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El Sexo Débil

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El Sexo Débil telenovelaAgustín Camacho and his four sons, Álvaro, Julián, Dante and Bruno, have everything to be called the stronger sex: professional prestige, success with women, charisma and economic status. One festive evening women of their lives (grandmother, wife, girlfriends, granddaughter and female domestic staff) decided to leave them.

They want to find themselves and the Camachos are left to resolve this problem. Dr. Helena, a woman without prejudice, comes to turn their world upside down.

Itatí Cantoral is Helena
She is an Independent woman, doctor and administrator. Her specialty is andrology that deals with study, exploration and investigation of any aspect of sexual function and male reproduction. The perfect partner or rival.

Arturo Ríos is Agustín
He is a patriarch of the Camacho family. He is a cardiologist of 64 years. His wife left him right in the celebration of 35 years of their marriage. His purpose is not to allow his family, consisting of boys, to be broken up. No matter if he has to find other women or the same women to achieve this aim.

Khotán is Álvaro
He is a gynecologist and the eldest son of 37 years and a right hand of his father, Agustín. His wife Tamara leaves him and his son decides to go with him to paternal home. He must learn to feel and be an independent man, as well as raise their teenage son.

Mauricio Ochmann is Julián
He is a plastic surgeon of 30 years, lover of women, seducer and sex addict. Although he feels that it is time to settle down, this excitement doest not last long when he finds Louise in the arms of his best friend. However, he is not exactly the most faithful man in the city

Raúl Méndez is Dante
He studied psychiatry and he is apparently a Camacho's stepbrother, only son of Agustín. He does not know who his mother is and he always has felt abandoned. He is perceived as a half man and all he wants is to become a full person.

Pablo Cruz is Bruno
He is 29 years old and the best son of the Camachos. He does not want to work in a family clinic, he has prefered to work in a rehabilitation center in an underprivileged area of the city. Among his secrets there is his homosexuality, which is confronted with his offspring.

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El Sexo Débil - telenovela

(2011) - Itatí Cantoral, Arturo Ríos


Itatí Cantoral ... Helena
Arturo Ríos ... Agustín Camacho
Khotan ... Álvaro Camacho
Raúl Méndez ... Dante
Mauricio Ochmann ... Julián
Pablo Cruz ... Bruno
Marco Antonio Trevińo
Adriana Parra
Rodrigo Oviedo
Luciana Silveyra
Bianca Calderón
Adrián Alonso
Julia Urbini
Arturo Ríos

Writing credits
Joaquín Guerrero Casasola (original story)
Laura Sosa
Verónica Bellver
Luis Miguel Martínez
Humberto Robles De león
Ignacio Cabana

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Moisés Ortiz Urquidi

Produced by
Carlos Payán
Ipigmenio Ibarra

Argos Television
Sony Pictures Television



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