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Duelo de Pasiones II

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Duelo de pasiones II telenovelaÁlvaro Montellano receives a letter addressed for his wife and written by his farmhand, José Gómez. Upon reading it he thinks his wife is in love with the farmhand and was planning to run away. In reality, the letter was meant for his sister Mariana Montellano, who loves José and even has a daughter with him, but Alfonsina, who is still in love with Álvaro, intercepted it and made him believe it was for his wife. Álvaro suffers from a disease called celotipia, caused by a traumatic experience as a child when his father committed suicide after learning his wife had cheated on him with their farmhand.

Consumed by jealousy and hatred toward his wife and her affair, he shuns her and their daughter, Alina, and exiles his wife to another, Sierra Escondida, where she continues to suffer his abuse and humiliation. Believing Alina to be the result of this liaison and not his daughter, Álvaro threatens the life of Alina's mother and forces Alina to live in a cave, leaving her in the care of the local healer, Luba and her son Gaspar, while Soledad. Here, Alina becomes known by the name of 'Flor del Campo'.

To make matters worse, before being taken away by her father, Alina had met Emilio Valtierra, a military officer, at a party. They both had fallen in love and had promised to meet each other in a cafe, a date which Alina never made. His girlfriend, Thelma, looking for Emilio, falls prey to Gaspar, and in a drunken frenzy sleeps with him. Thelma makes Emilio believe she is carrying his child, and he accepts staying with her.

Two years pass and Emilio still believes Alina left him. When he is assigned to a mission on Sierra Escondida, he meets Flor del Campo, and does not recognize her as Alina, due to her simple dress. Álvaro, wanting Alina to suffer, makes Emilio believe she died in an accident. Emilio believes him, and as soon as he sees Flor del Campo (really Alina), he thinks its Álvaro's illegitimate daughter and initially makes her suffer because of what Alina did to him. Pretty soon the couple engages in a Duel of Pasions as they try to fight for their love even though others stand in their way. Later, Emilio learns that Flor is really Alina after Alina goes into his house to get back her heart necklace which was the one he had given her at the beginning of the story. He tries to take her but she refuses to let him help after being threatened by her father saying that he will kill her mother.

Duelo de pasiones II - telenovela

(2006) - Ludwika Paleta, Pablo Montero


Ludwika Paleta ... Alina Montellano
Pablo Montero ... Emilio Valtierra
Sergio Goyri ... Álvaro Montellano
Erika Buenfil ... Soledad Montellano
Alejandro Ávila ... Orlando Villaseñor
Karla Barahona ... Carmen
Lilí Brillanti
Joana Brito ... Adela
Magdalena Cabrera
Fabiola Campomanes ... Thelma Castelo
Veronica de la Campa ... Susy
Jorge De Silva ... José Gómez
Maricarmen Duarte ... Malena
Isaura Espinoza ... Blanca
Rene Gómez ... Gaspar
Arturo Guízar ... Ifigenia
Rafael Hernán ... Santos
Vicente Herrera ... Sergio
Ximena Herrera ... Rosita
Carlos Ignacio ... Padre Cristóbal
Jaime Lozano ... Rutilio
Ana Martín ... Luba
Javier Ortiz ... Rodrigo
Conrado Osorio ... Cástulo
David Ostrosky ... Elías
Siena Perezcano ... Alfonsina
Aida Pierce ... Rebeca
Maria Raquenel Portillo ... Vera
Alejandra Procuna ... Mariana Montellano
Eduardo Rivera ... Hugo
Fernando Robles ... Braulio
Rafael Rojas ... Maximo Valtierra
José María Torre ... Ángel Valtierra
Luis Uribe ... Jaime
Rafael Valderrama ... Granillo
Tania Vázquez ... Karla
Liz Vega ... Coral
Alicia Villarreal ... Raquel
Raúl Araiza
Sonia Infante
Roberto Palazuelos

Writing credits
Marcia del Río
Hilda Morales
Claudia Velazco
Martha Jurado
Ricardo Tejeda

Song Insensible a Tí
Written by: Alicia Villarreal
Singing: Alicia Villarreal

Original music
Saúl Torres

Directed by
Armando Quiñonez
José Rendón

Produced by
Juan Osorio
Jorge Sosa



Aracely Arámbula was considered to star

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marty17129  - Duelo de Pasiones   |2009-08-20 16:11:58
Duelo de pasiones es estupenda telenovela, me encanto todita, todo estuvo buenisimo!!!! Ludwika Paleta es una excelente actriz, de verdad se destaco con su primer papel protagonico, el rol de Alina estuvo buenisimo..... Sergio Goyri como siempre magnifico, un gran actor, verdadero villanazo!!! Erika Buenfil tambien estuvo excelente como sufrida y bondadosa Soledad, una gran actriz, ni que decir de Ana Martin, una magnifica primera actriz......... La principal pareja Alina y Emilio estuvo fabulosa, tuvieron muchisima quimica, locaciones fueron preciosos, un hermoso pueblo y selva, tema musical simplemente bellisima, muy interesante y original telenovela.... Mis felicidades a productor Juan Osorio, en mi opinion, es mejor telenovela que ha hecho...... Saludos desde Croacia...... :)
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