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Enamorate telenovela Enamorate is the story of two young souls in love, Celeste and Yahir, who will face obstacles, but their love for each other, will help them to fight to grasp their dreams. Celeste is a young and audacious girl full of life. She is the joy of her home. Her cheerful demeanor helps her to overcome their poverty, and her mother's dilemma of being restrained to a wheelchair.

Francisco, her father, is a construction supervisor, of noble feelings with a strong aggressive streak. Celeste works as a welder in the construction company with her father, and lives in a poor part of town. Her dream is to become a dancer, a dream she shares with her mother who hoped to become a ballerina when she was young and healthy. Yahir is a rich kid who studies at one of the most prestigious and expensive universities. He is young, decisive, and persistent. He is ready to fight for what he desires. He has it all: cars, good schools, friends, good looks, and a rich and respected father. But he is missing one vital thing, the love and understanding of his father. He seeks refuge in his music where he finds comfort and a sense of self...

Enamorate - telenovela

(2003) - Martha Higareda, Yahir Othon


Martha Higareda .... Celeste
Yahir Othon .... Yahir
Fernando Sarfatti .... Arturo
Amara Villafuerte .... Marcia
Mario Zaragoza .... Francisco
Martha Cristiana .... Isadora
María Inés .... Dulce Maria
Michel Brown .... Mariano
Tamara Monserrat .... Consuelito
Marimar Vega .... Fedra
Juan Pablo Medina .... Samuel
Mariana Gajá .... Lucia
Kenya Mori .... Jimena
Humberto Busto .... Fabio
Adriana Louvier .... Pato
Zoraida Gómez .... Darketa
Concepción Márquez .... Mechita
José Antonio .... Federico
Jair De Rubín .... Negro
Víctor García Fernando Noriega
Guillermo Ivan

Writing credits
María Amparo Lribas (original story)
Claudio Lacello (original story)
Salvador Lemis (adaptation)
Bethel Flores (adaptation)

Song: Alucinado
Written by Tiziano Ferro
Singing: Yahir

Production manager
Martha Pérez Valdéz

Directed by
Eloy Ganuza

Produced by
Elisa Salinas
Gerardo Zurita

TV Azteca


"Enamorate" is a remake of telenovela "Enamorarte" (Telefé, Argentina, 2001) with Emanuel Ortega and Celeste Cid

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