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Dos Hogares

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Dos hogares telenovelaAngélica and Santiago get married in spite of obvious displeasure from his mother Patricia. The couple is happy though it lasts too short when Santiago has a n accident and disappears. Angélica believes he is killed and she is trying to make her life again with another person and her family helps her. Ricardo feels passionate about Angélica and they come to the decision to get married. With the lapse of time Angélica incidentally meets Santiago in the street but he does not recognize her. He has amnesia because of the accident and all this time he has been living in the next street.

Angélica starts living a dual life: she cares for Santiago in one house as a nurse and she lives with Ricardo a little bit afraid he can kill her for such a dual attitude to men since he grew to be powerful and jealous person. Angélica decides to keep a secret about Santiago until he is completely rehabilitated. What will happen when Santiago falls in love with Angélica again? In the meantime she lives a dual life with two men in her heart having two places to live.


Anahi as Angélica Estrada

When she was a child, her father left her with her mother and since then she lives with her bearing an idea of having a private vet clinics. Her dream comes true and she finally gets a vet for she is keen on pets.

He personal features are also prominent. She is slim and slender. Her beauty is too stunning that it’s not surprising when she has too many men after her. She differs with her ability to think positively. She has never lied to people or mistreated them but it turns out that she has to keep a huge secret of hers to stay in peace with herself.

Carlos Ponce as Santiago Ballesteros Ortiz Monasterio (Jesús)

Santiago Ballesteros is an architect. He is successful in his sphere due to his intelligence, mild manners and attractiveness. He adores extreme kind of sports and having open air events. He owns a private construction fir that is promising and perspective enough being managed by such a farseeing businessman. He is independent in his outlook and treating people regardless of their social status and origin. He is faithful and honest though he has to oppose his mother to build a happy life with Angélica.

Sergio Goyri as Ricardo Valtierra

A very mature, powerful and solid-looking man in his late 40s. he looks like a real gentleman and in most life cirsumstances he behaves as a real man of word. Women adore him and prefer being by him for he is supportive, reliable and very stable person in life. He is divorced since he did not manage to forgive his wife for being infaithful to him. Ricardo is the Chairmanof the Company Board of Directors holding the majority ownership of it. He judges people and actions objectively and is equitable. He has some romantic affair with Patricia Ortiz Monasterio viuda de Ballesteros whom he is then disappointed and aspires to be with Angélica for her humble and modest nature.

Olivia Collins as Patricia Ortiz Monasterio viuda de Ballesteros

Patricia Ortiz is the mother of Santiago and Claudio. She is very sensual, bosslike, fickle and ambitious woman. As a widow, she is free for relations and she prefers powerful but tender and loving mature men to rely on them. She is unpredictable which makes relations to others a little bit complicated. She has her own skeleton in her wardrobe to hide. She hates Angélica for she lost her son and then a lover because of this humble woman and she swears to make her best to liquidate Angélica.

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo as Chris Lakes/Cristobal Lagos

Cristobal Lagos and Chris Lakes seem to be two different people for their likings, behavior and life position. He tries to be a good husband and head of family but the real double-faced person is him, indeed. He lives for two families sharing the whole him with two different women. He is a loving and caring parent in Mexico-city as Cristobal and he has a wife with two kids in Keretaro where he is known as Chris Lake, a successful businessman, a womanizer appreciating women, alcohol, power. He is a very smart swindler who ruins lives of other people he keeps in touch with for the sake of fraud.


Dos hogares - telenovela

(2011) - Anahí, Carlos Ponce, Laura León


Anahí ... Angélica Estrada Mejía de Ballesteros
Carlos Ponce ... Santiago Ballesteros Ortiz Monasterio (Jesús)
Sergio Goyri ... Ricardo Valtierra
Laura León ... Refugio Urbina de Lagos
Víctor Noriega ... Darío Colmenares
Alfredo Adame ... Armando Garza Zamudio
Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo ... Chris Lakes/Cristobal Lagos
Joana Benedek ... Yolanda Rivapalacio
Olivia Collins ... Patricia Ortiz Monasterio viuda de Ballesteros
Carlos Bonavides ... Eleazar Pérez
Miguel Palmer ... Hernán Colmenares
Maya Mishalska ... Pamela Ramos
Abraham Ramos ... Claudio Ballesteros Ortiz Monasterio
Malillany Marin ... Jennifer Garza
Lalo "El Mimo" ... Gaspar Rincón
Gabriela Carrillo ... Cristina Lagos Urbina
Silvia Manríquez ... Amparo Mejía viuda de Estrada
Maribel Fernández ... Queta
Marisol Santacruz ... Mara de Lagos
Ana Bekoa ... Diana Díaz
Arturo Vasquez ... Julián Martínez
Gabriela Goldsmith ... Verónica de Garza
José Carlos Femat ... Jorge Estrada Mejía
Roberto Tello ... Rodolfo
Pablo Magallanes ... Óscar Lagos Urbina
Elizabeth Valdez ... Beatriz Noriega
José Luis Cordero "Pocholo" ... Mario
Rudy Casanova ... Don Fidel
Erika García
Hugo Aceves
Pablo Magallanes
Mauricio García Muela
Luis Felipe Montoya
Marco Uriel
Yolanda Ciani
Edith Cleimant
David Rencoret
Dobrina Cristeva
Silvia Valdez
Emma Escalante
Eduardo De Guise

Writing credits
Emilio Larrosa (original idea)
Ricardo Barona
Saúl Pérez-Santana

Song: Divida
Written by: Orlando Rodríguez, Diego Girón and Anahí
Singing: Anahí

Original music
Alfonso Matehuala
Ignacio Hernánde

Cinematography by
Gerardo Gómez

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Gerardo Gómez Lapena
Luis Monroy
Víctor M. Fouilloux
Armando Quiñónez

Produced by
Emilio Larrosa
Arturo Pedraza L.



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teleenovelafanturquia   |2011-01-24 19:30:52
este ano miraramos buenos tlnovelas. aracely,gabriel soto, scarlet ortiz.el mejor caso es scarlet ortiz esta en una tlnovela mexica que televisa produccion.
blanca castaneda  - k todo este mejor,k ahora   |2011-06-04 03:36:08
me gustaria k pasaran programas mas edukativos ,como golria en el infierno,carruaje,la antorcha encendida,esos so programas mas educativos para los chavos k viven aka en usa y son de otros paises,asi sabran mas de sus historas y antepasados tmbn de kulturas
Esmeralda Ortega  - me encanta   |2011-11-15 18:32:02
me encanta ver la novela dos hogares no me la pierdo por nada... esta padrisimo.
adriana   |2012-01-10 06:43:35
I thing this is good.
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