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Fuego en la Sangre

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Fuego en la sangre telenovela Three brothers vow vengeance for their sister Libia’s death at her grave. Juan, Oscar and Franko being full of anger approach to Estate of Bernardo Elizondo, a man who have seduced their sister and left her pregnant. They don’t know Bernardo loved Libia deeply and was really on his way to divorce his tyrannical wife Gabriela when he died in a mysteries accident.

After his death the whole Estate is belong to a cruel couple of Bernardo’s widow and his son in law Fernando. When brothers Reyes come to Estate they are hired by Estate Manager for bricklaying and carpenting. Suffering of the blind hatred they make a decision to seduce thee daughter of Bernardo and Gabriela and leave them in the same situation as Bernardo left Libia. Doing so they wish the family Elizondo to feel what they and their sister felt in the result of Bernardo’s act. So they divide sisters Elizondo for seducing. Juan should Sofia, Oscar starts his attacks to Jimena and Sarita is left for Franko.

But when they become closer to sisters they realize they found real soul mates and see how difficult it is to perform their initial revenge plan, as three sisters are not spoilt but wonderful girls who are suffering from their mother tyranny during all their life.

Juan finds in Sofia a sensitive and merciful woman with a horror secret in her past – she was raped in her youth and is still afraid of all men in the result. She is unhappy in her marriage with hot-tempered and cruel Fernando, who she has never loved. Juan takes her hurt and falls in love with this tender and kind woman. He is so careful and loving to her that he becomes the first man Sofia can touch without scare that she had after her awful experience in youth. Relations of Juan and Sofia are in danger not only because of brothers’ vow and Sofia’s husband Fernando, but also due to Ruth Uribe, who is eager to go all out to win Juan’s love. Oscar also wishes desperately to act as they have decided, but he can’t – Jimena is the girl of his dreams. She is truthful, natural, full of joy and life energy. Their relations are very sensual and playful. Oscar can’t choose between his love and revenge obligations.

Franko and Sarita are also appeared to be real soul mates. They both are sensual, loving, real poindexters. Their love affair is full of sweet surprised and romanticism. The same like his brothers Franko is suffering on his impossibility to leave Sarita, while the revenge is not the only reason to do so. Before he met Sarita he had been in love with Rosario Montes, a singer in a little café in their area. Hу is afraid Rosario will suffer if he leaves her and doesn’t even have an idea that Rosario loved not him, but his attention to her person, while her real deep passion is approached to Fernando who she has adultery relations with. And Fernando can kill anybody who touches her. As Franko doesn’t know about it his emotions swing between old relations with Rosario and new deep love to Sarita.

This story is full of emotional splashes, noble love, great ambitions and hatred. It is about six your and passionate hearts merged and separated by the only tragedy, about hidden truth & lie dimming the mind and deep passions raging in hearts, about fire in blood combining all of them.


Adela Noriega as Sofía Elizondo Acevedo

Sofía Elizondo Acevedo is the eldest daughter of Bernardo and Gabriela. She is very attractive, delicate and vulnerable. She adheres to the spiritual and beyond-the-mind issues to consider. She loves her sister and always tends to protects her. Sofia is happy with her life until she is raped. Her mother forced her go to marry Fernando even if she does not love him. Juan is the first man in her life who evokes love and passion, tenderness and willing to devote herself.

Eduardo Yañez as Juan Reye

Juan Reyes is manly, strong and brave young man in his late 30s. he is too manly but tenderness and vulnerability live inside him. Juan finds himself in the core of passions and intrigues though he realizes he can easily control himself. Afte rhte tragedy in his life Juan is ready to protect to death his brothers. For the sake of Sofia Juan needs to take a difficult decision, whether to take revenge or enjoy love.

Elizabeth Álvarez as Ximena Elizondo Acevedo

Ximena is the youngest daughter of Bernardo and Gabriela. She is sexually attractive, good-looking, relaxed and sensual. She prefers to take all the advantages in her life which destroys plans set by her mother.

Jorge Salinas as Oscar Reyes

Oscar is sensitive and good-looking young man. He is an in-born businessmen with the sense of commerce. He is always seeking for the ways to get profit and sell something for his benefit. Ximena is the ideal woman for him. Their relations are deep and rich to change both of them.

Pablo Montero as Franco Reyes

Franco is the synthesis of seduction and naivety. He has the angels face with the body that tempts. He loves singing and poetry. He has to take a decision who he loves more, Rosario or Sarita since his heart will be broken if any of these two woman carries a torch.

