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En Nombre del Amor

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En nombre del amor telenovela“En nombre del amor” is a story demonstrating the current available mentality and the traditional human values of the countryside of Mexico. This story shows viewers the intimate everyday life of its characters' with their deep emotions, feelings, life sense. “En nombre del amor” tells us about two sisters Macarena and Carlota who pay a pain and loneliness for their grievance for each other when they fell in love with the only guy. This unhappy love have influenced their lives much at a mature age and they are still maiden in spite of their considerable age.

At the same time this is a story about two little girls Paloma and Romina who are great friends from the very early age. They sympathize each other, help each other, they love each other like sisters and even more. But this friendship will have some difficult moments in their youth with the typically young problems of first love.

Paloma has lost her parents in the tragic accident and should live with her two maiden aunts, Macarena and Carlota. Loving, careful and kind Macarena gets in close contact to her niece, but the Carlota aunty is her most polarity. She is authoritarian, cruel, dictatorial. She is enjoying making Paloma’s life unbearable. But both aunts keep the family secret that can change Paloma’s life forever.

Paloma thinks her to find her first and the only true love Iñaki and she is planning to marry him. But her aunt Carlota does her most to prevent this marriage and separate them forever.

Paloma is in despair. She is sure never to love any one else again! But Emiliano appears in her life to change it for love. But Emiliano turns out to be a fiancée of her best friend Romina and an object of Carlota’s hatred, what makes their love impossible.

But Emiliano will fight for his love! Watch and see if he could catch a success!

“En nombre del amor” includes so much of usual soap opera clichés and stereotypes that even the phrases of main characters are empty and typical – as the story is.

Victoria Ruffo has told her character is negative in this story who have to keep all important family secrets, and this fact has determined the whole plot after all.

Leticia Calderon is a negative character of this story. She says: “My character is my full polarity. It is just a part of a story. But I tried to add some unusual sense to it via its brightly shown temper.

This role is a great possibility for Sabestian Zurita to play the main part in “soap opera”. He says: I’ll concentrate on playing my part as perfect as possible in order to prove my ability to play in this type of films.

As the perfect bodies should always be present in modern films to attract audience, we must also denote the Altair Jarabo. “I’ve got a part of negative character – he says – and I think it would be funny to play it. As for my physique of an athlete, I have to convince I have no some special secrets to keep it. I just eat whatever I want and drink however much water I want and sleep well. That’s all! All the other secrets are in my nature on genetic level I think”.


Leticia Calderón as Carlota Espinoza de los Monteros

Carlota Espinoza is a very cruel and scheming woman though she makes impression of a openhanded and tactful person. She is strong-minded and loves dominating in every sphere of activity she is involved. She is well-organized and motivated. Carlota has to take care of her brothers since the younger age and she opts for blackmailing and offence to keep authority. She is purposeful to the extent she is ready to kill a person if it is required. Carlota is unhappy and she cannot afford people around her are happy, especially her sister Macarena.

Victoria Ruffo as Macarena Espinoza de los Monteros

Macarena Espinoza de los Monteros is totally dominated by her sister Carlota who convinces that she cause the death of their father. She finds out she is pregnant after a love affair and when her daughter Paloma is born, Carlota takes responsibility to give a baby to their brother and thus, Paloma is believed to be Macarena’s niece. Paloma suffers in her uncle’s family and this makes Macarena raise her head and confront Carlota.

Sebastián Zurita as Emiliano Sáenz Noriega

Emiliano Sáenz is a candid, generous and convinced person, so-called the knight of the times. He is faithful to his friends. He believes girls are light-minded and fickle but he is too delicate to resist it. He falls in love with Paloma but he prefers to stay hushed since he knows Paloma loves Iñaki. After the death of Iñaki,Emiliano acknowledges finally that he loves Paloma but he feels miserable to betray Romina.

