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Entre la Vida y la Muerte

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The story is about Susana Trejos who is going to marry Lic. Andres Del Valle, but Andres doesn't love her, all he wants is to kill her and to take all her fortune. Before her wedding Susana got news that Andres is going to die, he is sick in the Mayan village. Being a doctor, Susana thought that it was her future husband and she travels to help Andres, but when she arrives she finds out that it's a different man. He is a Prof. Andres Del Valle. Meanwhile, Lic. Andres Del Valle has burned Susana's apartment. A friend of Susana was there, she got burned, and everybody thought that it was Susana who died. Susanna took care of Prof. Andres, days passed and she got stuck there because there was no transportation to go back to Mexico city. A love story starts between Prof. Andres and Susana. Then Susana returns home and she is compelled to marry Lic. Andres, who has two hidden lovers: Yvonne and Jessica. Prof. Andres also has another woman in love with him: an archeologist Mayan. All story is "entre la vida y la muerte"...

Entre la Vida y la Muerte - telenovela

(1993) - Leticia Calderón, Fernando Ciangherroti


Leticia Calderón .... Susana Trejos
Fernando Ciangherroti .... Prof. Andrés del Valle
Irán Eory .... Aída
Roberto Cañedo .... Rolando
Beatriz Aguirre .... Doña Rebeca
Raúl Ramírez .... Julián
Sebastián Ligarde .... Lic. Andrés del Valle
Frances Ondiviela .... Ivonne del Castillo
Lupita Sandoval .... Carlota
Maleni Morales .... Constanza
Arsenio Campos .... Francisco
Odiseo Bichir .... Chon-Li
Lucero Lander .... Paloma
Lorena Herrera .... Jessica
Wendy de los Cobos .... Sandra
María Cristina Ribal .... Guadalupe
Irán Castillo .... Anita
Ramiro Huerta .... Bor
Yadira Santana .... Mayan
Felicia Mercado .... Cristina
Andrea Cotto .... Queta
Alejandro Ciangherotti .... Abraham
Beatriz Martínez .... Aurora
Isabel Andrade .... Claudia
German Gutierrez .... Dante
Mario García González .... Honorio
María Luisa Cornel .... Najbor

Writing credits
María Cristina Ribal (original story)
Eduardo Magallanes (adaptation)

Original music
Eduardo Magallanes

Cinematography by
Isabel Basurto

Directed by
Miguel Córcega
Eduardo Magallanes

Produced by
Angelli Nesma Medina


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