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Dulce Desafio

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Dulce Desafio telenovela Dulce Desafio is an entertaining teen novela, where a youngster falls in love with her professor, who is a few years older than she, and becomes a heroine of the boarding school where she studies. The typical story of rich and rebellious children who challenge their parents and life until obtaining their attention.

Dulce Desafio - telenovela

(1988) - Adela Noriega , Eduardo Yañez


Adela Noriega .... Lucero Sandoval
Eduardo Yañez .... Enrique Toledo
Enrique Lizalde .... Santiago Sandoval
Sergio Klainer .... Luis Mancera
Olivia Collins .... Rosario Quintana
Beatriz Aguirre .... Doña Esther
Juan Carlos Serrán .... Federico
Chantal Andere .... Rebeca
Ginny Hoffman .... Marcela
Rosa Furman .... Doña Rosa
Fefi Mauri .... Toña
Ana Patricia Rojo .... Mirta
Alberto Rodriguez Estrella .... Quiroz
Armando Araiza .... Paco
Juan Carlos Bonet .... Botho
Katia del Río .... Angela
Amairani Gutierrez .... Rocio
Celina del Villar .... Carmen
Angélica Zorrilla .... Luisa
Paola Ochoa .... Aracely
Mauricio Ferrari .... Alvaro
Evangelina Martínez .... Estela
Blanca E.Echeverria .... Verónica
Martha Escobar .... Fernanda
Ana Urquidi .... Beatriz
Luisa Huertas .... Herminia
Antonio Escobar .... Sebastián
Rocío Sobrado .... Gaby
Edna Necoechea .... Ana Maria
Jorge Antolín .... Joel
Angélica Rivera .... Gina
Angélica García .... Silvia
Julieta Egurrola .... Refugio
Hilda Aguirre .... Marina
Carlos Monden .... Ricardo
Angélica Ruvalcaba
Silvia Suarez .... Concha
Lorena Velázquez .... Aida
Marta Aura
María José Mauri
Raúl Buenfil
German Bernal
Leonor Llausas
Lilia Prado
Alfredo Sevilla
Yamil Atala
Gustavo Del Castillo
Jorge Fink
Ramon Menendez

Writing credits
Jorge Patiño (original story)

Cinematography by
Carlos Guerra

Directed by
Arturo Ripstein

Produced by
Eugenio Cobo



Further remake of "Dulce Desafio" is telenovela " Locura de amor"

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