Allison Lozz as Paloma Espinoza de los Monteros

Paloma is a joyful and lively young girl but living with her Aunt Carlota is not good for her. Moreover, her life is full of distress and blame that even her Aunt Macarena cannot help her. Her only friend is Romina though they are too different. Later on, she starts feeling love to Emiliano.

Altair Jarabo as Romina Mondragón

Romina is a self-centered and vacillating young girl who is used to be No. 1 in everything she does. She is the best friend of Paloma but she feels that Paloma is a fine opponent in love business for Emiliano. She quits befriending with Paloma and she becomes the one she hates most of all – a nasty evil woman who lives lonely a bitter life as Carlota.

En nombre del amor - telenovela

(2008) - Allison Lozz, Sebastián Zurita


Allison Lozz ... Paloma
Sebastián Zurita ... Emiliano Saenz
Altair Jarabo ... Romina
Zoraida Gómez ... Liliana
Victoria Ruffo ... Macarena
Leticia Calderón ... Carlota
Ferdinando Valencia ... German
Olivia Bucio ... Diana
Alfredo Adame ... Rafael
Luis Hacha ... Iñaki
Arturo Peniche
Ferdinando Valencia
Zoraida Gomez
Laura Flores
Víctor Cámara
Magda Guzmán
Enriqueta Lavat
Ramon Abascal
Paty Díaz
Lucero Lander
Natalia Esperón ... Luz
Erick Elias ... Gabriel
César Évora ... Eugenio
Edith Márquez
Carmen Montejo ... mother of Cristobal
Carlos Girón ... Erick

Writing credits
Cuauhtémoc Blanco (original story)
Maria Del Carmen Peña (original story)
Martha Carrillo (adaptation)
Cristina García (adaptation)

Song Aún no
Singing: Laura Pausini

Directed by
Karina Dupré

Produced by
Carlos Moreno



Remake of the mexican telenovela Cadenas de Amargura (1991) with Daniela Castro and Raúl Araiza Jr.

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betzabeth   |2008-10-11 07:52:36
yo no me voy a perder su telenovela por nada del mundo me la voy a perder ...
irene  - me encanta la novela   |2008-11-27 07:59:00
me en canta luis acha osea iñaki es bellisimo no me gusto q muriera asi yo llore.y no me gusto xq no va a salir mas en la novela un beso son lo maximo se les quiere de venezuela
Mexcal Santa Clara  - En Nombre del Amor   |2009-12-20 06:01:13

