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En Carne Propia

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Private eye Leonardo Rivadeneira is visited by a beautiful, elegant woman who identifies herself as Magdalena Dumont and who tells him an extraordinary story. Years ago, Estefanía, her only child, was kidnapped. Ing. Octavio Muriel, Magadalena's husband, paid the ransom at the appointed place, but the kidnappers' helicopter burst into flames as they tried to escape, leaving no survivors. Before departing, the criminals shot Octavio in the hand, and he has worn a steel artificial limb since. Despair drove Magdalena to alcoholism, yet in an attempt to leave the bottle, she initiated an inquiry to find out what really happened the day Estefanía was abducted. The results are horrifying, since they point at Octavio as the mastermind behind his child's kidnapping. To Magdalena's joy, the investigation reveals that Estefanía did not really die and that she is now living in Canada as Natalia de Jesus. She has lost her sight, has no recollection of her past, and is a teacher for the blind....

En Carne Propia - telenovela

(1990) - Eduardo Yañez , Edith González


Edith González .... Estefanía Muriel / Natalia de Jesús Ortega
Gonzalo Vega .... Octavio Muriel
Angélica Aragón .... Magdalena Ovalle de Muriel
Eduardo Yañez .... Leonardo Rivadeneyra
Raúl Meraz .... Don Alfonso
Juan Peláez .... Jeronimo
Mariana Levy .... Dulce Olivia
Martha Roth .... Leda
Sebastián Ligarde .... Abigail Muñóz
Cecilia Toussaint .... Laura
Norma Lazareno .... Gertrudis
Claudio Báez .... Gerardo
Susana Alexander .... Sor Carolina
Liliana Weimer .... Coral Labrada
Patricia Reyes Spíndola .... Tota
Oscar Narvaez .... Agustín
Marta Aura .... Angela
Fernando Rubio .... Hans
Maya Ramos .... Julia
Fernando Amaya .... Dr.Reyes
Noé Murayama .... Eusebio
Manuel López Ochoa .... Pacheco
Alexis Ayala .... Alejandro Tamaris
Irán Eory .... Susana Tamaris
Alejandro Tomassi .... Alexis
Verónica Terán .... Astrid
Carlos Aguila .... Dr.Murrieta
Jose Carlos Infante .... Enrique
Lourdes Canale .... Aurora
Sebastián Rosas .... Abel
Joanna Brito .... Anabel
Adrian Taboada .... Manzano
María Fernanda Malo .... Estefania
Arturo Romano Orozco .... Alfonso
Erika Carlson .... Jennifer
Ivan Bonilla .... Tranzas
Tiaré Scanda .... Pinguita
Héctor Parra .... Adrian
Lucía Pailles .... Joaquina
Alberto Perdomo .... Jorge
Luis David .... Joaquin
Hector Dupuy .... Franklin
David Armenta .... Cachito
Ismael Azcue .... Zepeda
José Avila .... Chofer
Rafael Inclán
Juan Pascal
Soledad Ruiz .... Cecilia
Yula Pozo
Ricardo Lezama .... Gumaro
Julia Alfonso .... Acacia
José María Negri
Jeannette Candiami
José D. Alvarado
Guillermo Orea
Lourdes Villareal .... Reyna
Roberto Vander
Daniel Abundis
Javier Herranz
Adrian Gómez
Dario T.Pie

Writing credits
Carlos Olmos (original story and adaptation)
Enrique Serna (original story and adaptation)

Cinematography by
Carlos Sanchez Zuñiga

Directed by
Carlos Téllez

Produced by
Carlos Téllez


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