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Dueña II, La

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Life seems to smile broadly upon Regina Villareal. Beautiful and extremely wealthy, she lives with her Aunt Berenice, whom she loves as if she were her own mother, and her cousin Laura, whose life is corroded by the envy she has for her cousin. When Regina's fiance, Mauricio, (who only wanted her for her money) abandons her at the altar, Regina's sweet personality turns cold and authoritative. She goes to live on one of her properties, "Los Cascabeles" and there she meets José María, who owns a neighboring ranch. In very short time everyone there grows to hate her because her sadistic foreman, Macario, commits atrocities in her name although she is not aware of it. But José María, a handsome and honest young man, falls in love with Regina's beauty and strong character despite this. In conflict after conflict, his love slowly scales the fortress Regina has built around her heart.

La Dueña II - telenovela

(1995) - Angélica Rivera , Francisco Gattorno


Angélica Rivera .... Regina Villareal
Cynthia Klitbo .... Laura
Norma Herrera .... Berenice
Salvador Sánchez .... Macario
Raúl Ramírez .... Severiano
Miguel Pizarro .... Octavio
Jorge del Campo .... Don Anselmo
Eduardo López Rojas .... Goyo
Francisco Gattorno .... José María
Eduardo Santamarina .... Mauricio
Eugenia Avendaño
Mario Casillas
Marco Uriel
Georgina Pedret
Lucía Guilmáin .... Consuelo
Yula Pozo
Aylín Mújica .... Fabiola
Paty Díaz .... Blanquita
Claudia Eliza Aguilar
Gilberto Román .... Leandro
Beto el Boticario .... Padre Abel
Antonio Miguel .... Padre Juan
Gerardo Gallardo
José Antonio Ferral
Horacio Vera
Rosita Quintana .... Emma
Josefina Echánove .... Martina
Daniela Luján

Writing credits
Inés Rodena (original story)
María del Carmen Peña (adaptation)
Carlos Daniel Gonzalez(script)
Alejandro Orive (script)

Original music by
Rodolfo 'Popo' Sánchez

Song: Tengo todo contigo
Written by: Roberto Gómez Bolaños
Performed by: Alberto Ángel "El Cuervo"

Costume Design by
Joëlle Launcy

Cinematography by
Roberto Gómez Fernández

Directed by
Roberto Gómez Fernández

Produced by
Alfredo González Fernández
Florinda Meza García



"La Dueña" is a remake of telenovela "Domenica Montero".
The Brazilian version of "La Dueña" is telenovela "Amor e Ódio" with Suzy Rego and Daniel Boaventura (2001/2002)
There was also the unsuccessful Venezuelan remake "El desafio" (1995, RCTV) with Caluda Venturini, Henri Soto and Mimi Lazo.
The futher remake of "La Dueña" is the mexican telenovela "Soy tu Dueña" (2010) with Lucero, Fernando Colunga, Gabriela Spanic, David Zepeda

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