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Emperatriz telenovelaThis is the history of Emperatriz Jurado, a woman who devotes her life and generous heart to Armando, and now, full of resentment and pain, she seeks revenge of him for her child left and neglected.


Emperatriz is alone abroad pregnant with another baby and she is about to get deported. Greatly in despair she calls to Armando but she has no idea that the man she loves and relies upon is celebrating the birthday party for his wife, Alma Rosa, with Esther, Elisa and Elena, their daughters. Esther, the elder daughter, is the daughter to Emperatriz who he took away when she was in the jail sentenced for the fraud done by Armando. The response from Armando helps her to comprehend the whole situation and take in that he deceived her meanly.  Emperatriz gave the child to Armando many years ago by the advice of her mother Perfecta save that they would be together again. When Emperatris is released the cunning Armando makes her believe she is still in danger and that she is better escape as far as possible to be in safe.

Emperatriz is obsessed with the revenge since it hurt her bitterly and since then her life goal is to have her daughter back and demolish the man she loves so deliberately.

Emperatriz meets Manuel, a smart businessman, who’s able to help her come back to the motherland and acquire her daughter back. She faces two things that prevent her plans, namely the affection to each other and her quarrelsome nature. Soon their life changes when she appears in the family of del Real and gets to know the good-looking widower to whom Justo del Real treats as a son. Thanks to Alejandro Emperatriz revives and feels a woman again.

Alma Rosa dies of the heart attack after the terrible quarrel with Emperatriz who is focused to ruining Armando’s life. Assuming that her daughter is Elisa, Emperatriz makes efforts to get closer to her. However, the events end in Alma Rosa’s death and Armando’s suicide burn the hatred in heart of Elisa. On the other hand, Esther found out that Alma Rosa was not her mother when she was a teenager. She was greatly shocked with the news to the extent she tried to commit a suicide. Elisa saved her from death and they became so close to each other then. Elisa saves Esther from cruel and merciless actions done by Emperatriz and Esther is sent to Switzerland by Justo del Real, her grandfather, who has always disliked her.

The disdain shown by Alejandro hurts Emperatriz since he supposes she is the reason of all troubles and grief caused to his nieces. In the meantime, Emperatriz founds out that her real father is Justo del Real, the influential and wealthy person.

When Esther is 18, she goes back to her house to her sisters and with great intentions to find her true mother. And the time is there to meet for these two. That’s interesting that the mother and the daughter are in the fight for the heart of one and the same man. Emperatriz’e rival is the girl she cried for her so much willing to find her and the rival to Esther is a woman who gave her life to this world.


Gabriela Spanic as Emperatriz Jurado

Emperatriz Jurado is a woman whose elegance and beauty correspond to her name. She is passionate and so sensual to exert attention of all men around her. She is strong-minded and rather bossy and she prefers to manipulate rather than to be manipulated. The trick of life turns that she was deceived by her ex-lover Armando Mendoza and hurt so much.

Her character is very complicated since she evokes both positive and negative emotions. The major emotions she expresses can be explained since she has been avoided from the joy and beauty of maternity and it’s time to take it back. She is arrogant and haughty to use her power and money to provoke admiration and respect, to have the people around her in fear of her and letting them know she is better in every step. She has complicated relations with her mother, Perfecta but in the soonest time she will make it up.

Perfect looks, good shapes, jewelry and designer clothes, this is what Emperatris is.

Berni Pas as Alejandro Miranda

Alejandro is a young handsome man in his 30s with a great potential of a leader. He is vigorous and solid being a smart economist. He knows his values and what he wants to achieve. He has a good taste of humor.

He behaves with passion everywhere he is involved in, whether he is an advisor for foreign companies or a lecturer at the local university.

Alejandro is reliable and responsible person, honest and intelligent. Whatever image he builds, he seems to be the lonely person with the heart wound. The family is the only shelter to escape to.

Alejandro is convinced that he will never fall in love until he meets Emperatriz facing passion and love. He is at the dilemma to choose between the seducing and passionate Emperatriz and pure deep love of Esther, a young and beautiful woman.

Omar Fierro as Armando Mendoza

The main villain, Armando is strong and ambitious, too attractive and appealing. He also tends to manipulate people, even his lover, to achieve his goals. He never hesitates to behave in the way to cause anger or curse when he feels he can benefit from it.