Guillermo Garcia Cantú as Fernando Escandón

Fernando Escandón is the evil in its human nature. He is very clever and he uses all his abilities for his own benefit only. He knows he gets by and he manipulates people knowing their weak points. His love to Sofia is too fanatical that he develops a plan to marry her against her will.

Fuego en la sangre - telenovela

(2008) - Adela Noriega , Eduardo Yañez , Jorge Salinas


Adela Noriega ... Sofia Elizondo
Eduardo Yañez ... Juan Reyes
Jorge Salinas ... Franco Reyes
Nora Salinas ... Sara
María Sorté ... Eva
Diana Bracho ... Gabriela
Pablo Montero ... Franco Reyes
Ninel Conde ... Rosario Montes
Elizabeth Álvarez ... Jimena Elizondo Acevedo
Joaquín Cordero ... Don Agustin Acevedo
René Casados ... Padre Tadeo
Guillermo García Cantú ... Fernando
Sergio Acosta ... Armando
Eduardo Capetillo ... Pedro Reyes
Sherlyn ... Libia Reyes
Patricia Reyes Spíndola ... Quintina
Susana Zabaleta ... Ruth
Alejandro Aragón ... Octavio
Carlos Bracho ... Bernardo
Aurora Clavel ... Ofelia
Rodrigo Mejía ... Benito
Juan Carlos Bonet ... Bruno
Elsa Cárdenas ... Madre Superiora
Radamés de Jesús ... Eladio
Juan Carlos Flores ... Tobías
Renata Flores ... Petra
Julissa ... Raquel
Ricardo Kleinbaum
Rebeca Martinez ... María Caridad
Niurka ... Maracuya
Luis Fernando Peña ... Rigo
Gabriela Ramírez ... Eugenia
David Rencoret ... Dr. Gómez
Luis Reynoso ... Rosendo
Nora Velázquez ... María Esperanza
Cristian de la Fuente

Writing credits
Julio Jimenez (Original Story)
Liliana Abud (Teleplay)
Ricardo Fiallega (Adaptation)
Dolores Ortega (Story Editor)

Manuel Barajas
Alejandro Frutos
Jesus Acuña Lee

Song Para Siempre
Written by: Joan Sebastian
Singing: Vicente Fernández

Original music
José Antonio 'Potro' Farías

Directed by
Miguel Córcega
Jorge Edgar Ramirez
Alberto Diaz
Javier Yerandi

Produced by
Salvador Mejía ... Executive Producer
Bosco Primo De Rivera ... Associative Producer

Production Manager
Aaron Gutierrez

Production Co-ordinator
Laura Mezta

Set Designer
Diego Lascurain

Set Decorator
Angelica Serafin

Costume Designer
Gabriela Castellanos
Juan Manuel Martinez
Veronica Pulido

Marco A. Rocha
Pablo Peralta
Alfredo Frutos Maza
Juan Carlos Frutos
Mauricio Coronel Cortez

Supervising Editor
Adrian Frutos Maza



"Fuego en la sangre" is a remake of:
1 version: colombian telenovela "Las aguas mansas" (1994) with Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, Juan Sebastián Aragón, Luigi Aycardi and Patricia Maldonado, Margarita Ortega, Fabiana Medina
2 version: colombian telenovela "Pasión de Gavilanes" (2003) with Mario Cimarro, Danna García

The Best Telenovela at the TvYNovelas Awards 2009

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la loca  - this novla is good   |2009-01-17 04:12:20
This show is good as hell
benny capraro  - fuego en la sangre   |2009-02-06 21:24:01
where can i buy this telenovela and others
jose lopez  - Fuego en la Sangre   |2009-02-23 06:07:20
Where can i buy this series?
Pano Farmakidis   |2009-03-15 14:34:59
Dear Sir/Madam:

I am interested either to purchase the series (or to download) of the Telenovela "Fuego en la sangre", is there any way I can do this, I live in Toronto Canada.

Thank you very much.

llanos   |2010-01-12 18:46:07
MALISIMA versión de "PASIóN DE GAVILANES". larga,malas actuaciones, trama absurda y sin sentido.Cada vez que veia un pedazo lo unico que me provocaba era risa,por lo MALA QUE ES,UUGHHHHH!!!!!
Cassandra Melendres  - BEST NOVLA   |2014-03-28 19:57:26
I have been watching this show now for some time,and I must say it is very addictive!I would say my fav is Juan and Sophia they are the best! Can't wait until the brothers get revenge on Fernando and Gabriella they need to hang him by his balls lol.
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