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Esmeralda telenovela Once upon a rainy night, two babies are born, each awaiting the embrace of a loving family. But the obsessive desire for a male heir and a trick of destiny causes their lives to change. The boy who was born in a miserable shack opens his eyes to the opulence of a mansion; and the beautiful little girl who was born to a silken crib takes her first steps inside the corrugated walls of poverty. The price of silence for theis terrible secret are several valuable emeralds, and the little girl was named after them: Esmeralda. She was born blind, but the goodness of her heart gives her all the light she needs to be happy. Many years later, she and José Armando will meet and fall in love. But the secrets of the past are about to come out....


Fernando Colunga as José Armando Peñarreal De Velasco
José Armando Joven is an orphan who was born in the poor family. His mother dies dies during the labor and he seems to have a miserable life. But the fate is that he is exchanged with a baby from the wealthy family to be raised as the heir of the fortune. He made his first steps in the luxury atmosphere and to the date he is mature José Armando never suffers from lack of money and food.

Leticia Calderón as Esmeralda
Esmeralda is a girl born to the wealthy family but she seemed to be dead at birth. Her father, Rodolfo, was dreaming of a male child and she was born. Moreover, her mother though she is dead and she put a pair of earrings from emerald to be buried on. Fortunately, Esmeralda survived but she was exchanged with a boy from a poor family and she started her life living in poverty with a father only. She is blind but her beauty and generous heart are so valuable to overdo all negative life expectations. She is raised as a wild flower. She meets José Armando and these young people fall in love.

Laura Zapata as Fátima Linares viuda de Peñarreal
Fátima is a rich woman whose values end in money, jewelry and status in the society only. Her ambitions and willing to be the first make her selfish. She makes her daughter suffer only because she is too weak to yield to life circumstances.

Enrique Lizalde as Don Rodolfo Peñarreal
Don Rodolfo Peñarreal is an influential, wealthy and powerful person. He needs a heir to hand over his fortune and business. This is why he insists on having a male child but there was a girl baby. He does not even guess that José is the child of the poor parents and when it is revealed he does not want to believe it, and believe that he has a daughter.

Nora Salinas as Graciela
Graciela is Peñarreal’s niece. By the contest of his family and José they agree to get married though they do not go so far to do it in the church since they both realize they are not created for each other.

Esmeralda - telenovela

(1997) - Leticia Calderón, Fernando Colunga


Leticia Calderón .... Esmeralda
Fernando Colunga .... José Armando Peñareal
Enrique Lizalde .... Rodolfo
Laura Zapata .... Fátima
Salvador Pineda .... Lucio Malaver
Ignacio López Tarso .... Melesio
Gustavo Rojo .... Bernardo
Irán Eory .... Sor Piedad
Noé Murayama .... Fermín
Dina de Marco .... Crisanta
Elsa Navarrete .... Aurora
Esther Rinaldi .... Florecita
Juan Carlos Serrán .... Dionisio (#1)
Rafael Amador .... Dionisio (#2)
Juan Pablo Gamboa .... Alvaro
María Luisa Alcalá .... Doña Socorro
Alejandro Ruiz .... Adrián Lucero
Nora Salinas .... Graciela
Rafael del Villar .... Sebastián
Raquel Morell .... Blanca
Raquel Pankowsky .... Juana
Raquel Olmedo .... Dominga
Ana Patricia Rojo .... Georgina
Dacia González .... Rita
Elsa Cárdenas .... Hortensia
Raúl Padilla "Chóforo" .... Trolebús
Nicky Mondellini .... Dra. Muñoz
Roberto d'Amico .... Gustavo
Rosita Pelayo .... Hilda
Sérgio Jurado .... Lic. Joaquín Estrada
Alberto Ortiz .... José Rodolfo
Alberto Santini .... Nacho
Alejandro Avila .... Diseñador
Alma Rosa López .... Maribel
Berendice Ivet Vilchiz .... Secretaria
Brenda Avila .... Sor Belén
Carlos Ramírez Gutiérrez .... Dr. Ramos
Cuco Sánchez .... Don Cuco
Daniel Salazar .... Mayordomo
Dolores Salomon "Bodoquito".... Tula
Fabrizio Mercini .... Luis
Fernando Santos .... Lic. Marcos
Gabriela Aponte .... Benita
Gabriela del Valle .... Zoila
Gabriela Salomón .... Petra
Genoveva Moreno .... Zenaida
Genoveva Pérez .... Eufraria
Gustavo Aguilar "Manotas" .... Anuar
Horacio Vera .... Ciriaco
Irma Torres .... Altagracia
Isadora González .... Tania
Jaime Puga .... Lino
Jesús Lara .... Tomás
Jesús Moreno .... Teófilo
Jorge Iván .... Nicolás
José A. Coro .... Lic. Díaz Mirón
José Luis Rojas .... Eleno
Juan Rios .... Claudio
Lorena Martínez .... Sor Lucila
Marcela López Correa .... La Juez
Marco Uriel .... Emiliano
María Morena .... Doris
Mauricio Ruby .... Facundo
Melva Luna .... Epifania
Odin Dupeiron .... Gabino
Oliver Alexander .... Gelario
Paola Flores .... Tomasa
Roberto Ruy .... Ofelio
Ursula Murayama .... Jacinta

Writing credits
Delia Fiallo (original story)
Georgina Tinoco (adaptation)
Dolores Ortega (adaptation)
Lúz Orlin (adaptation)

Song: Esmeralda
Singing: Javier Rodríguez

Song: Llenando de Amor
Singing: Javier Rodríguez

Original music
José Antonio "Potro" Farias

Production manager
Aaron Gutierrez
Hugo Mayo

Production co-ordinator
Leticia Diaz

Cinematography by
Jesús Najera

Directed by
Beatriz Sheridan

Produced by
Salvador Mejía
Nathalie Lartilleux (associated producer)
Maricarmen Marcos (associated producer)



"Esmeralda" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "Esmeralda" (Venezuela, 1972) with Lupita Ferrer and José Bardina (Juan Pablo).
2 version: telenovela "Topacio" (Venezuela, Venevision, 1984) with Grecia Colmenares (Leticia Calderón), Víctor Cámara ( Fernando Colunga ), Jeannette Rodriguez (Nora Salinas) and Pedro Lander (Alejandro Ruiz).

"The best telenovela of the year", TVyNovelas award, 1998.

There is a Brazilian version of "Esmeralda" also called "Esmeralda" with Bianca Castanho (Leticia Calderón) and Claudio Lins ( Fernando Colunga ), of 2004 by S.B.T.

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Zahraa  - Telenovela Esmeralda   |2009-05-03 02:16:11
I want to watch it in the arabic version please.
N Sanchez   |2009-09-04 21:07:21
Why is the telenovela Esmeralda only 15 or 20 min. Will the novela be one hour later.
P Sclafani  - I want to watch it in English   |2010-03-29 00:35:25
I'm watching it in spanish but i know i'm missing alot
Anonymous   |2010-05-28 06:45:03
When is Esmeralda going to start again. I want to watch it from the begining.
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