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Dos Chicos de Cuidado en la Ciudad

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Dos chicos de cuidado en la ciudad telenovela Raul and Victor, along with their sister Paty have just arrived to the city. Behind they left their cozy and simple way of life at the countryside. The three of them will be living with their grumpy Uncle Jose Luis, who is also a loner. And if that were not enough excitement, this story is not only centered on love and juvenile encounters, but also on something more valuable. It is the enlightening and absorbing story of a family that is buildup surrounded by breezily fights, discussions, but which has as main ingredient fraternal love. This love that serves as marvelous glue to conform a family that has to learn to live in a complex city and era. Their family provides a richly textured vision of the challenges families throughout the world are currently facing. Both, illuminating and enormous fun, the story portraits how its members discover their past and a future that fate alone could have ordained...

Dos chicos de cuidado en la ciudad - telenovela

(2003) - Victor Perez, Raul Sandoval


Victor Perez .... Victor
Raul Sandoval .... Raul
Rosalia Leon .... Rosalia
Arcelia Ramirez .... Claudia
Mayra Rojas .... Ivana
Luciana Silveyra .... Carmen
Erika de la Llave .... Mica
Alejandra Urdain .... Connie
Paloma Quezada .... Maria
Jorge Galvan .... Beto
Victor Hugo Arana .... El Negro
Rafael Sanchez Navarro .... Felipe
Pedro Sicard .... Jose Luis
Mariana Torres .... Paty
Géraldine Bazán .... Fernanda
Pablo Azar
Mauricio Achar .... Juvenal
Georgina Tabora .... Corina
Jeanne Derbez .... Silvia
Jose Carlos Rodriguez .... Jarocho
Jorge Zarate .... Toribio
Carlos Torrestorija .... Mario
Adrian Cue .... Alan
Julio Casado .... Tato
Juan Carlos Remolina .... Amezcua
Joanydka Mariel .... Lourdes
Roman Walker .... Rivas

Writing credits
Adrián Suar (idea original)
Jorge Maestro (original story)
Ernesto Korovsky (original story)
Víctor Civeira (adaptation)
Gabriel Santos (adaptation)
Gabriela Pérez-Lau (adaptation)

Song: "Otra Vez"
Written by: Luis Carlos Monroy, Raúl Ornelas, Jaime Flores
Singing: Víctor García

Music arranger
Armando López

Art Director
Aldo Lazcano

Director of photography
Oscar Rodríguez

Marco Iván González Cadena
Alejandra Espinoza

Production manager
Oscar González

Directed by
Oscar Rodríguez
Carlos Guerra

Produced by
Carlos Márquez (executive producer)
Alexa Muñoz (associated producer)

TV Azteca


"Dos chicos de cuidado en la ciudad" is the adaptation of "Son Amores" (Pol-Ka, 2002) and "Buen Partido" (Canal 13 de Chile, TV UC. 2002)

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marcela  - dos chicos de cuidado en la ciudad   |2012-06-20 03:37:42
donde puedo ver esta telenovela?
marcela   |2012-06-20 03:38:22
esta telenovela esta padrisima es muy alegre no es como las demas
isa flores   |2014-10-31 20:41:06
suban esta telenovela a internet porfavor
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