008-11-26 23:31:05
Oh my goodness..this desevres the best of credits because i love is exciting and fun to watch..ive only been watching for two weeks and i dont miss i even love the song eventhough i dont understand pls cum to namibia
Gloria Omollo  - perfect.   |2008-12-13 17:30:22
Wow.The little things we see in the movies can change our lives entirely.Kudos the movie has taught me alot.
dorothy  - time tells   |2009-01-19 09:22:21
time will heal all wounds and what is yours will definitely come to you. i watch with tears as the story unfolds
Caroline  - WHERE TO PURCHASE LAS DOS CARAS DE ANA!!!   |2009-02-04 07:20:13
where can I purchase the whole series of las dos caras de ana with english subtitles or voiceover? it is neither on neither on e-bay!! Please elp me out!!!
Libia  - miss   |2009-02-11 06:16:15
Two sides of Ana is so far the best i have ever seen. it touches me deeply and the charachters really got to me.

their acting is excellent and the story is profound.
Paulina  - Where to purcase Las dos caras de Ana!   |2009-02-19 08:55:54
Wher can I purchase the whole series of las dos caras de ana with english sutitles or voiceover? or just the whole story of the episodes? Please help me out!

Two sides of Ana is so far the best that i have ever seen,it touches me deeply and the charachters really got to me. I love it alot cos their acting is excellent and the story is profound.
josepine mumbi  - soap of the year   |2009-02-20 07:05:15
wow this is the best soap av seen all my life and trust av watched plenty.i would watch it all over again if need be coz it blew me away and opened my eyes about life and its setbacks.thanks
Idzai Nyikavaranda  - The whole Story of Two Sides of Anna   |2009-02-25 09:42:36
Hie i love watching Anna so much i like her character and pliz help coz im dying to read the whole story.
Harriet Betty Nakiwu  - I ADORE LAYVESKA & RAFEAL   |2009-02-25 12:01:20
anna and rafeal are the most great actors, i adore them so much ignacio plays his role very much he is great actor too, but amaya and anna are best thank you for that telenovela. and i thank the directors too.


Uganda-in Africa
carolyne  - pliz help   |2009-02-27 19:45:46
hi their, pliz do someone a favour and tell us where to find the soap of 'two sides of Anna'.i think Rafael is one of the best actors and Anna.
agatha chepkosgei  - las dos caras de ana   |2009-03-03 13:00:43
i really do enjoy watching it and iam inspired by the way ana and rafael act.
where can I purchase the whole series of las dos caras de ana with english subtitles or voiceover? it is neither on neither on e-bay!! Please elp me out!!!
agatha chepkosgei  - re: Just luv this telenovela!!   |2009-03-03 13:02:14
i really enjoyed every episode of it.l just like the telenovela esp the soundtrack.l hope to get the link to download
Robyn Parbi  - Just luv this telenovela!!   |2009-02-28 12:00:42
Well l just like the telenovela esp the soundtrack.l hope to get the link to download.
carol macharia  - liking it   |2009-03-04 09:12:02
i have liked watching two sides of ana especially the charactre of ignacio he really knows how to act.
Rispa Maria  - l like it!   |2009-03-07 12:10:48
Two sides of Anna makes my watching's just perfect,inspiring and reveals a real life experience.l like the way Catty acts.l like her character!
ochola milly`   |2009-03-16 13:51:30
I like watching two sides of ana,especially ana and rapheal , somtimes i tend to forget that they are acting.I hope they are true buddies.
Lisa-sexy  - i luv the telenovela bt where do i get the ful ep   |2009-03-17 19:08:37
Wow i jst enjoy the way those actors and actresses act the are so gud especially ana damn the girl is gud!!!
penipawa  - hgot, this is too much!   |2009-03-19 14:36:59
Lol this is more than i expected. i mean i don't know there are things that can be more than just good like this. Hgot. It's happening with this. I mean whoever is a Namibian and u are r lil distant from the 2 sides of ana, u r losing best of the best.
patricia wachira   |2009-03-31 14:11:03
Wow is the soap opera ever seen in my life. The acts are so good and they know to act very well. Bravo goes to all.Thanx to the director
nadia  - ana   |2009-04-01 16:13:00
ana is one of the best soapes i have ever seen its all in ono drama romance etc i just had to write about it
Mwenyi  - Nice   |2009-04-04 15:09:51
This is a good story let others watch it.
chara macapagal  - las dos cara de anna   |2012-02-13 05:41:35
Anna is one of my favorite actress in that telenovela i think she is one of the great actress in that telenovela as well as the whole cast excellent acting.The story is really heart broken i really enjoyed it.
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