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Ellas, Inocentes o Culpables

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A story where "ellas" is a group of women surrounded by love, disappointments, jealousy and vanities. Vicky is a beautiful young woman who sees her life completely destroyed after the murder of her mother. The scandal and the fear of a revenge causes that Mario, her boyfriend, breaks up with her. The disappointment and confusion involves Vicky into the intrigues of Cristina, who is in love with Mario. The appearance of Luis in her life will increase her inner crisis. The youthful love becomes mature and the true love will leave behind the disillusions and revenge.

Ellas, inocentes o culpables - telenovela

(2000) - Leonardo García , Iliana Fox


Leonardo García .... Mario
Iliana Fox .... Vicky
Jorge Luis Pila .... Luis
María Rojo .... Martha
Susana Alexander .... María
Luis Uribe .... Ángel
Jorge Luke .... Sergio
Roberto Montiel .... Roberto
Enrique Novi .... Damián
Júlio Aldama .... Hilario
Fidel Garriga .... Rogelio
Gerardo Acuña .... Nicolás
Iliana Fox .... Victoria
Loló Navarro .... Eulalia
Vanessa Villela .... Cristina
Griselda Contreras .... Mariana
Ana Graham .... Georgina
Géraldine Bazán .... Liliana
Alejandro Gaytán .... Jorge
Ramiro Orci .... Benito
Beatriz Martínez .... Marga
Wendy de los Cobos .... Cecilia
Martha Acuña .... Larissa
Magdalena Cabrera .... Rosa
Graciela Orozco .... Carmen
Mauricio Ferrari .... Marcelo
Enrique Becker .... Matías
Julián Antuñano .... Diego
Gianni Constantini .... Saúl
Lupita D'Alessio .... Amanda
Sandro Finocchio .... Poncho
Géraldine Bazán .... Liliana
Blas García .... Comandante Cienfuegos
Enrique Marine .... Ricardo
Mónica Mendoza .... Janddy
Eduardo Schillinsky .... Armando
Rutilio Torres .... Pepe
Rocío Verdejo .... Regina

Writing credits
Verónica Suárez (original story)
Lorenza Engell (script editor)

Song: "Si Tu Te Vas"
Written by: Memo Mendez Guiu and Paulina Carráz
Singing: Perfiles

Original music
Luis Octavio González

Dialogue Director
Néstor Galván

Production manager
Ma. Eva Hernández

Cinematography by
Ángel Jiménez Pons

Directed by
Antulio Jiménez Pons
Aurelio Ávila

Produced by
Antulio Jiménez Pons
Juan David Burns
Elisa Salinas

TV Azteca


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