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Dos Mujeres, Un Camino

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Dos Mujeres Un Camino telenovelaJuan Daniel Villegas, a likable, easygoing truck driver in his 40s, is happily married to Ana Maria, a remarkable and attractive woman, full of life and devoted to her husband and children. But, one fine day, Johnny falls madly in love with Tania, an eye-catching, rebellious girl who lives in a small town and fights to fulfill her dream of becoming a famous singer. Tania also falls for Johnny, not knowing that he is already married.

To make matters worse, one day Ana Maria and Tania meet, unaware that they are in love with the same man, and become fast friends. Also complicating Johnny's life is Ismael Montegarza, the richest man in Tijuana, who is determined to take revenge on Juan Daniel whom he blames for the death of his first-born son. Egged on by his perverse offspring - Alejandra, whose love for Johnny goes unrequited, and Ricardo-Ismael will do everything possible to make the accused killer pay. There is also Raymundo who will fall in love with Tania and he will try to conquest her. He is a narcotic squad policeman who is looking for his parents' murder.


Erik Estrada as Juan Daniel Villegas 'Johnny'
A mature man in his early 40s. Strong and athletic. Strong-minded and desicive.  He has a wide atractive smile that seduces women. He loves his wife and hildren untill he meets Tania. He is careful nd he hides that he is married. Successfully married.

Laura León as Ana María
Ana Maria is Johnny’s wife. She is also a mature woman who loves him strongly. Every time when he is back from the trip, she meets him with love and care. She makes friends with Tania never knowing she is her husband’s lover. When she learns about it, she decides to destroy their plans quarelling and fighting with Tania. She has an open talk with Johny on their future with or without her.

Bibi Gaytán as Tania
Tania is Johnny’s girlfriend. She is a waitress at the restaurant owned by her mother. She has a beautiful and flexible figure that curls and twists and curves to make men crazy and that’s her intention. She is very beautiful, with huge black eyes and very seducing smile. She is young and that is her first “weapon” against Ana Maria. She finds she is really in love with Johnny in spite of Raymundo, a young and strong policeman who is after her.

Enrique Rocha as Ismael Montegarza
Ismael believes Johny is guilty in the death of his first baby. He bears the though od taking revenge and when there is a chance, he never loses it to hurt or humiliate Johnny. Hates from long ago.

Dos Mujeres, Un Camino - telenovela

(1993) - Erik Estrada,Laura León, Bibi Gaytán


Erik Estrada .... Juan Daniel Villegas 'Johnny' - main hero
Laura León .... Ana María - wife of Johnny
Bibi Gaytán .... Tania - girlfriend of Johnny
Enrique Rocha .... Ismael - enemy of Johnny, villain
Rodrigo Vidal .... Ricardo - son of Ismael
Itatí Cantoral .... Graciela - friend of Tania
Luz María Jerez .... Alejandra - daughter of Ismael
Roberto Palazuelos .... Raymundo (#1) - suitor of Tania
Sergio Sendel .... Raymundo (#2) - suitor of Tania
Elizabeth Dupeyrón .... Amalia - mother of Graciela
Claudio Báez .... Enrique - friend of Ismael
Jorge Salinas .... Ángel - suitor of Graciela
José Flores .... Emiliano
Juan Carlos Casasola .... Leobardo - employee of Ismael
Maria Clara Zurita
Mario Sauret
Gabriela Platas .... Paola
Carlos Miguel
José Guadalupe Esparza (as Bronco)
Ramiro Delgado (as Bronco)
José Luis Villarreal (as Bronco)
Selena Pérez (as Selena)
Lorena Herrera .... Lorena
Isadora González
Guillermo Ivan
Rodrigo Zurita

Writing credits
Emilio Larossa (idea)
Verónica Suárez (original story)
Alejandro Pohlenz (original story)
Consuelo Casillas (script editor)

Song: Dos Mujeres, Un Camino(Mexico edition)
Singing:Laura León

Theme song (USA edition)
Singing: Bronco

Set Decoration
José Luis Gómez Alegría

Cinematography by
Antonio Acevedo

Directed by
José Ángel García
Alfredo Gurrola

Produced by
Emilio Larrosa
José Angel García


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latinova  - Great   |2008-11-09 07:51:34
Great novela. Unfortune I didnt watch until finish
carmen reyes  - again   |2009-06-08 00:28:59
are they going to give that novel again
alex  - great   |2010-06-05 05:59:02
i remeber when the main villian ismael puts a bomb on johnny's truck and blows up and johnny says oh no my trailer
M. Balbuena  - dos mujeres un camino   |2014-06-07 00:45:21
I would love to see this novela. Does anyone know where I can buy it? Preferably inexpensively. I appreciate it.
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