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Fea Más Bella, La

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La Fea Más Bella telenovelaLety the protagonist is literally the female ugly version of La Fea Mas Bella. The story begins with her going to an interview at Conceptos, a famous Mexican modeling and advertising company, and being turned down the job because of her appearance. The president of the company, Fernando Mendiola, however, calls her back. After receiving the job from an uncertain president, Lety tries to prove herself with the help of The Club of the Uglies (El cuartel de las feas) all the while trying to evade prejudice, hatred, and most of all, deceit and betrayal.

She falls in love with the President who's already engaged with Marcia Villarroel and becomes his lover. However, in an unfortunate manner, Lety finds out that she is actually being used and betrayed. She finds a letter written by Vice-President Omar Carvajal which generally states that the President needs to seduce Lety in order to protect the fate of Conceptos. Her image of the people at Conceptos is ruined and is completely heart-broken by this letter. Angered by this, Lety uses the contents to her advantage and presents the letter at a quarterly meeting and the true failing balance of the company to the company's council and former owners. They find out later that she actually owned Conceptos herself for a few months now through Filmo Imagen. She resigns from her post during the meeting and runs away from the mess she created to harm them.

After traveling to Acapulco with a friend named Carolina Ángeles, she meets a part-time fisherman and chef named Aldo Domenzaín, who helps her get back on her feet and helps her realize her true potential. When she returns to Conceptos as the full owner of it, she begins to unravel the web she spun in Acapulco to unleash to everyone at Conceptos and eventually finds out that Aldo is in love with her. As problems with the company begin again, she undergoes a dramatic appearance change, visits the wedding of a long-time enemy and a long-time friend, acts on many programs dressed as a diva. She also falls in love with Aldo, changes the way others view her, and eventually prepares for her wedding with Aldo, though at the same time the thought of loving Fernando is just starting to reawaken in her mind. But when Fernando decides to go to Brazil, Lety soon realizes that who she really loves is Fernando. Lety soon marries Fernando instead of Aldo.


Angélica Vale as Leticia Padilla Solís

Her name is Leticia Padilla Solís but everyone calls her Leti a-la FEA. She studied economics at the FEA and is awarded the diploma in Finance. She is very ugly though she never stops at achieving her aims. As an employee, she is very diligent, well-organized, self-motivated and qualified to be the perfect assistant. As a girl, Leticia is a humble and naïve, dreaming and tender, charming and very intelligent. That’s her advantages all over done by the only drawback- her ugly face. She believes in love though she hesitates that it finds her.

Jaime Camil as Fernando Mendiola

Fernando Mendiola is a good-looking man in his 30s. He is very attractive, intelligent and purposeful. His ambitions make him do mistakes. He longs for taking control of the Company assets holding shares thereof. He is inborn conqueror, hunter. He is very promising businessmen in spite of his impulsiveness and he is going to become President of the Conceptos.

Elizabeth Álvarez as Marcia Villarroel

Marcia Villarroel is a clever, impulsive and fair woman with an excellent taste of style and beauty. She wants to marry to Fernando and go with her job. She is strong-minded and businesslike. Sometimes she is hustling irrespective of consequences.

She is a member of one of the reputed families and she is a shareholder of the Company. She dreams of firing Leticia when they get married since she feels Leticia gets too close to Fernando.

Nora Salinas as Carolina Ángeles

Carolina Ángeles is an employee of the event agency. She is always invited to arrange corporate events. She is very energetic but she is aimed to work alone. She believes she will be happy to meet a person with who she is ready to raise children.

Agustín Arana as Omar Carvajal

Omar Carvajal is a cynic, with a good charisma to charm and a good sense of humor. He believes life is short and one should try everything. He is a good womanizer, seducing every woman appearing in front of him. He is cheerful and people-centered, but people who aspire to power, assets and beauty.

He is the best friend to Fernando and his associate in his affairs. He enjoys life to the fullest extent, and he is the real expert in the sphere of women seduction.