Armando is money-oriented person who appreciates high social status and authority more than personal peculiarities.

Marcela Guirado as Esther Mendoza

Esther is the daughter of Armando and Emperatriz. She is smart-looking, pretty and sensitive. She has strong character and very resolute. She is in love with Alejandro from the childhood and she lives with the thought to marry him when she is mature enough.

Esther is cheerful fand friendly; she loves her sisters and treats well her parents causing no problems to them. Unfortunately, she faces only contempt and disliking from her grandfather, Justo. The latter sends her to Switzerland to study parting her from sister and beloved Alejandro.

Alicia Jaziz as Elisa Mendoza

Elisa is the daughter of Armando and Alma Rosa and sister to Esther and Elena. She is beautiful, ntelligent and delicate. She is kind in nature and she is mature in mind to be able to protect her sisters and confront the offenders. The family is everything for her.

She has rebellious nature to fight for the things she plans to acquire. She is aimed at succeeding in her study and gets the demanded professional. She is faithful and loving girl.

She has been growing in the thoughts that nothing can demolish the solid, happy and loving family until Emperatriz appears and brings grief and leaves ruins after her.

Rafael Sanchez Navarro as Manuel Leon

Manuel Leon is very sensual and attractive man. He is intelligent and well-educated. He succeeds in everything he does since he does perfect and accurate. He is pleased and satisfied with what he has achieved. He loves adventurous life full of mystery and secrets to reveal.

As well as Armando, Manuel is strong-minded and ambitious to identify with him this or that way.


Emperatriz - telenovela

(2011) - Gabriela Spanic, Bernie Paz


Gabriela Spanic ... Emperatriz Jurado
Marimar Vega ... Elisa
Bernie Paz ... Alejandro Miranda
Omar Fierro ... Armando
Sergio De Bustamante ... Justo
Rafael Sánchez Navarro ... Manuel León
Adriana Louvier ... Esther
Miriam Higareda ... Elena
Julieta Egurrola ... Perfecta
Carmen Delgado ... La Gata
Alberto Guerra ... Mauricio
Marcela Pezet ... Isabel Cristina
Mar Carrera ... Alma Rosa
Marcela Guirado ... young Esther
Alicia Jaziz ... young Elisa
Alejandra Zaid ... young Elena
René Campanero ... Roberto
Concepción Márquez ... Nana Agustina
Dora Montero ... Lola
Ana Karina Guevara ... Coco
Larisa Mendizábal ... Doris
Fabián Peña ... Benito Valencia
Carlos Martínez ... Gonzalo

Writing credits
Jose Ignacio Cabrujas (original story)
Mauricio Somuano (adaptation)

Song: Emperatriz de mis sueños
Written by: Jorge Avendaño Lührs
Singing: Mónica Naranjo

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Manuel Palacios
Sergio Treviño
Javier Patrón Fox
Carlos Ángel Guerra

Produced by
Jacky Castro
Fides Velasco

TV Azteca


Remake of venezuelan telenovela "Emperatriz" (1990) with Marina Baura and Raúl Amundaray

Proposed actresses for the role Emperatriz were Anette Michell and Paola Nunez. Gaby Spanic offered herself to take the role.

This is the first appearance of Gabriela Spanic for Azteca's telenovela after she signed contract with the company in December 2010


…y al borrar cada cicatriz
de mi mundo yo me volví
la reina, señora de cada momento
la única dueña de mis sentimientos
la emperatriz de mi vida
ven y enséñame a creer
que este mundo puede ser algo más
que un lugar tan vacío
cariño mío…

toma mi alma entre tus brazos
levanta mis pedazos
dibuja para siempre tus besos
por todo mi cuerpo

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marie   |2009-10-30 20:58:26
can you please tell me when this soap is on and on what network, i have searched the internet with now luck, would apreciate any informmation. thank you
Anonymous   |2012-07-07 08:51:32
It's on Azteca America
sara  - lebanon   |2011-03-19 21:32:50
i think gabreiella very cute in this serial and the story very beatiful
lesbia  - emperatriz   |2011-08-23 07:15:23
es la unica novela ke me a gustado, por la meanera de ser de emperatriz, trabaja muy bonito y toda la novela es bonita felicidades a lo ke la escribieron
Teresa Guerrero  - emparatriz   |2012-10-12 23:16:59
how long has this novela been playing
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