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Engaño, El

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El Engaño telenovelaIn Valle del Bravo, Alfonso and his frail wife Aminta lead a secluded life. Alonso has reasons for it: he is the son of a former Nazi criminal and is connected with several neo-nazi movements. Aminta, who adores her husband and is ignorant about his past, suffers because her health has deteriorated since the birth of her daughter, Mindi. Alfonso's neighbor, painter Jorge, finds an abandoned baby and brings it over to Aminta, who nurses her.

This enrages Alfonso, who is expecting the arrival of his orphaned nephews to join his household. Jorge decides to adopt the baby and names her Marcela. Aminta dies of a heart attack. Eighteen years later, Alfonso has continued his fascist activities. His daughter Mindi has grown into an evil young woman who enjoys flirting with her cousins. The youngest, Rodrigo is crazy about Mindi, and after they make love, he is sure they will marry. However Alfonso and Mindi are set on her marrying Gerardo, Rodrigo's oldest brother. Gerardo is a strange young man, prone to dark moods and periods of temporary amnesia after which he can't recall where hes been or what he's done. Meanwhile, in Miami, Jorge attends Marcela's high school graduation. She's grown into a beautiful and accomplished young woman and Jorge has plans for her. He hopes to marry his ward, but when Marcela meets Gerardo, it's love at first sight. After a flash courtship they get married and return to Valle Del Bravo. Their arrival coincides with that of Hermann, an old and frail Jew, who has arrived with his male nurses in search of the child his son left behind eighteen years ago. It turns out that Marcela is his granddaughter, but it also turns out that the old man, a concentration camp survivor, wants to expose Alfonso.

El Engaño - telenovela

(1986) - Erika Buenfil, Frank Moro


Erika Buenfil.... Marcela
Frank Moro .... Jorge
Luz María Jerez .... Aminta / Mindy
Guillermo García Cantú .... Gerardo
Carmen Montejo .... Selene
Sergio Jiménez .... Alfonso
Susana Alexander .... Elena
Rafael Sánchez Navarro .... Rodrigo
Rafael Amador .... Quintanilla
Eduardo Alcaraz .... David
Socorro Avelar .... Chuy
Yolanda Ciani .... Clara
Gabriela Goldsmith .... Rocio
Gilberto Roman .... Javier
Jorge del Campo .... Franz
Mónica Miguel .... Carmen
Carlos Gajardo .... Ruben
Toño Infante .... Sanchez
Marcela Paez .... Adela
Gerardo .... Samuel
Rosita Salazar .... Alice
José Merlo .... Thomas
René Escandon .... Renato
César Adrian Sánchez .... Carlos
José Carlos Teruel .... Isaac
Rafael Rojas .... Reynaldo
Xavier Masse .... Rogers
Marco Hernandez .... Tony
Alicia Montoya .... Martha
Norma Reyes .... Alma
Edgardo Gazcón .... Fernando
Rolando Barral
Rebeca Silva

Writing credits
Caridad Bravo Adams (story)
Fernanda Villeli (adaptation)

Song "El Engaño"
Singing: Erika Buenfil

Cinematography by
Carlos Guerra

Directed by
Sergio Jiménez

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso



"El engaño" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "Estafa de amor I"
2 version: telenovela "Estafa de amor II"
Further remake of  "El engaño" is telenovela "Laberintos de pasión"

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