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Esperanza del corazón

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Esperanza del corazón

Esperanza del corazón is a story about Ángela who struggles with life situations she faces and overdoes helped by her daughter Lisa. The whole life is like a series of success and misfortune.

After the death of Franco, her husband, Ángela suffers from abusive Lucrecia, her mother-in-law, who refuses from help and support to her. Ángela is a very optimistic and positive woman since she has to inspire her daughter for better and happy life. She faces failures with the dignity and the life brings to her forces to cope with troubles. This is a story full of rhythm of different people involved and concerned with this story for Ángela’s happiness.

It is full of love and fight of evil and peace diluted with tears of protagonists and intrigues of villains dressed with laughter and music due to a good story.


Lucía Méndez as Lucrecia Duprís

Lucrecia is a wiow to Giancarlo Duprís, a successful Italian businessman, with two children in the marriage, Franco and Lorenza. She is a high-class lady being a cool heartless woman who is eager to manipulate with people authorized by her power and wealth. She is in love with Orlando. She hates being aged and she tries her best to look young and fascinating. She adores Franco, but unreasonably hates Ángela and Lisa, however she accepts Krista and Diego. She even expects a baby from this couple to inherit the wealth.

Fernando Allende as Orlando Duarte

Orlando Duarte is the head of Duarte family. He was a prominent and famous peron on TV before. He is cheerful and optimistic but his wise vision impresses people. He is a widower for a long time caring for his grandchildren. He is the best friend to Mariano whom he supervises and advises in life cases.

Bianca Marroquín as Ángela Landa

Ángela is beautiful, cheerful and responsive woman. She left her career as a dancer to devote her life to him and their children. She teaches other people dancing. In spite of her tender and sweet looks, she is strong and resolute to stand up for her beliefs. When she is obsessed by Lucrecia, she has to contradict her abusive and quarrelsome nature.

Agustín Arana as Franco Duprís

Franco Duprís inherited the family business. He  is plain, loving honest person fighting for ecology. He loves his family and adores Ángela. He encourages her dreams come true but life does different steps.

Patricio Borghetti as Mariano Duarte

Mariano is a biologist-investigator. He is very handsome, tall and noble person devoted to his children and ecology. He left music to support his family. He is the exemplary husband and is the manager and promoter for Alexis in his musical career.

Esperanza del corazón - telenovela

(2011) - Bianca Marroquin, Patricio Borghetti


Bianca Marroquin ... Ángela Landa de Duprís
Patricio Borghetti ... Mariano Duarte
Lucía Méndez ... Lucrecia Dávila viuda de Duprís
Marisol Del Olmo ... Lorenza Duprís Dávila de Cabral
Lisardo Guarinos ... Aldo Cabral
Agustín Arana ... Franco Duprís Dávila
Tania Vázquez ... Camila Moreno
Alejandra Ávalos ... Gladis Guzmán
Fernando Allende ... Orlando Duarte
Juan Carlos Barreto ... Silvestre Figueroa
Julissa ... Greta
Alejandro Speitzer ... Diego Duprís Landa
Mane de la Parra ... Alexis Duarte Moreno
Thelma Madrigal ... Lisa Duprís Landa
Carmen Aub ... Krista Cabral Duprís
Emmanuel Orendain ... Brandon Figueroa Guzmán
Ilithya Manzanilla ... Cassandra
Manola Diez ... Paulina
Mariana Botas ... Britney Figueroa Guzmán
Samadhi Zendejas ... Abril Figueroa Guzmán
Bárbara Torres ... Bobby
Gloria Aura
Martha Julia
Jesús Zavala
Carlos Speitzer

Writing credits
Susan Crowley (original story)
Martha Olaiz (original story)

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by
Bernardo Nájera
Octavio García Allende

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Rodrigo G. H. Zaunbos

Produced by
Luis De Llano
Marco Flavio Cruz
Antonino Munguía



Esperanza del corazon is a merger of soap operas Aguetas de Color de Rosa (pink colored shoelaces) and Confidente de Secundaria (High School Confident) produced by the same producer Luis de Llano Macedo in the years 1994 and 1996 .

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esmeralda   |2011-08-25 23:05:27
me gusta mucho su telenovela
esta muy padre y nunca me la pierdo
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