José José as Erasmo Padilla

Erasmo Padilla is a very cruel, merciless and strong-minded person. He is too impulsive to go mad when it takes to fails in his intentions; he is bossy to people subordinate or dependant to him. He is a little bit restricted and the public opinion is nothing to care. His wife and daughter is the world he concerns in. He is a real moralist and tries to keep traditions that lokks suspicious sometimes.​​

Paty Navidad as Alicia Ferreira

Alicia Ferreira is an ordinary beautiful woman who knows the way to use her beauty properly towards achieving her personal goals. She is rather silly and pedant woman. She sets herself above others which evoke non-respect and tease by the colleagues. Her beauty and sensual energy make her perfect woman to get what she wants. He has to work as a secretary due to bad financial conditions in her family. Her best friend Marcia suggests watching Fernando out to
know everything happening to and around him. Alicia has to do step-by-step instructions to obtain a billionaire to marry to and to disturb and battle with Letti to please Marcia.

Miguel Jiménez as Jimmy Conde

Jimmy Conde is Paula María’s son. Jimmy loves making fun of people who want to befriend with is mother. He is keen on photography.

Sergio Mayer as Luigi Lombardi

Luigi is a very sociable and straight-minded person. He is open to friends and hates his enemies. He is strictly discriminative towards everything ugly and respulsive. He is creative, innovative and stylish; he loves his job and is pleased with what he is doing. He manages the advertisement and musical videos for Conceptos. The items he creates are all pioneering and fresh.

La Fea Más Bella - telenovela

(2006 - 2007) - Angélica Vale , Jaime Camil


Angélica Vale ... Leticia Padilla Solís 'Lety'
Jaime Camil ... Fernando Mendiola
Patricia Navidad ... Alicia Ferreira
Niurka ... Paula María Conde
Rebeca Mankita ... Ana Leticia Villarroel
Julissa ... Teresita Mendiola
Laisha Wilkins ... Carmina Muñiz / ...
Luz María Aguilar ... Irma Ramírez
Elizabeth Álvarez ... Marcia Villarroel
Raúl Magaña ... Ariel Villarroel
Angélica María ... Julieta Solís de Padilla
Rosita Pelayo ... Lola Guerrero de Rodríguez
Luis Manuel Ávila ... Tomás Moreno
Carlos Bracho ... Humberto Mendiola
Sergio Acosta ... Raúl López
Adriana Ahumada
Agustín Arana ... Omar Carvajal
Carlos Bonavides ... Efrén Rodríguez
José Luis Cordero ... Paco Muñoz
Alejandro Correa ... Cuco Rodríguez Guerrero
Maribel Fernández ... Martha de Hurtado de Muñoz
Raquel Garza ... Sara Patiño
Eric Guecha ... Celso Durán
Alfonso Iturralde ... Jass Reinard
José José ... Erasmo Padilla
Julio Mannino ... Saimon Joseph Contreras
Sergio Mayer ... Luigi Lombardi
Ricardo Montaner ... Ricardo Montaner
Aleida Núñez ... Yazmín García
Mariana Seoane ... Karla
Juan Soler ... Aldo Domenzaín
Oscar Traven ... Ricky Armstrong
Alyosha Barreiro

Writing credits
Fernando Gaitán
Palmira Olguín

Song La Fea Más Bella
Written by: Alfonso Lizárraga, Carlos Ferraresi, Javier Manríquez
Singing: Bacilos

Song Aquí Estaré
Written by: Raúl Ornelas, Áureo Baqueiro, Angélica Vale
Singing: Angélica Vale

Original music
Carlos Páramo

Directed by
Sergio Jiménez

Produced by
Eduardo Meza
Rosy Ocampo



Remake of colombian telenovela Betty la fea

"Betty la fea" has been so successful that it has been either adapted and/or shown in many different countries
1 version: colombian telenovela "Yo soy Betty, la fea" written by Fernando Gaitan
2 version: american tv series "Ugly Betty"
3 version: brazilian telenovela "Bela, a Feia"

The Best Telenovela at the TvYNovelas Awards 2007

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