La Television Americana deja hablar a los actores sin tener tanto ruido, tanta musica, tanta bulla acompanando las palabras. A veces no se oye lo que estan diciendo los actors por el ruido que acompana. Favor de deshacerse de este estilo anticuado. Gracias.
Laura  - Cuando   |2008-10-13 16:36:04
cuando y en donde va salir?
anonima   |2008-10-28 07:53:21
No a comensado la novela...
lucero   |2008-10-29 01:31:52
hola quiero desieles q la novela esta muy buena y no me la pierdo x nada del mundo. saludos al guapo de iñaki
adrian  - EnNombreDelAmor//LauraPausini   |2008-10-29 06:56:07
Es una emocion escribirles desde uruguay, para darles mis felicitaciones a todos los que hacen la telenovela, desde uruguay la miro todos los dias y me gusta mucho. Victoria Ruffo una exelente actriz que pude ver en *La Madrastra* donde interpretava Laura Pausini, ahora en *EN NOMBRE DEL AMOR* nuevamente veo a la actriz y a la cantante que me gusta, mil felicictaciònes a todos, "Paloma" lucha por tu amor y "Carlota" no seas tan mala jajaj en formato de risas y felicidad unsaludo verdaderamente grandicimo para todos usd y adelante.
karla  - en nombre del amor   |2008-10-31 11:14:57
me encanta la telenovela pero casi nunca la puedo ver, por fin con quien se queda Romina
ada bennett   |2010-01-05 17:55:45
re: nombre del amor.
estoy un poco confusa. pues, me recuerdo que Romina se estaba colgada en la escuela. pues, como es que se esta graduando? Tienen que mantener todo en context.
barbara guerra   |2008-11-06 03:31:40
adoro a esa novela y mas a ese papacito del protagonista
GABY  - paloma y iñaki   |2008-11-06 10:44:15
paloma lucha por el amor d iñaki tu bien sabes k cuando se ama todo se puede veras k muy pronto se resolvera. cuidense oda la producion y felisidades por un buen trabajo k hacen y tambien kiero pedir un saludo para todo. CELAYA GT. ADIOS...
melissa   |2008-11-07 11:29:15
les escribo desde HONDURAS me fascina la telenovela y m encanta iñaki y kiero ke se kede con paloma odio a carlota xq no kiere q paloma sea feliz y romina es una hipocrita mal amiga q no merece q paloma la kiera no me pierdo la telenovela x nada del mundo felicidades.
Andrea   |2008-11-08 23:01:29
hola a todos los q integran a la novela le doy mi mas saludo desde VENEZUELA y le deseo mucho exito. ya q no me la he perdido xq est muy buena y le envio un gran beso a iñaki es muy lindo y me encanta cm esta haciendo un papel en la novela un beso me despido.
nayelly   |2008-11-10 10:43:49
me gusta muxo pero yo quiero que paloma se quede con iñaki si no yo me quedo con iñaki
*DULCE*   |2008-11-11 05:59:06
luia hacha eres super y x fiss no lo saquen de la novela yo no me la pierdo x nada del mundo x que me gusta mucho el personaje de IÑAKI ya que luis hacha es un super gran actor es lo maximo te quiero mucho no te regreses a españa por que a qui todas te queremos empezando x my te quiero bye
atentamente *dulce*
*DULCE*   |2008-11-11 06:00:15
eres super luis hacha te quiero y me gusta mucho tu personaje en la novela bue *dulce*
L,iz  - hola   |2008-11-13 06:29:27
hola m gusta ese novela, no m pierdo por nada del mundo saludos al guapo de Inaki y a Paloma, Paloma dentro de unos par de meses dejaras de ser niña. ya no tienes q sufrir por carlota
karina   |2008-11-13 17:40:02
me facina la novela no me lapierdo para nada me encantan los personajes y mas los guapos de emiliano que le mando besos y a iñaki. me encanta su personaje por que lucha por su amor . espero puedan grabar en amecameca les mando beso.
katherine cuestas  - *baby*   |2008-11-14 03:51:44
me encanta la telenovela de iñaqui con paloma ojala ellos fueran los protagonistas
LaUrA  - 1 cuestions   |2008-11-14 23:24:07
no saden como se llama el tema y quien lo canta, en donde estan iñaki con paloma??? la cancion que esta de fondo es que me encanta y kisiera saberla, x fis. xk iñaki m encanta esta guapisssssimo.
mariela puebla  - en nombre del amor   |2009-03-15 01:45:38
no saden como se llama el tema y quien lo canta, en donde estan iñaki con paloma??? la cancion que esta de fondo es que me encanta y kisiera saberla, x fis. xk iñaki m encanta esta guapisssssimo
aleja   |2009-11-26 17:45:34
como se llama el tema de fondo de paloma y iñaki
eliana salazar   |2008-11-15 01:22:09
hola soy eliana soy de venezuela,puerto ordaz estado bolivar.y quiero decir que la novela en nombre del amor me facina y no la pierdo por nada del mundo amo a emiliano e inaki es la mejor tele novela gracias por inventar esta hermosa novela
jennifer xiomara santamaria me  - paloma ,iñaki   |2008-11-15 05:04:20
hola bueno es un gusto para mi escribirles desde perú bueno les queria felicitar por su hermoza telenovela bueno paloma tu lucha por tu amor con iñaki , iñaki y tu lucha por el amor de paloma bay cuidense
ferdiola  - La Esperare...   |2008-11-15 22:28:59
Bueno Espero Pronto Se Empieze Aca En USA.
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