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Entre el Amor y el Odio

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Entre el amor y el odio telenovelaAfter the death of his uncle Fernando, Octavio, a strong and virile man who lived far away from his family for many years, returns to his native city to attend the funeral. Octavio blames his uncle for the ruin and death of his father, and for separating him from Frida, the woman whom he loved. The life of Ana Cristina is surrounded by a mystery. Adopted by Don Manuel, whom she considers her grandfather, she lived in a small cabin all her life, under the protection of Don Fernando, whom she loves as a father.

Ana Cristina and Octavio never met before, now they will meet for the first time. Octavio was told by an evil Marcial that Ana Cristina used to be a lover of Fernando. He starts hating her for that, thinking that she is just an opportunist and doesn't miss a chance to offend her. Ana Cristina also hates him for the rude way he treats her. But deep inside their heart they love each other and realize that. Everything will get even more complicated after the reading of testimony of Fernando and the return of Frida in Octavio's life. Ana Cristina and Octavio will find out that there is a line of forgiveness between love and hatred, and crossing this line means giving life to the heart.

Entre el amor y el odio - telenovela

(2002) - César Évora , Susana González


César Évora .... Octavio - main hero
Susana González .... Ana Cristina - main heroine
Sabine Moussier .... Frida - wife of Octavio and lover of Marcial, villain
María Sorté .... María Magdalena - love interest of Marcial
Joaquín Cordero .... Don Fernando - uncle of Octavio
Alberto Estrella .... Marcial - administrator of Octavio's factory, villain
Marga López .... Doña Josefa - aunt of Octavio
Luz Elena González .... Fuenstana - in love with José Alfredo
Enrique Lizalde .... Rogelio Valencia - father of Ana Cristina and Juliana
Harry Geithner .... Everardo - lover of Frida
Luis Roberto Guzmán .... Gabriel - stepson of María Magdalena
Fabián Robles .... José Alfredo - son of Maria Magdalena
Carmen Salinas .... Chelo - aunt of Fuensanta
Jaqueline Bracamontes .... Leonela - mother of Ana Cristina
Mauricio Aspe .... Tobias - assistant of Marcial, villain
Maritza Olivares .... Cayetana - aunt of Frida
Jose Angel Garcia .... Rodolfo
Ofelia Cano .... Rebeca - sister of María Magdalena
Miguel Corcega .... Don Manuel - grandfather of Ana Cristina
Marlene Favela .... Cecilia - daughter of Vicente
Violeta Isfel .... Paz
Jorge Luis Pascual .... Rogelio
Freddy Ortega .... Caco
German Ortega .... Queco
Patricia Romero .... Lucha
Ninón Sevilla .... Macarena - friend of Chelo
Radamés de Jesús .... Marcelino - adoptive brother of Ana Cristina
Silvia Manríquez .... Rosalia - mother of Frida and sister of Cayetana
Armando Palomo .... Libertad - nurse
Pablo Montero .... Animas - indian, in love with Ana Cristina
Ernesto Alonso .... Abad - Superior Father
Benjamin Rivero .... Ratón - criminal
Felicia Mercado .... Lucila - mother of Juliana
Vanessa Guzmán .... Juliana - half-sister of Ana Cristina
Arturo Peniche .... Flavio Sacristan - suitor of Ana Cristina and brother of Paulo
Juan Carlos Casasola .... El Catrin - criminal
Víctor Noriega .... Paulo Sacristan - suitor of Ana Cristina and brother of Flavio
Aurora Alonso .... Prudencia
Elizabeth Aguilar .... Mirna - girlfriend of Vicente
Eduardo Noriega .... Moiser
Juan Carlos Serrán .... Vicente - employee at Octavio's factory
Ruben Morales .... Padre Jesus
Marcial Casale .... Trinidad
Carlos Amador .... Chito
Juan Ignacio Aranda .... Facundo
José Luis Reséndez .... Nazario
Alberto Loztin .... Ruben
Héctor Cruz .... Maunel Jovine
Jaime Lozano .... Doctor Ramos
Oscar Traven .... Nicolas

Writing credits
Hilda Morales (original story)
Liliana Abud (teleplay)
Jaime García Estrada (adaptation)
Orlando Merino (adaptation)

Song: Entre el amor y el odio
Written by Alejandro Jaen
Singing: Angel López

Song: Bohemio Enamorado
Singing: Donato Poveda

Original music
Jorge Avendaño

Cinematography by
Jesús Nájera Saro

Directed by
Miguel Córcega

Produced by
Salvador Mejía
Natalie Lartilleux (associated producer)



"Entre el amor y el odio" is based on a Cuban radionovela "Cadena de Odio" by Hilda Morales

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marty17129  - Entre el amor y el odio   |2009-08-17 16:06:24
Entre el amor y el odio me gusto mucho, Susana Gonzalez y Cesar Evora son excellentes actores, hacen muy buena pareja, pero la que estuvo tremenda y magnifica es Sabine Moussier, el papel de perversa y malvada Frida estuvo estupendo, Sabine se robo telenovela junto con buenisimo Alberto Estrella quien estuvo increible como Marcial.... :-)
Gonzalo Rojas  - "Entre Brumas"   |2010-03-22 07:22:55
Hola, que tal.
Ando en busca del tema orquestado que aparecia al principio de la novela entre brumas, en el reparto.
No lo he podido encontrar, si sabes quien lo interpreta y como se llama, te lo agradesco.


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